Silver LG G5 Unboxing and First Impressions (AT&T)

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“What s going on phone tags buh hd here an 18 t sent me the the lg g5 to unbox and review for you all this is the silver variant as you can see here. There are no att customizations to this box in the past. We ve seen att completely redesigned the box to their liking. We don t see that here so thank you 18 t for keeping it pure.

And unadulterated. What s also worth mentioning is the fact that since lg. Did not send me the g5. I have no prejudice towards the g5.

Not that i would have lg send it to me to begin with but prejudice is certainly something that is real in this industry. And so that s why i bring it up with that said. Let s take a look at the lg g5. Which we can do by sliding off the top half of the box.

Which reveals the modular swappable battery compartment upon lifting open the inner flap. We ll find a quick start guide sitting right on top of the lg g5. The lg g5 is obviously resting directly below of that guide which i m going to remove and put off to the side for now underneath. We have some more literature as well as some accessories.

There s another instructions packet detailing how to use the device specifically the modular component. We do have a usb type c. Cable in the box on top of a sim card ejector tool. The very last item in the box is a quick charging us wall wart that s about it now.

This is the lg g5 and all of its silver metallic glory. You can choose pink you can choose gold silver and titan color configurations. If you so desire and if you plan on picking up this device marco actually unbox the titan version of this phone..


So if you want to watch that video. I ll link it in the description. But the g5 is crafted with a metal alloy body. And it has been receiving some flak for feeling like plastic based off first impressions.

The metal frame that stretches around the entire device it feels like metal. It looks like metal. And it has the integrity of metal the rear shell does give off a plastic vibe to the touch. There s actually a layer of plastic on top of the metal.

Which is why it doesn t feel terribly cool or metallic to the touch. It is incredibly slippery so regardless you re going to want to put it in a case or is skin. Now the battery can be removed in a modular fashion. You press a little button on the bottom left hand side of the phone.

And then you can pull out the metal flap to reveal the 2800 milliamp battery. This feature is incredibly promising it opens the doors for future attachments accessories and features the lg cam plus camera grip attachment is just one of the attachments. We hope to see released here very soon in the coming months. But this modular feature is neat.

I love to see lg experiment with the design of the lg g5 on the back of the phone. You ll see there are no traditional power volume up and down controls. Which were standard in previous g. Flagships.

Instead lg. Placed a fingerprint scanner here. Which actually doubles as a power sleep on off button..


The volume controls are located on the left hand side of the phone now. But this button feels really cheap as if it s gonna break at any moment when you press it it also gives off a non reassuring clicking sound but the fingerprint scanner portion works great it unlocks the phone very quickly and it unlocks it without requiring a push of the power. Button something that really frustrated me with the lg. V10 the 53 inch.

Ips lcd qhd display is good. I think the size is perfect for most people maybe a tad bit on the big side. It s a tad bit on the small side for my liking. But i think it s a good middle ground you can get extremely bright and colors appear to be pretty accurate they re not as saturated or contrast ii as the colors found in a samsung amoled panel.

But that s not necessarily a bad thing. I find the display overall to be very solid. It s a good panel. I paid close attention to the software as i was setting up the g5 for the first time taking note of the rounded icons the thin font minimalist design.

Language and flat color choice in the menus. The lime green color choice does not sit well with me so i changed it. But rounded icons appear to be in right. Now.

The launcher itself is very simple. As there is no app drawer. So other apps will be placed on the home screens. That doesn t bother me too much because i can simply install the google now launcher the notification panel and the settings drawer carry over that design language.

I was talking about earlier you will see some at t bloatware here and there but overall the launcher. The appearance of the software and the skin. It s pretty simple it s pretty straight forward..


I don t think there s too much to complain about to be very honest with you i think there s still enough stock android elements here to satisfy the stock android junkie you just got to have an open mind. And you just got to look for them the lg g5 really excels in. Performance the skin on top of android 60. Marshmallow feels extremely light when compared to the lg skin running on top of the lg v10 this phone is buttery smooth.

I haven t noticed any hiccups or stuttering. I have noticed some bug s here and there with the google play services. But they appear to have vanish with an update. The snapdragon 820 quad core processor and four gigabytes of ram certainly help with these snappy performance.

But i think it s the software that has really evolved and come a long way just in the past several months since the lg v10. It s a night and day. Difference this skin feels much lighter than it does on the lg. V10 the 16 megapixel camera sensor with an f.

18. Aperture optical image stabilization and laser autofocus looks very promising in terms of image quality. The main sensor is actually paired with an 8. Megapixel wide angle sensor with an f.

24. Aperture. So. If you want to capture a very wide angle shot of a subject you can switch between the sensors in the camera app.

Which is pretty darn cool. It s a lot of fun. But i have yet to test the camera in detail..


So that s all i m going to say about that battery life is a similar story that i m going to have to test it in more detail before i can form a well rounded opinion of its performance. The 2800 milliamp battery is removable. Which is neat. But it s on the small side so hopefully it can provide a full day of normal usage.

We can only wait and see the speaker is located on the bottom of the phone not in the optimal location. But it s fairly loud and sounds way better than the galaxy s7 and the galaxy s7 edge. That is a fact so this is the lg g5 from at t. I ll leave a link to view more details of the device in the description.

If you are interested it does retail for about 700 off contract. So it s not a cheap phone by any stretch of the imagination. But i m really glad to have the lg g5 in the studio. I think that g5 shows a lot more promise than what is being reported.

I don t think it s a bad phone. I think it s going to need some more testing to determine exactly how well it stacks up the competition. But i am pleasantly surprised with what i see here so i ll leave you at. That as always i m bo hd.

From phone calm. Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. And i will see it ” .


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