Samsung Galaxy Battery Not Charging / FIX White Lightning Bolt Wont Turn On S6 S5 S7 S8 Edge Android

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“This is how my samsung galaxy s6 edge looks at the moment and i cannot cannot do anything so what i already tried was to hold the power button for seconds 20 seconds 1 minute. It didn t do anything so i heard about a trick that you can plug it in so you have to make sure that it s charging of course. And now hold the power button and the volume down for at least 20 seconds. So the thing is this one is really old battery s about to die cpus bout to die.

It was overheating. All the time battery was draining super fast so it was really easy to notice that it s really good. It s about to die. Yeah.

So maybe. It s really game over rest in peace my phone so looks like there is really nothing i can do doesn t do anything. It s more than 20 seconds. Maybe i try i m saying with volume up and hold button.

But it really looks like there is absolutely nothing which i can do at the moment. That s really really sad..

I ve really no clue what it could be but maybe really processor died from overheating or battery is not really not good anymore or yeah. I mean. It was sometimes it was so hot that i haven t been able to touch the screen anymore. Which is definitely not a good thing for the phone.

I mean that s definitely too hot. But usually it it it was still working. I was wondering what how it can bear such situations. When he got i know how hot it was really super super hot it looks like at the moment.

I can press any combination and it s really really that stays that doesn t do anything so. I did a little bit of research again and it looks like there s the very last option to hit a home button power button and volume up at the same time it s difficult. But not too difficult if you hold it like this so i m pressing this now. And i have no clue how long i should do that so i m doing this for no yeah.

I m trying for 20 seconds or so if it doesn t do anything for 20 seconds. I think..

This is really that s megadeth s game over samsung. Recipes of the three and a half years for a one thousand dollar device. Yeah. It s a little bit disappointing yeah i mean usually you would think you could expect a little bit more now in doing the same thing with out the power so very long thing total factory reset yeah.

I will lose some of the things which i don t want to lose. But yeah if you re in a situation like this yeah. I mean it s always good to have a backup. I mean go to the settings and make sure your data and update is backed up your especially your pictures and everything what you can backup on google drive or if you have other phones like the xiaomi or so they have their own free cloud.

Which is really good i mean of course they for somehow forced you into upgrade then within the same brand. Because then it s the easiest thing to upgrade. But at least you have a backup in case you have to do something like that there is total factory reset. And as you can see this nurse saying.

Really i try same thing with powered down. I mean yeah..

I don t think it will explode. It s well. At least. The oh wow.

What does a price did you see that okay. That was just for the records. That was hope i mean i didn t plug it in it was plucked out it was home button. It was the power button and it was volume down not volume up it instead it was volume down and it s turning on again check this out welcome back samsung galaxy s6 edge you give me a chance now to save some additional app data which is awesome as you can see battery charge 100.

That s good so i can sell my new phone and use that forever. No that s joke okay. But at least. Yeah.

I will be able to use this and so yeah to save something because i have some i mean. It s not not a fortune..

But i have some small crypto apps. Where i have a few error of so though such things may be five dollars or so not more. But at least. I now have access again to these apps that that s absolutely awesome okay.

Yeah. I will put down the combination as well into the description so you have it yeah. That was really really really big big surprise. Yeah i hope i was able to help you a little bit with that if you have any questions or comments.

Just write to the comment section below and i m always happy to talk about these things. And if you liked the video give me a thumbs up subscribe thanks for watching and see you next ” ..

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