Overview of USB Copy for Synology

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“Guys welcome back to another tech or do a video in this video. We re re just gonna go over usb copy forest analogy this tool is pretty cool what can do with it is essentially plug in the usb into the front or the back hit. The copy button. Which is on or built into mice analogy in most other synology x.

. And it will copy the data from the usb on to this analogy onto a location that you specify you could also set it to export. But we re just gonna go over all those settings now alright. So let s get started alright.

So. The first thing you want to do is open up a package center alright. So if it s not installed already we re gonna go ahead and just install it now i m gonna scroll down here usb copy and we re gonna hit install okay this should just take a minute or so so that s installed now we re gonna go ahead and click the main menu. We re gonna go to a usb copy and we have it here setup.


So just so you guys know i have a usb plugged in so we ll just pop it out usb each sub one gig. I m gonna plug it into my computer. We re gonna transfer some data to it okay so let me just open it up here ok so i already have some data transferred. I got a rufus install or unetbootin and just png of one of our previous videos.

So i m just going to use that as the example. So that s already got the data on it so as you can see here copy button. This is enabled by default. This is created by default so let s go ahead and over the the tabs here.

So overview you can enable it once you do try to click enable. It s gonna ask you for a destination folder. So we ll just do that under task settings. So task name is copy button.


We re gonna go ahead and click this and now we can specify where we want the usb to store the data so we ll click storage. I m just gonna put it under my data folder and i m going to create a new folder just called usb data click okay we re gonna select that folder now and homes usb data alright so that has been created let s just make sure okay so one under homes. Let s go back to storage. Here this is where i wanted it let s try that again usb data click ok and there we go alright.

So usb data. It has been set up we got our trigger time. Oh. Do you want to leave.

No let s make sure we apply. This the next tab trigger time. So eject. The usb once the copy is complete and then filefilter so you can set a different filter.


If you don t want it to capture images or videos you can also select those so it does not alright. So let s go ahead and enable this so now unavailable. There s no usb plugged in just to go over some of the settings here if we click the settings button shows how much space i have on my volume maximum records right there and then beep when copy starts or completes. So you guys may hear the beep when i do start it.

But this is pretty good let s say if you don t have the usb copy open once you plug it in you re gonna go ahead and hit the copy button. It will beep and it will be begin once it s complete alright. So let s get let s get this plugged in okay. So let s go ahead and wait for this to finish.

It should pop up any second and there we go so on executed. It sees that there s a source usb share one the destination is storage data usb data. We can click the run here or disable this but if you guys wanted to you can just click the click the copy button so i m gonna go ahead and click the copy button and so it s beeping now now it s waiting waiting for execution. Okay and i just hear beeping again unavailable so it ejected.


My disc for me now let s go ahead and check that so file station. I m gonna go to storage. I go to data we go to usb data and here it so it created a folder with the date double click that and here. We are so these are the items that i had in my usb drive alright so the other couple of little things.

Here. There s a log of course telling you what was copy or you know if it did copy when it did copy if we go to the plus button here there s no external storage mounted so let s just unplug it plug it back in all right so i just replug it in just that we can get to the create settings here so as you can see if there s nothing that was found it won t allow you to create anything so if we re going to create we can do photo and video import. So it will search for photos and videos of course as soon as you plug it in you can set it so that it will automatically launch that photo and video import data import you can select specific folders within the within the source so let s say. I had another folder in here.

We can select that source and just import that one to a specific destination get a multi version mirror incremental so on and then the last one was a data export so if you need a backup of something you can put in a usb drive in there of course you might need a larger one you plug that in have it automatically export whatever data you have in there and you should be good to go from there alright so that wraps it up if you guys have any questions about the usb copy. Let me know i m sure i can try to help you out anyway. Please like and subscribe and enjoy your ” ..


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