Samsung Galaxy Watch Review 2019

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“I wish. There was a fitness. Watch nthat. Let you do notifications and sleep.

Tracking tracking and fitness tracking at a npersonal assistant let you load all kinds of apps change your watch nfaces to your heart s content that you didn t have to charge every single night nif. They would just invent all right now. I know this thing has been out for nseveral months and i m a little late to the game here. But i did that on purpose nbecause.

I wanted to give it a fair shot put it through its paces for several nmonths use it for the fitness tracking. The notifications. All that other stuff nso that i could give an honest review. And i think i m finally at that point nall right since i mentioned wearing it for a long time.

Let s talk about the nfeel and the weight of it the weight is great i hardly ever notice. It s there nit s probably gonna take you about a day to get used to it there s two different. Nsizes there s a 46mmif you have smaller wrists. There s also a 42mm nbut keep in mind that 42mm is gonna have a lower battery ncapacity still incredible battery life on this smart watch considering neverything.

It can do now. Obviously the first thing that you notice on the watch nis that big 13. Inch. 3.

60 by 360 super amoled display as gorilla glass dx plus nand it s extremely bright. I ve had no problem viewing this indoors or outdoors nin direct sunlight so circling that screen is that rotating bezel and this nis one of the primary ways that you re going to navigate through your watch. Nthis is a great way to navigate it you can also use the touch. Sensitive screen.

Nto tap on items swipe through and all that good stuff you can use the buttons nto navigate i ll get to that in a second but rotating that bezel is a great way nto get through your notifications and your apps. And i ll talk about that more nin just a few minutes here along the right side of the watch are the two nbuttons now the top button is the back button and also if you re long press on nit. It takes you into samsung. Pay in samsung pay you can set up one or nmultiple credit cards or debit cards select the card you want tap it against nthe reader and pay for whatever you re buying.

I ve used this at vending nmachines and coffee shops all over the place. And i have not had a problem with nit. It s worked great every single time that bottom button is the home button nthat takes you to your app list and then you can use that rotating bezel to nnavigate around it or swipe through it with your finger. If you double tap on nthe bottom button.


It takes you into a shortcut for an app. Now by default. This nis set to big speed. But you can set that to whatever nyou want like when i double tap on mine.

It takes me into my activity. List and nthen. I can easily launch an activity from there. And if you long press on that nbottom button.

It takes you into the shut down or restart menu for the watch on nthe back of the watch is the heart rate monitor and as is true with most nrisk based heart rate monitors. It works really well for activities with nconsistent motion. So like walking and running things. Like that if you re doing njumping jacks or weight training things along those lines.

Where there s ninconsistent motion. It does not do very well with the tracking. But like i said nthat is pretty common with risk based heart rate monitors. Now there s really ntwo different versions of this watch there s the bluetooth version which is nwhat.

I have and then there s an lte version that you can put a sync card in nand use that without your phone being anywhere near you now even with the nbluetooth option. You could still make and receive calls and it just goes. Nthrough your phone. Now you can use a bluetooth headset.

That s paired with the nwatch or you can use the microphone and speaker that are built into the watch nand using that the calls actually sound really good. The speaker is plenty loud nenough and clear enough for calls. Incoming calls the caller sounds really nclear through the internal speaker. And then i ve done some testing with the nmicrophone in here and the caller s always say that it sounds really good ni.

ve been able to hold my watch out away from my face. And they can still hear me ni use that all the time taking calls on my watch. And talking to people. Dick ntracy style.

Now this watch does have an always on mode. Where the clock face nshows all the time on the watch that s going to kill your battery a little more nso. I don t use that mode. But what i do use is the gesture that when you bring nit up to your face.


It shows. The clock face and that shows up pretty much right naway. I don t ever find myself waiting for it to show me the time it s off most nof. The time and then when i raise it up it s right there in front of me.

And it nworks better on this smart watch than many other ones that i ve tried now. I ntouched on the fitness tracking a little bit before. But this is one thing that i nuse this watch for all the time and i do indoor tracking and outdoor tracking. I m nable to throw music on here.

It s got four gigs of storage pair of bluetooth nheadset and use the gps glonass that s on nto track my activities and i ve tried to use leaving my phone at home and again i njust have the bluetooth version and it works great i can listen to my music nthrough the paired bluetooth headset track out all my activities and then nwhen i end the activity either view it on the watch or sync. It up with the app nand view. It in the app. Now i know i ve only been saying positive things about nthis watch so far and it is a great watch.

