The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Bundle (360) Unboxing Video

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“Right here. We are i m gbd from cheap ass gamer calm and the cat cat cats video game podcast. And we are going to do an unboxing of rock beatles special vision. This came all the way from amazon america all the way to tokyo.

Is giant box they only charge me 30 bucks to ship. It ty is here we ve been using it as a training table the meantime ties. It ok. If i take your train isn t that your hat off for the video.

Ok. No ok. So let s let s take the train off. Ok.

Is that alright ok. So let s take these off ok ok come on put this over here. Ok. Clean it up so you get two buckle boxing s you can this is the amazon box does it have a logo inside yes.

It does we commercial rounds on the sides of you can see you oh wow. Here s the invoice and here s the big. Wow. Here.

It is that s a big box time look. Wow. It s big alright. Let s open.

It. Up. Right..


Oh yeah. Hi. You might be blocking. Can wreak.

Havoc. You can see. The box. At all limited edition with this like any of the other rock band guitar hero games.

It s not gonna be that limited here we go just whoa whoa look at the drums. They look very nice. Looking like fancier oh alert. It s not even in english.

Oh do not return any rock band hardware to retail stores you have to go to rock band calm slash warranty if there s a problem time here you go wow look at this very excited so there s a drum parts jump pads look very fancy let s take them out okay huh okay. It s got like the weird. I guess. It s supposed to be ring goes drums.

Guess who s going to look like that i don t know got the game looks game itself which is postcards needles postcards you didn t know about that thank you the rock man yeah looked i look at this guitar. This is the base ball base oh and the head. The what do you call that part of the guitar. I don t even know fret thing.

I just played mahjongg here here s the guitar and i guess this just snaps on like that very nice. Very fancy. Looking me me me. Me all right.

Harsh. Strap and batteries nice oh boy what was that michael. This is the microphone bless you guys take the microphone out see it looks like all the other rock band logitech microphone..


Okay bingo this is the bass drum part what want to play the drums. The bass drum beatles on as blue in metal drums. One plays drums hey hey does it not come with the mics oh yeah. It s right here picture of the mics and oh here.

Here s the next and this has never come with a guitar hero or rock band game before first take a very surreal sting is now highs metal highway like this sigma like that so real like no junk like that and where s the part with some up here pretty cool. I don t know what this parts for well. I think that sir you want to see it lookit our closer up that s like pretty fancy. I m looking to get a fine detail don t want any type i look out you see that oh it s kind of a sliding thing yeah very nice i likes it i like it all right well i m excited to give this game.

A try a big beatles fan looking forward to checking it out and out. I got the lips microphone the wireless microphones they re supposed to work with this so we can do all the harmonies. Hi. You excited to that good news.

Is that i ty s not allowed to look at the camera. And say no hi. Say bye bye. Cooper bye bye look at ah.

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We ll turn the car back on so in this car the bottom of the fuse is the load side so we have to make sure we put our fuse tap in properly. So let s take a look at a few choices that we have for tapping into the fuse box. Now what we have on display here is three different types of fuses. We have the standard atc style fuse of the atm and then we have the atm lp.

These are just a shorter version of these these are all taps that will go into a fuse box. As well as we have these guys over here. Now the most common thing..


We run into is person will take their fuse out of their fuse box. And they ll grab a piece of wire and they ll wrap around one of the legs. Do this funky little knock thing where they twist it on and they end up with this little guy like this and they jam it back into the fuse box. Yeah okay.

It s doable not exactly the best way to do it. If you re looking to do a connection like that that s what these little guys are made for here these have these little sleeves and what they ll do is they ll go on to a fuse like this okay so it s leaves over the fuse so when you put it in it s all locked into place. Now. Then you have this cool little male piece hanging out what you use for that is a female connector that just plugs in over the top like this so you end up with this in the fuse box.

Now the trick to using something like this is that when you go to put it in the fuse box. You have to make sure that the hot side is this side here so that if for some reason your wire is too short out it will blow the fuse so if you put it in this way. What will happen is if this wire shorts out it ll go ahead and just burn down the line. It won t blow the fuse because it s actually not a few circuits you have to make sure you put these in the right direction and they make them for both the atm style fuses as well as the atc bigger fuses.

And it s basically the same idea it just goes in like such and then locks into place. Then you have a female version here and of course. There s a couple of versions of these that i ve seen some of them are where you just can slide this they have a hole here and you slide this through so. There s a couple different options as far as that goes so now if you d like to look as clean as professional as possible you re gonna want to get one of these little fuse tap pigtails.

Now let s take a closer look at this so. Let s take a closer look at this so we have here is a standard fuse tab. And then we have these four holes on the top. So what you re going to do is when you re meeting in your fuse panel.

You can go ahead and pull out whatever fuse. It is you feel you know the circuit. You want to use in this case. Let s say it s a 10 amp.

I m gonna pull that out of your fuse box and you re gonna put it right here in this bottom row. Here. It s gonna go like that now you have this top portion right here..


It s good to be your new load comes with this wire. Here that you can hook up to whatever is your draw is gonna have to be so then you re gonna fuse that now this fuse always has to be lower than this bottom fuse you can t put like a 30 year and a 20 year. It s just not gonna work. It s not going to protect anything the other thing too is like the previous you have to make sure you have the load and the draw side correct and the fuse box.

So this is your load side here. And this is your draw side so this is the side that s actually gonna you know going to go off to whatever did you feel you need to hook up that way if you hook it up the other way let s say to where you know this is your load. And this is your draw what s going to happen is it s gonna go zigzag through here to blow the fuse you want it to blow the fuse onto this or could not blow two fuses because if you have to blow two fuses well you can just blow. The whole circuit all together so load side here draw side here and buy load.

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So you have this style here. Which is going to be for the atc style fuse you have this guy here. Which is the same thing just for the atm style fuse. So you have your small fuse that you ll put in the top here.

Then you have your fuse that you took out it s gonna go right here. So you also have your atm lp fuse. Which is right here so your factory. Fuse there again goes on the bottom.

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