Selling My Uncle s Broken HTC ONE M7 At The ecoATM

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“There it s me again and today. I will be selling my uncle s phone. Phone. So what starts so i m selling a football team cell device.

Heather i eco here or do you think to check before we start first turn on your device and make sure you keep it unlock. So i can get you the best price next make sure you have your photo id with you i ll need to check it later if you decide to sell your device finally just tap. It any time you need help you can usually find on the left side of the screen. If you re all set just tap okay.

I m ready bobby and he stopped the type of device..

He d like to say how would you like to price your device. He didn t even pop. The carrier that your device was with please tell me the condition of your device. Top the conditions top.

The havel type that connects to your device. Now let s get your device ready here equal appraisal by removing any cases or stickers that may confuse my sensors. I m printing out a label that will help you keep track of your device. Please place it on the back of your device.

It s a touch..

I ll take your little jascha just put it in the tree. Tell me about your device. So i know what that s i ll connect your device to a value. If it s electronic give me a little help first okay here comes.

The busbar you cut open my test apartment where i ll do your dorothy. Now. But lock your screen. Then look for the cable with the green connected and pull up on it to plug in your device.

Huh alone so your phone can communicate with me don t see this on your screen talk..

I don t see it perfect let s make sure i can talk with your phone. So i can give you the best price and god why check your device before i can get you an accurate appraisal. First. I need to communicate with it and we re off your device in terms of memory size our back is foam paper that s good it s recycled responsibly now i ll check your photo id to make sure you 1 18.

Rolled it and to verify your identity under your state issued id a lot of the lovelorn as pictured on screen. I ll get in free newspaper will jam in my rear thank you it says to not put paper in and bilging. It s not said to not put paper in there okay looking again just need to finalize a few things and you ll be all set. It s time for the fine print.

Please take a minute to review..

The authority drops a conditions and privacy policy. Just suck to yourself into your ip. When it should take to a favor. It s like it we have an error huh.

I ll have to wait on grandma i ll come back got some issues all right sorry that i got interrupted there um i accidentally hit the recent app apps button see if it does it now cuz all right let s add a couple of picture issues. Can t we finally got it if you d like an email receipt just tap enter take that all right that s it ” ..

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