The Bachelor Season 20 Week 5 Recap ABC News

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“So it s a big moment welcome back time for the skinny and we re re gonna start with proof that all the action wasn t just in iowa last yeah plenty of action on abc s the bachelor as well so as always we get the latest details from our senior bachelor. Analyst jack nice to be here a single rose this week okay for those paying attention to the details speaking of the details. We re in mexico last night on abc s the bachelor eleven women started 11 started off with the one on one date. Ben and amanda.

She s the divorced mother of two excuse. Me they went on a hot air balloon ride. And you can say that their connection. Really took off get it okay because they took the thing about amanda is anybody was watching noticed how many times.

She said. The word like she said the word like like way too many times that s a code. I ll tell you what but like amanda got the like rose. It s like move along rapidly.

I like her group date..

Espanol class huh. They were habla espanol learning how to habla espanol been getting down on one knee again this whole thing. Then they learned all that they they used all that they learned to buy some groceries then they did some cooking olivia who the world hates now was cooking on a team with ben these two people who ran the restaurant. Where they were doing this whole.

Thing said that ben and olivia s food looked like dog food. So that was as if to say it didn t look. Good. The cooking contest was won by jubilee and lauren b.

Yes. So that went well and speaking of jubilee. Yeah. How s he doing out well.

She didn t do too good no..

No she was going by the work by the by the by the the nickname jubes on this one so just everything go with jubes at the cocktail party after the group date. She told ben she was being overshadowed. She admitted pulling out of their relationship about ben sort of got through the drama by saying maybe. It was best to say goodbye.

No yeah. The blacker leaves so much for jubilee. So much were jus. Always happened she was escorted to the door oh yeah later on the cocktail party amongst.

The women the ten women who were now left basically the bottom line is nobody likes olivia yeah as we ve already established olivia basically told amanda that she said something about teen mom. Olivia told her that she reminded her a snooki being a hot mess. All the time oh no then we get the twin who s left in it she gets all emotional worked up telling ben a bit that olivia s a jerk ben s like she s starting to question. If he knows who olivia is so he basically calls her out.

He s like you know can i talk to you for a minute..

And he might be catching on so i mean olivia already had a rose. But that didn t happen in the episode came to an end but not before the kiss count oh kiss count kiss count this went well ken this is the season hi whoa hey for those counting and we are but to be continued. So nobody got a rose today well you know there were roses handed out to olivia got a rose and amanda got a rose and before today yeah well before the rose ceremony yeah. But there was no rose ceremony okay yeah the the episode ended to be continued and so to be continued analysts out i think next year will be our year for black that s for red finally yeah oh turning now to some other headlines.

Including dancing with the stars our favorite vowel. He s facing some major legal challenges okay so it stems from a meme that he shared on his facebook. Page. The text reading letting your kid become a beast.

Should be considered child abuse. It s the girl in the photos. Family is suing the dancer for six million dollars claim. He humiliated a child with down syndrome who s at much higher risk of obesity.


Facebook page has over 300000. Fans and in response to the lawsuit. He tweeted. One day.

You ll hear my side of the story. If anyone will still be listening ok so turning back down to politics for a moment. Then the world s top singer at this moment piling on trump as he fell short of winning. The caucuses and here s why thank you all that s adele s song rolling in the deep blaring at recent from for ali.

But the ” ..

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