Onn 50″ 4k TV from Walmart

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“Is up everyone back at you with another video. This one s the on 50 50 inch tv from walmart. I was looking up reviews of this tv on youtube. N t find any so i just decided to go ahead.

And do my own video as you can see i have non copyright music already here just to show you guys a little bit of the display. I tried to make another video. I used scene from netflix and soon has already went up they took it down so my bad for trying to make a video using netflix um. Sure i know better than that so anyways here.

We have the on 50 inch tv. I am playing it with the 4k roku. This on tv is not a smart tv hence. The need for a roku.

I did have the other roku that 1080p. It was just a hd roku. It was like a previous generation..


It did not look nearly as good like all the writing over there and everything all the pictures for the videos everything looked real blocky as soon as i plugged the 4k roku in it did recognize that the tv was a 4k tv. So i went into a 4k mode and this is what we got so the tv is actually very crisp. Very clear and you guys can t see too well hopefully that s a little bit better they re very crisp tv. Very clear for the price on it which was 228 dollars before tax.

I don t think you could beat it i checked them best buy it i tried to look at their open box tvs. Keeping in mind. That this is a 50 inch tv. I couldn t find anything that was compared in price to this one.

I did have a best buy gift card with about 45 dollars on it so. Then i picked up the hd. Roku paid 20 out of pocket. This tv was too one hundred and twenty eight dollars after tax came up to around 2 45 and change you re not gonna beat it for the price.

It is not ultra hd. It s just 4k the ultra hd is like a different mode that the tv will go into when it has a 4k ultra hd blu ray in there or something the screen gets brighter that the picture gets a little bit more vivid. The colors pop a little bit more this tv..


Does not do that for two hundred and twenty eight dollars for a 50 inch tv. I don t think that you re gonna get something that good of a standard. But let me tell you what for the for what it is for what i wanted for i just wanted for an apartment living room. Because as you can see we got things backed up we re getting ready to move i don t think it s too bad i don t think it s bad at all actually i would recommend this if you are looking for a tv.

So let s go ahead and play something over here so you could get a picture. An idea of the picture. As you could see the picture is very nice. Clear colors pretty vivid colors to be honest.

Um let s not go with the sound. Because the sound of course. I have that sound bar with subwoofer so we re not going with the sound that we re gonna hear right now or that you re hearing. Because.

The speakers on this tv are very tinny gave me a headache within 5 minutes of listening to this tv had to run. I had two sambar in a different room. Just grabbed the sound bar real quick grab the subwoofer hooked everything up to the tv and couldn t be happier with it now to be honest..


I did not buy a tv of this size for the speakers that come in i already had the sambar. I already had the subwoofer so it was perfect for me. I just built this little stand that i also picked up from walmart for a hundred dollars at the time. But i was supposed to have something that came up and fit a 43 inch tv.

I decided to only build the bottom portion which i allowed me to put a 50 inch on it and it actually fit perfect. So that s a little idea of kind of how the colors are on this tv. I know it s kind of hard to see through the video. But it is 4k and it is very very nice so hope you guys enjoyed this review.

Please feel like they leave a like comments down low let me know what you guys thought about the video. If you guys would actually consider picking one of these up. I would actually like to know i d like to hear from you guys remember. This is the on 50 inch 4k tv.

4. Hdmi inputs. One usb input um and that s about it this is how the legs look..


This is the energy guide on it and a quick view of the back can t really see much. But it is it s a not thick not thick at all say probably about three inches thick or so so yeah guys let me know what you guys thought about this review. And if you guys would like to see more and like i said if you guys are actually considering on buying one of these one thing. I did not mention was this tv was only out for around christmas of 2018 mmm.

The lady said once they re gone. They re gone. They don t they had only gotten a selected number of shipment and um. They re running out she actually scanned it i was able to see her scan.

It and she showed me on her device that there was she couldn t order any more and there wasn t any more available. So you got one of these little cool you re lucky if not the new i guess you might have to wait till 2019 christmas maybe ” ..

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