Rick Fox – Actor Reel

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“N t you have a woman anyway six years bring kids whole lotta drama night around around the trunk. What about the sisters they make you work too hard man dirty man wash. Them cook for you get your money there let you know let you drive the bears a daddy. Bob hell.

No tomorrow man you see molly over there man you call up one morning man. If you don t we let. Me spank. You you hang the phone.


Oh. She s beating on a door. You gotta take your man out man. You lied to me my source of people told.

Me that they re doing a cover story. That says that andre ge is alive and well and drinking rum out of a coconut somewhere in the south caribbean. That s bullshit prove it why should i i don t know what this shit is all about but i m finished with it you know i got something for you this is master. You told me you gave me the negatives from those photos.


I did this is something different. It s a little interview with your friend stormy you know she s quite eloquent for aster corps. You look good so we had something special. We did we do so special you set me up.

I witness. What are you from you from the projects. Yeah hold on me too. It s not all your time.


With justin right. Yeah. Figuring out how to fucking stay alive right figure out. Why you don t have nothing look you got my few ways you can get out you self drugs or sing or this shit right here they all take some talent man my legs.

What made me i know i m never gonna see another pro games so fuck it right. What s the matter. What it does matter these legs took me out of the projects. I made something out of myself.


I don t want to forget that we don t have a reservation for a smith you check that again please. There s no smith check under white raymond be white. Okay here it is how many keys will you be needing in three keep one for yourself please make your funny don t you sorry for the mix up mr went you re in room 15 37. I m mr white alright let s go on the whistle.

Chest passes passer makes the shooter pass it like you want him to shoot the ball are you coachable do you listen it s good to see on the whistle chess passes. You know me i know you nathan scott tree hill s best power forward in 15 years let me give you some advice once they can go to do. It s time to waiting a long time for a state title to ” ..


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