Sony A6000 Camera plus 16-50mm & 55-210mm 2 Lens Bundle Kit Open Boxing

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“There today we are going to do an open boxing on the sony a6000. This this kit. It is also the a6000 double doom lens kit which comes with your 250 millimeter epz lens for your kit. It also comes with a longer throw telephoto e55.

2. To 10 millimeter. This was a kind of i don t want to say blowout deal with this was a blowout special. Back we picked up.

Back like black friday. Deal feel like 699. For the kit. Which is a great price for this at the time.

I think it s much higher enough for this anyway. This is an aps lens email. It uses your standard w. Series and p.

Fw. 50. Battery. So batteries.

Don t last..

Long in these. So we picked up a second one highly recommend you do that you probably get about 300 or for a battery. But it depends so open up you get your manuals over the blah. So make sure to play with the camera first and then read these okay you get one battery.

Just one with your universe. So you want to buy a second light. You ve got your eye cup. You re right now.

We ve taken the liberty of already you get a very nice alfa strap high quality. So we ve taken the liberty of installing that already so as you can see so this is a great great way to get into 4k recording. I m sorry some sides enough okay. This is a full hd 1080 might get my van that s not the 6300.

This is the 6000 so ah for the size this feels really good in your hand. This is great so with an installed it s not very heavy it s well balanced you ve got your attractable lens. I mean aa lcd. You ve got your button here for pop up your flash doesn t require batteries for that you got your dial here locating.

You ve got your record button. Here okay get your dials to access everything there i play back button trash. Etcetera menu button you fully there so i do apologize this is not 4k. But it is wi fi enabled.

So we re going to go ahead and install the i can there s no battery in here..

So we ll go ahead and should i do that let s go over to mary. So you ve got luck oh lock. It this way it open is that way. This is the battery compartment underneath.

So we ll go ahead and install my battery connector here so flat flat to the camera body and then end click then you have your sd card. Which also is installed to the same compartment. So here we go ahead. And then you have a sd card installed and then you need to lock.

It closed. So this is wi fi enabled. Let s see what we have on offer port here. Unfortunately.

The big drawback. I know everyone is excited about this youtube camera for youtube. Etc. The biggest drawback for this is there is no like input.

There s not even a headphone jack. So that being the case. There are some workarounds you really need to sync audio with another device. And there s no you know you might your microphone.

That s going to be what the camera s not going to be super..

Great so there you go so i m going to take that lens cover it off. We re going to power it up see ya there s no power it looks like it needs to be charged. So that s just a quick unboxing of the sony a6000. We also have this very nice for the money let me get this at fifty nine and i was a very good size yet nice the photo clip them eggy hey awesome lens hood so this one is a fifty five two to ten four point five to six point three let s get the optical steadyshot.

Which is their version of optical stabilization again this is an ef mount lens it came with the bundle so let me go ahead and lock take the limits cover up lock. It into place add it into place and you re ready to. Shoot so this was a nice bonus so for 699. We got the sixteen fifty millimeter lens.

This awesome 55 two to ten limbs with the focus ring in with your you focused ringing your other ring for a distance. So. This is your like really really really a good deal. If you can get it for that price.

But the a6000 is coming down in price right now because it had they ve released the a 6300. Which other like input and a 5500 is out and they re doing 4k. So this is just a really good awesome camera. If you re interested to get in and go home.

With sony. If you already have sony lenses. And me with a new mount then this is a good camera also a good b camera. If you re using the sony.

I don t know that s the a7 s..

Or something like that but we highly recommend you get extra batteries for this and again. The disadvantage is you cannot monitor your audio or even input into any audio. So you have to keep that in mind and also if you re so filming like we re doing right now. There s no flip out screen for you to see so.

While there is an hdmi out cable. You would have to have a separate monitor so while it s a great camera for the price. There are some difficulties and or drawbacks compared to some of the older or evens like us like for instance a canon the adb even though it s not 4k has a foot bug screen etc. So if you need the football screen and you want audio control in and monitoring in this camera is probably not for you unless you have a workaround like using a zoom.

H4n or something like that but anyway. Thank you for watching just a quick open boxing of this cool little camera. We re going to take some video tests. And i mean it is really great especially if you re traveling or you need to be km or you want to shoot something i want to go and to the side.

These. Mirrorless cameras are really really just coming into play. Nowadays so thanks for watching. We re going to do.

Some test shots and test video that will upload from this camera. So we appreciate your support. ” ..


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