Nioh Dragon of the North Review! Is the DLC 1 worth buying?

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“Cool oh what a dick okay so today the new dlc for neo dragon of of the north officially came out and i m going to do a quick review. Tell you whether or not this is worth purchasing whether you should get a you know season pass or whether you should just you know not bother with it at all it s very important these days to make sure that your game looks polished and this dlc is no exception. It is absolutely stunning. The character designs of the yokai designs are fantastic.

Unfortunately there are really only a few new yokai that have been added although there are some really cool boss character models they really did a fantastic job on that but that mainly it was a bunch of reskin of older monsters. But you know this doesn t really bother me too much you know it s all about the gameplay and the combat system. Which is still fantastic and they have been building on this they ve also added a brand new difficulty called way of the demon. Which should help make this game last longer and you know help us reach the next dlc.


One of my favorite parts of this is the otg and this was added and it is the new weapon in neo and it is fantastic not because it s game breaking just because it s a shit ton of fun to play around with like it s very satisfying to chop people into tiny bits and send limbs like flying all over the screen. And you know i think. It is a fun and a great addition to the weapon arsenal in neo and i m glad to see it and now to get to some of the worst parts of this dlc. Just cuz lost.

You nemo tail. And i couldn t have said it any better myself. So. The main problem.


I have with dragon of the north is the amount of content that was added in just the dlc like the expansion that we paid for there are actually only two full missions that were added on top of a few submissions and you know it really doesn t feel like you know a lot even though the price tag for this was only 999. It felt really short i beat the entire dlc in about two hours and you know it was it was kind of short. I m just going to put it that way it s not as long as i would have liked it to event that being. Said there were a lot of things that were introduced in.

Patch. 107. That s going to make this game. You know a lot more interesting is going to give you a lot more opportunities and a lot more options to play around with and that s including pvp.


You know there s going to be new special attributes for weapons you can really you know make some brand new bills. Now and you can you know take your time and create new things within the game as far as it goes. I like the dlc. I think that it is it is good the story was good you know the combat was great and as i said the character designs were awesome.

I feel a little disappointed that it was not longer. And that i would have at least like to have had one more main mission to round out this dlc that being. Said i do. Think it s worth buying especially because it s only 999.


And it s not really going to break the bank and if this is a game that you enjoy anyways. Then you know this is going to be awesome you re going to have you know more hours to put into it and it s going to give you you know a little bit more neo at not a very high price. If you liked the video hit that like button and subscribe if you re new and i will catch you on the next one ” ..


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