Realspace Leather Office Chair: Review & Assembly

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” m gonna take a quick look today at this real space posner office chair runs runs about 170. Sometimes you re able to get it on sale like we did about 100 supports up to 250 pounds leather executive back as well as the arm rests and wheels on the bottom. They re pretty good value for the size and comfort of the chair. We ll go ahead and put it together and show you the finished result.

So here. We have the contents of the box. Pretty simple installation. Fairly traditional assembly for any office chair that you would buy as you can see the pieces are fairly limited hardest.

Part is just getting those screws and bolts into the correct spots and tight enough with the provided allen wrench typically a little bit easier..

If you got your own tools to utilize a maybe even a socket type of allen wrench. If you re able to utilize to make it a little bit easier. But this is a again a fairly easy installation should take less than twenty to thirty minutes to do it does come with an owner s manual with some instructions so you can follow along there. But it is pretty self explanatory.

We ll go ahead and put her together and take a look at the finished product step. One is fairly easy. We re just taking the wheels and putting them onto the base and putting them all on just pushing them right into this position. They need to be don t push too hard don t use a hammer and the weight of the chair.

Once you sit on it we ll put them into any final resting position that maybe you were not able to push them into step..

Two is just taking the piston sticking that into the wheel base there and then taking the cover here that comes with it to cover the piston and putting that right over the top as you can see just like that now we re going to install the piston mounting bracket on the bottom of the cushion. The bottom cushion using the adjustment. Bracket flipping over the seat identifying the front. Which is clearly labeled here as you can see and we re going to put the attention knob here towards the front.

We re going to use two of the h2 screws and two of the h1 screws. The two longer h2 screws will go into the front holes and the two shorter h1 screws will go towards the back of the chair in those screws and then we re gonna hand tighten that using the provided allen wrench once the piston bracket has been mounted to the bottom of the cushion you can now flip it back over and install by just setting it on top of the piston sitting there on top of the wheel base and gently just putting into the position. The weight of the chair should make it connect it as it should with the chair. Putting the two pieces together here s a look of the cushion and the piston bracket mount connecting as it should just by again sitting it on top that piston now we re connecting the arm rests to the lower cushion just by using four of the h1 screws and attaching the two arm rests in the correct position first identifying the front of the seat and making sure that the arm rests are in the on the correct side being assembled these screws do have loctite on them.

So you want to be sure that you have it right the first time as removing it will be much more difficult than it shouldn t have to be as well as you ll be removing or damaging..

The loctite that s needed in order to secure these for long term use now we re connecting the rear seat part of the cushion to the lower part and the arm rests you want to use for h1 screws. We re going to attach one h1 screw to the bottom hole. There of the armrest that s still available onto the bottom inlet of the backrest. Very loosely so you re able to adjust it before final assembly.

So essentially just hand tightening it in there with the ability of the leather chair back to slide up and down in order to meet to the second hole and tighten in for the final position. Once you have both of the lower screws holding the rear cushion to the remaining part of the seat here. What we re going to do is just push it upward into the upwards position. And then assemble the final screws holding the back seat into the correct position of the chair.

Once you have all four of the h1 screws tightened holding the armrest to the rear cushion you re going to go through and cover..

Each of the exclu holes with the provided plastic caps more for decoration and aesthetics. Here s the chair fully assembled next to a desk. So you can kind of see the size comparison very comfortable it gives you a very good head support back support is nice and the cushion on the bottom side is very nice very comfortable rolls around easily adjusts up and down. Very easily doesn t lose air out of the piston and overall really good price for a nice leather executive office chair.

” ..

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