MSI GE63VR Raider Review

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“Is lisa from mobile. Tech review and here s a new line of gaming laptops laptops from msi. This is the raider pro line ge. 73.

Vr. Which is a inch. Those who follow msi. No.

The 60 somethings are 15 inch. And then there s a 73 or 70. Something. And it s a 17.

Inch so you got both sizes. Available we have the 156 inch size. And this one is at the high end for them. It runs around eighteen hundred dollars or so it s not cheap ours was provided by exotic pc.

Is he my guest because they put their skin on the lid. Which is otherwise brushed black aluminum. The usual msi thing with two little red lines sporty lines on it s got a high end amenities inside for the price as it should right so. This is a nice kind of in between the goldilocks principle thing the dominator and the titan while they re awfully.

Large aren t they and then you ve got the stealth pro line. Which is so skinny. That it has drawbacks including small speakers runs. Really hot to the touch all that sort of thing.

So this one s kind of in between its four point eight five pounds. Which is the trend these days to try to lighten up gaming laptops. A little bit over an inch thick right here. The thickest point not too bad pretty portable.

After all. But you got a gtx 1074. Thing. Now.

Max q. Quad. Core i7 7700 hq inside. 16 gigs.

Around fast pcie. Nvme. Ssds. Terabyte.

7200. Rpm hard drive knows 5400 rpm here and a perky rgb backlit keyboard a couple of new things going on for msr you nemus. I m one of those things is the perky each individual key can be any color that you like for the keyboard. Now still steelseries keyboard for typing experience and anti ghosting and they have a even faster.

120 hertz tn panel on here high color gamut. They ve been doing that for a while it s actually pretty nice. The the titan pro. I recently reviewed hadn t had that wide gamut well this one is even faster.

It s down to three millisecond refresh rate tn pounds can be very fast that s why they re using them hearin can you see the difference between the and the six millisecond refresh rate even playing first person shooters not so much. But there s other things that i do like even better about this display than the previous generation. We re gonna look at it now so the 15 inch raider pro is big enough to have plenty of ports on board. Despite the fact that it s relatively slim for a 15 inch gaming laptop of the gtx.

1070. Inside and a full..

45 watt. Quad core. Cpu you have your three usb 30. Ports.

Some on each side. So you re good there ethernet mini displayport hdmi and msi as usual separate mic and headphone jacks with pretty good quality audio. Output there and you have usb c 31. Gen.

One it s not thunderball. 3. For that price. It s a disappointment for something cost 1800 bucks.

Well i would like to see that you do get an sd card slot and the build quality is ever with msi if you re used to them you know how it rolls you got the top lid. And you have the keyboard deck and brush two black aluminum. They look pretty nice their styling is well it s very much their own nobody. Else s looks quite like that this is not going to be confused for a razor blade or a macbook pro let s put it that way.

It s not in one of the chic frou frou ones. This is more for the powerhouse gamer and yeah. I fall into that category tubas. I mean i love a beautiful laptop.

But when it comes to gaming. I want performance and i want cooling primarily then the rest of it comes second. So. That s who msi is catering to here much like a suits for the most part with their gaming laptops on the bottom you ve got hard plastic msi usually does it most gaming laptop manufacturers do and that s fine with me because it doesn t get as hot to the touch as metal.

Does since gaming laptops do tend to get hot. And you push them hard. You know that helps and you ve got plastic standoffs and rubber feet. Which increases the ventilation underneath and one thing.

That s pretty impressive if you look on the underside. There s a lot of ventilation openings here in fact. It i wouldn t put this on anything linty or fuzzy. Because it just might suck in some of the fuzz and the lint that sort of thing big big openings in the center area and couple on the side for where the fans are and the fans exhaust out to the rear.

There s two fans as you d expect one for the cpu one for the gpu and also out onto the side. So it s kind of a corner in design. So you have maximal ventilation going on here. And what that means is the cpu and the gpu run well they complain demanding games playing overwatch playing the witcher.

3. You ll see footage of both of those high frame rates. The performance you would expect from this sort of machine and temperatures that are pretty decent. The only thing i will say is i m a little disappointed that ms.

I went with the tripod heatsink design that alienware has been using instead of four screws one on each corner. They have three screws so the pressure isn t as even and you ll see a chord differential for the different core temperatures as a result of that though none of them are alarmingly high. And you could under vault. This certainly if you wanted to the temperatures that you ll see on screen from hardware info are with no under vaulting whatsoever.

