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“I am nick. The soul and i m back to show you another product from from snap on this is the snap on bluetooth speaker and these are available now the trucks in different colors. We ve got them in green orange red and also in the high vis color. There are a nice small unit.

So they fit into your box nice to store. But they give you a good load of punch with your volume. So you can turn them up you can listen to your own music stream your music to it from maybe. The radio station.


You want to listen to or stream music to it from your icloud or whatever you use it on the top of here. We ve got the power button hold your finger on it for a few seconds. And it will power up it will show you the battery status of the battery. That you re going to put into it gives you controls to turn your volume up and pick next track on the back of the tool here lift the flap up and you ve got an output for usb.

So now you can charge other products off it. If you wanted to at the same time to power this up the only way you can. Power it is by using a snap on 144. Volt.


Battery. All you do drop that in the bottom. And it will power up. And it s ready to start using.

Now you get a good sound out of this the the balance between the treble and bass is pretty good and you get plenty of volume. So it s difficult for me to show you on a video. How good that is so you need to get on the truck. And have a look really.


But when you re using this sometimes you can t always get the speaker. Where you need it or it might be in danger of getting damaged. It s not a problem if you ve got one of our magnetic boots for the battery. How about fitting one of those on a battery.

And then put in the speaker. Exactly where you want it now. It actually is not contacting with the metal at all apart from where the battery boot is you can actually see air down on the back of here. So you could stick it on a girder in the workshop.


You could put it on the ramp put it just where you want to so. If you want to know more about how these sound you really need to get up close and personal with it if you want to know about the price as well just jump on a snap on truck and ask a snap on franchisee. ” ..


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