But it s not perfect one of the nareas. I have trouble with is with the sleep tracking you have to wear the nwatch really tight on your wrist or slide. It up on your arm. So it s tight.

Neither way is a little bit uncomfortable. And if you don t do that you re not ngonna get accurate sleep tracking for me. It s hit and miss some days. It ll track nit really well and then some days.

I ll have these huge gaps in the middle of nthe night. Where it says. I was awake when i wasn t so that tracking is not naccurate and it s not something i used because of that so before we get into nthe interface let s talk about bixby for a little bit now bixby. If you don t know nwhat.

It is it s kind of samsung s answer to siri or google assistant. But not nnearly as good there are a lot of people that say bixby is completely useless on nthe watch and while i agree. It s not nearly as good as siri or google. Nassistant once you learn the limitations of bixby on the galaxy watch.

It s nactually really useful i use it every day. I use the set alarms to send text nmessages to get my agenda to find out what the weather s going to be all those nbasic things any more complicated things. It s either gonna tell you it doesn t nknow. What you re talking about or tell you to check it on the phone.


But as long nas. You learn what you can do with bixby. It actually works pretty well now nanother thing that makes this watch a little bit different is that even though nit s android compatible. It s not running android.

So it s not a where os watch nit s running tizen and tizen has come a long way in a few short years. There are na ton of apps available for it i found apps for just about everything that i nneeded. It s not quite as robust as for where our os or watch os. But there are a nton of apps out there and there s more and more being written by developers neveryday.

There s tons of watch faces for customization and then there s even apps nthat let you add watch faces from within those apps. So there is a really robust necosystem for tizen it s extremely fast the navigation with the nrotating bezel is really nice and it s very battery efficient so since i m ntalking about battery. I normally get about four days of use out of this now nthat s with about 30 minutes of gps tracking a day and or inside tracking nwithout. The gps.

It balances out to about four days. And that is a huge plus for me nas far as the navigation of the watch using that bezel and rotating to the nleft will take you through all your notifications and then if you rotate all nthe way to the left you can hit the clear all blast all those away get rid nof them if you rotate to the right it takes you through your widgets. Now these nare configurable. You can add them on the watch.

And you can also go into the app nand reorder. Them. I ll talk more about the app in just a minute here. But nthere s a lot of really useful widgets that give you a quick glance at some of nyour data.

And some of the information that you re tracking and then using that nbottom button takes you to the home where you can rotate through all your napps you can swipe through them. With your finger. And then tap them. And once nyou get used to that bezel.

The navigation on other devices. Just seems a nlittle bit lacking now apart from the watch itself. There s a couple of ncompanion apps. There s one for the watch itself.

And then there is another one for nhealth now the commanding app for the watch. It ndoes. All the basic things you can want you can manage your notifications in nthere shows your all kinds of information about your watch you can nload app. So you can load watch faces all the stuff that you would expect.


But it s nlaid out really well and it works really well it s fast stable and it s a really nreally nice app. So next up is the samsung health app and this went from nbeing one of my least favorite health apps with their old design to one of my nfavorite with their new design. This is laid out very very well you can see all nthe data from your watch. All the steps you ve taken in the activities.

You ve ntracked. All that stuff you can track activities in the app itself. If you ndon t have your watch with you if you want to go on a run and you re left your nwatch at home or whatever you can start it up on that on the app. And it ll use nyour phone s gps to track that activity.

You can track all your calories by nputting in what you ve eaten and it ll track those calories for you so you can nenter those directly on the app. Or you can use something like my fitness. Pal nthat ll sink that data over to the app. And then it ll show you how many ncalories you ve taken in and how many you ve burned through your activities nand.

It has a nice social aspect to it so you can sync up with friends and have nfriendly competitions with them or you can join like just a community ncompetition and its really really nicely laid out it s very solid and syncs all nyour data from your watch. Very well so all in all i have to say i really love nthis watch. The fact that i only have to charge it four days is a huge plus for nme. There are some limitations.

The sleep tracking doesn t work very well there s nnot. Quite as many apps as there are in watch os or where os and the bixby nassistant is not nearly as efficient as siri or the google assistant are it does nwork again if you learn those limitations. But it s not great i will ngive it that other than that i absolutely love this device. Hopefully nyou found this useful and informative.

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