MKLeo s Lucina is OP Lucina Smash Ultimate Lucina Super Smash Bros Ultimate SSBU

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“The damage will on sale at the 99 cent store. Oh oh are you doing doing oh. Just praising right now yummy. He took so much pressure every time getting in the same situation after getting hit by the down throw up up here.

He ends up son of jumps like to the left or right or of mpla. Oh. He s already right under him yet again down here no boy your dad liked it no done to the for the damage to the s man. Honestly i wouldn t be surprised the chaos like it s getting really difficult for this box to let matt gears active yes gonna have to grow some wings right now setting up french my counter not events.

No joke. I don t think that up b was gonna reach anyway. But still mix up but also getting yourself in a losers finally and it s a lot a lot of a competition left here in the tournament between mars and ants week right the grand finals. But who can get there there we go to the side.

Yeah. I think he might be gone. Yeah. Anna posted strong enough to bring pikachu back for now we got ya man you have thirty three thirty.

One minute. Left. I ll get two almost full raisin. Tina.

Oh oh oh. It s and i ll take it. Let s this fine. What a comeback.

Goodness gracious and still enough is still not enough m kay lay over he s using the relinquish. The stock really going the distance and hit him with the street sweeper. My goodness. Wait don t answer thus far.

Definitely not looking like a boy. We were weird in that last game. But again he did almost make him three stock comeback as well yeah. We ve seen some cuts factor from this pichu.


All we could do right now is wait okay boy pride wishes he could avoid a hit. We re going up getting his invincibility back as well with that down special that is barely on the ledge. Very strong performance so far from em kaleo with the new flash. Nice landing.

So clean landing up at yeah. There is some fear and quick here. What an edge card from m. Can do will that be it that s the back.

We are beautiful edge car once again the charge on and i thought such a back and forth year again and kaleo trying to catch him off stage. But quick just doesn t having it in recovery is so smart. Every single time throwing out these options. Keeping it tense right now there s the back end nice.

Parry oh attack. I m pretty sure that s very rare to see that kind of thing so i think quick balls not ready to do any kind of punish. There. Oh doctor yes.

Stunning timing. Sign coming one of those things. He does exactly think of kari. But harris again onset get up a taciturn foot and marilyn up f.

Smith. You seen that from a video. Okay. That s it that should be it not quite make it back to the low damage.

He aims to get advantage again and then just keeping he never likes to be on the back foot. Yeah. It s very rare. I see leo in a pressure situation for an extended period of time you know and if he is in that situation you re like one of the best players.

Yeah you re probably gonna win. But right now he s the devil next show this man was like a bowling ball. I m sorry he looks like the bouncing ball and the beach ball. I d be about her game there s somebody about the beach bottles of don redeemer.


I was really looking he won the crowd is waiting for nets to bounce to them. But that was really really good because the minute it could have to drag down into one of those earlier pitch when he played on stream. You know he actually went for like a like up here for deer back here afterwards. I don t know if maybe.

That s because you know there is something wow. Okay wow. We need we didn t win. This game.

Oh wasn t able to get the drag that i was looking for i wonder. If he s gonna try to get the edge a block right after that we look for the first time this time. He actually gets the corner carry and this one from one seven stage to the other if i were a loon bray. I really really start to respect them killing on 150 percent.

Because that s becomes a situation. Where like if i m over committing here and khalil will definitely get me like that right especially going for the wedge in the last game. But the way loon boy is playing pretty well pose like okay. I know.

But i can if i get the combos only seen her before she starts anything things gets slowly going to my game. And mk wheels are master guarding and he really put something off stage. Oh excuse. Me hold on that was an m m.

The shield breaker. After you i press their shield. Allow it the aerials just watch you down and show great edge guard before you oh my god that s so steep. He just keeps one okay australia.

There was no chance that they were surviving oh keep a little too hard. And he s a man. I m at to be died halfway would ve been surprised speech will be so short. He like aimed it downward back.

And when you get a stock to get a chance to see them in a situation. Like this similar phone who s derek taylor like that they ve brought in a very close contest. No a lot coming out right. Oh.


What is this what is this come at me boy. Oh. Nice pamphlet just get the pressure off with the back everybody. Oh.

You wanted a double. Yeah. Again. I can t man.

Yeah. Every percent. Now is just extending quick sleeve more and more wonderful. Yeah.

He s spot dodge to force the other side. Then let s go quick chance in the arena. He d rather charge his charge top. So it s a pressurizing point of his game plan here as we see and kilo so english.

So you coming back is expended in there to ward smash. That is sort percent and quick again on the ledge bounces held double jarrah picked up this is scary that for smash. We would probably claim it at the end of the stage. It s so scary right now for both players.

And kao. Though is resolute. We know what he s like he s calm under these kind of situations. The bomb defusing that moment there s the landing surviving odd yet not yet it s this quick m kay layer hey useless oh it s all right there to pop off the ledge of the stage.

You ll be living right here for god man look a little bit with you some turn all the way around you know. This is looking up pretty. Even just a second go over mpla. Oh just kind of stop getting hit on the second stock and now yeah get that chop through definite knight of the realm of possibility in any time soon nice again another dare right into the middle of the neutral into the forest master.

Don t get caught off stage do it two months. Though. Oh my god darren s up. Here.


One more should be enough to do it. Here. He s bam and out of the lay a two man double duck. Though only one man that no discount on that one never last.

One definitely pub that would you ve seen a lot of lucina s convert spike down airs on stage. It s managed to open things up this treatment to stock. The kitchen just put it in play. Looking like he is on his way to maybe deliver another one letting catch at point four percent of statement.

Lot with these quizzes. I m sorry i love art. So much now a victoriously layout of this character plays just like beautiful london. Platform.

Extinction is oh yeah. I was moving so well. We ve seen around each up air. I m tony costs one very a lot of stage control.

He cannot go back to our center stage. Because he was getting hit by another upper. So he s forced a little edge yeah. This pushes m.

kay. Leo s advantage by a huge milestone and then pushes him to edge guard. Also like tile for matchup man. You know what i feel like in this matchup.

It s gonna be very back and forth between the wolf kind of like getting his compost at leucine. He was getting her edge guards and her spacing nice. ” ..


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