So that s my only small disappointment and inside you ve gotten too beefy copper heat sinks going on and you ve got four pipes for the gpu three for the cpu and those pipes are also running over the mosfets and the vram and other internal components. Then the bridge stays very cool on this it s it s well done. And that s really important for somebody who wants to game seriously with today s triple a titles and high settings and not worry about the machine dying an early death fan noise on this is actually not bad even again when gaming when pushing it hard i was pretty impressed with it. 31 blade fans two fans and the noise.

You ll hear it it s a gaming laptop. You re always going to hear it. But it s not screeching. It s not loud.

It s not a vacuum cleaner it s much quieter than this err. 14 inch razor blade for example that being a very thermally challenged machine they did a good job here on the top deck..

There s three buttons that are so blending in e you might not even see them. When this happens. The power button another one s for the cooler boost five engine. See you can turn on mac s cooling anytime you want and then well they ll be as loud as it can possibly get then and then it s pretty darn loud.

But i haven t heard it ever get that loud when playing games the last button on the keyboard deck cycles through the different keyboard lighting patterns that are available and you know msi they went to town here is their first perky chroma rgb backlit keyboard not just zone backlighting anymore and out of the box. It has what they called the disco effect and believe me it is disco. You ve got rainbow pass tele kind of colors scintillating across the keyboard. Which i assume a lot of you probably won t like it s kind of cool.

But they have a bunch of different options cycle through with that button there s an american flag. There s a danish flag. There is the usual starlight patterns. You know they re going they re competing with razor here cuz razor has their fancy pants keyboard that does the same things one thing i do like is if you press.

The fn key. Well the keys go off. And the only ones lit and red are the ones that actually makes sense that you can do something with when you pressing the fn key that s pretty darn helpful and especially in the dark. If you re groping around it s like hey thanks.

It s actually more usable that way the keyboard itself is steelseries as ever they got the steelseries three engine software and it s a good keyboard 1 point 9 millimeter. Is a key travel anti ghosting for you gamers. And i like it they re a little softer. Some people called the keys mushy.

Some people like a real hard feeling when they press down on the keys. Some people like less. I think it s fine. I like it trackpad sucks less than usual for msi those discreet buttons.

They don t like you know usually when you press on an msi trackpad. You think your thumb joints got a dislocate. These are just about a normal level of touch. Though that s pretty good synaptics touchpad.

There it s ok. It s not bad the only thing. I noticed is sometimes two finger gestures. You re scrolling you re scrolling and sometimes it just decides to not pay attention.

Unless you press really hard with those two fingers. Which doesn t feel natural and here are those internals. So this is your cpu. This is the tripod heatsink.

See what i mean three screws. The numbers here tell you should you happen to take this off for any reason and put it back on what order to tighten the screws and they re all numbered. There msi uses pretty good heatsink paste. Though so there s really no need to repay sis cpu.

Here gpu here obviously we ve got cooling going on for other components. As well here pretty nice design ultra teeny battery. Here are our two ram slots. So we have one 16 gig.

Module ddr4. 24. Hundred megahertz you could put a second one in there that would bring you up to 32 gigs that s nice over here is the killer wi fi card with bluetooth 42. And.

This a 1435 card in there your 7200 rpm. Hard drive. Obviously that s upgradeable and where is waldo is our ssd well. It s underneath.

This assembly. Right over here so let s start taking things apart..

And see what happens aha. Very very short little phillips head screws right here. I m guessing that these are the two we need to do and then there s another one over here that also retains the ssd that s underneath our pcie nvme ssd. Looks like there s a standoff for a second drive.

Because i believe they support raid with this and there we go daughter card. There s our 2 m2 ssd slots underneath this if you do want to do that well like a promise slide this plate off so there s our ssd. Do you want to swap it back in by the way that plate that i just removed. This is a nice thick heatsink tape right here to help keep these ssds cool good to see that and here s a heart literally what they call big speakers.

I was actually are pretty big driver so you ve got subwoofer and you ve got the stereo drivers. As well there s a real laptop. Those are big so that despite msi s made a big deal about that it s 120 hertz tn panel. They ve been doing that for a while they were one of the first and that s a good thing and the gtx 1070 is actually well fast enough to to make use that you can get this games.

Running at actually 120 frames per second on this. But it s a little bit faster so that 5 or 6 millisecond refresh rate. It s down to 3. So what does that mean for first person shooters.

You just won t see any fuzziness or sort of ghosting on the screen. You know. But there s no g sync. Here.

Which also would help with the visual smoothness and that s because they have nvidia optimus here and actually have switchable graphics to try to improve battery life. When you re using it for something other than games on the go assuming you need to use it this office. The browser all those things that we do with our pcs. We re not gaming.

So there s that at any rate. My eyes are not good enough to be able to tell the difference between 3 and 6 millisecond refresh rate. What i can say is compared to their other top of the line tn panel that they ve been using this one looks a little bit more ips like again in fact when i first booted it up. I was like this ips.

I know it s not supposed to be the viewing angles are a little bit better you ll still see shift though and you move it forward you move it back that display. So yeah. It s tn you can t get around the fact that it s not going to i p s level viewing angles. But it s about as good as you could ever hope for on a tn panel.

It the contrast is also very good because the black levels are good at 033. For tn excellent you can see the specs up on screen. Now it s good stuff. It s also a high color gamut display which they have been doing before and they can always claim a little bit higher than we measure like they claim 94 of ntsc.

We got eighty seven percent. Which is still don t excellent. Some this is a laptop that s good enough for those who are buying this for content pro content creation instead of viewed. Photos or videos.

Color saturation on this is excellent. The only thing you have to do is calibrate it out of the box. It s way too cool which means towards the blue side. But when you calibrate it it is spot on so very nice despite of course games.

Look great too. There s a little bit more pop than with the previous panel of colors just seem to leap out in a good way it s nice stuff in terms of benchmarks. Well. It s it s right.

Where you would expect a core i7 7700 h. Cubed. 45. Watts cpu with gtx 1070 graphics inside with 8 gigabytes of gddr5 vram.

That s a pretty powerful machine that s at the upper end of what s available now. Chris 1080 is the highest in laptops..

So 1070 is almost there and you get most of the performance with significantly less heat. And less well usually noise. You can see the benchmarks flying across the screen. There.

And it s much like other machines with this kind of configuration inside. Really nothing to say that s different here about other machines that it competes with really the way it stands out here is the pretty good cooling. Given the chassis size for what s inside. The speakers and this i actually calls their speakers.

They should have a picture on their websites. As big speakers. Okay so the big speakers fire from the bottom near the front edge. And there s a subwoofer there to end the sound is actually really very good on this ims.

I usually does good sound except for the stealth line because it s too skinny to fit really good size speaker drivers inside of their loud full very nice stuff the sound stuff software is still not him ik. I know some people said they got sound blaster. But well ours doesn t have that generally less blow wear ii. I missed.

I was a little too fond of putting on things like winzip that nobody ever needed well ours didn t come with it this time. Thank god so it all sounds pretty good right. It s pretty powerful is pretty portable. It doesn t get too hot and loud well so what s wrong.

It s the battery life you know. And that s not an uncommon thing with gaming laptops. But something this portable you might hope that you could actually use it on the go especially because it hasn t video optima so can use integrated graphics. But the problem is it has a 51 watt hour battery inside that s not very high capacity.

It s 6l. But that s around what you d see in a 13 inch dual core ultrabook with integrated graphics. So you can figure out right from there that it ain t gonna be very good even running an integrated graphics just doing productivity work that sort of thing. I get around three and a half hours at most on this and this is what brightness set to around the equivalent of 100 nits.

Which is you know on the dim side. But still usable so yeah. It s still not anything close to an energizer bunny it comes with the usual 230 watch rj. Which is the appropriate capacity charger for something with the gtx 1070 and a quad core cpu that thing is big.

And it s heavy. So. It s not exactly super portable. That s the price you pay for having a gaming laptop.

There. So that s the msi raider. Pro. It s available now in ain t cheap.

But it s pretty good kit here obviously there is competition. It s going after the alienware 15 model. And i m certainly a lot smaller and much lighter than the alienware. But you know in favor of the alien.

Where they re also lots of different configuration options they re going you know lower in higher end different kinds of display types it s also going after the soos rogue gl 502 vs. Which is a little bit cheaper i think it looks a little bit cheaper too and not quite as high on the specs. Pretty close. So you get a sata ssd instead pcie nvme for example you still get a pretty fast display in terms of 120 hertz the refresh rates not gonna be so fast on that so a little give a little take in the market.

Some people are kind of like ford versus chevy msi versus as soon as you have your favorite. It s a pretty solid offering battery life well that part s no so solid. I m lisa from mobile. Tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech videos and thumbs up if you like this ” .


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