The best FREE music tools in 2019!

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“Did your hong today. I m going to share with you the best free music music production tools available right now. There s never been a better time to get music production. If you have a device that you can watch this video on you have a device that you can make amazing music on so let s jump right in i wanted to start by talking about digital audio workstations so this would be like the brain of your operation.

It s what you d record everything into it s how you d arrange all the little pieces of music that you re making you could mix in it on an apple device garageband still reigns supreme. It s just gotten better and better over the years and it s a totally usable fully featured eaw. There are even a number of well known artists who have released albums that were completely recorded in garageband for windows. I think cakewalk takes the cake but to be fair.

I haven t been on a windows machine to do music production in several years. So there may be some other competition out there. There are some da ws that are multi platform. Though and i haven t tried all of these out.

But just from being plugged into this world. These are the ones that i ve heard the most good things about lmms and artur both seem like very functional programs and then a bit more on the basic side is audacity. Which you know basic maybe could be good if you re a beginner or for certain types of music maybe. It s all you need and then one special mention in this category is a tracker.

So not exactly a da w..

But more just a program for a certain type of electronic music making workflow just goal abuzz. This is a program that s been around for a very long time i used to use it as a teenager and i just loved it i made a lot of really fun stuff in it check it out if you might be into the tracker workflow where it s kind of about sequencing different data parameters that doesn t sound fun. But it actually is alright let s talk about plugins. There are hundreds maybe thousands of free plugins available out there you just pull up huge list of them if you do some googling.

But i will leave some of my top recommendations here of stuff that i ve worked with that i think is just really quality towel makes a whole bunch of different plugins. There s like a reverb chorus vocoder right since i would highly recommend anything towel. You he has a lot of pro plugins that i know a lot of people in the industry. That love them.

But they also have a few free ones that still have lots of features and sound really good so there s zebra let podolski and triple cheese spitfire again beloved by the industry for their sample libraries super realistic sounding. Very high quality they put out a free collection of instruments called labs and they just sound awesome if you re in a glitchy stuff. I m gonna recommend two free plugins from glitch machines called hysteresis and fracture they re just glitchy. If you re looking for a free fm synth dext is probably the best one that i know of adhd leveling tool is a really great analog compressor emulation.

It s based on the la 2a. Which is like the holy grail of compressors sounds as good as some of the expensive plug in emulations that i have many situations. It sounds as good as some of the real stuff that i have free great wow. Wow.

And the last thing..

I ll recommend in this category is native instruments. New complete start package. I ve been using ni stuff. For at least 10 years.

It s just really great quality sounds. Good interfaces and they just decided to release a whole bunch of their stuff for free and actually my last single other than the vocals in the guitar was entirely made with sounds from complete start. And it s doing really well. It s been play listed into official.

Spotify playlist. A lot of you folks have told. Me how much you liked it thank you so much and we re doing a remix competition around it right now so details for that are in the description. No matter alright.

Let s talk about modular. Everyone knows that i m a huge modular nerd. By now and i know that the hardware side of it is notoriously you need ettore ously notoriously expensive. But there s a whole bunch of free modular software.

That is legit amazing pcb rack is probably the best thing out there..

It s got so many modules a lot of them are even emulations of popular modules that exist in hardware. And there are some premium ones that you have to pay for. But i ve never paid for any and i m just really loving using vcv rack. When i m like traveling and can t bring a rack with me here s the thing.

I made in vcv recently that i think is really pretty another option is sunvox the app. You have to pay for. But the desktop version is free free modular synth yay go a little deeper into the rabbit hole. There s autonomous ism and pure data.

Which are like sort of visual programming. Languages. There they re a little more intense and technical and nerdy more powerful maybe overall. But steeper learning curve for sure check them out.

Though if you re really interested in getting if you really want to get freaky with modular okay and finally let s talk about apps on ios you ve got garageband and then on both ios and android. You ve got band lab. Those are the big free ones. The ones that actually offer you a lot of possibilities.


The other apps out there in my experience. They re either not good or you have to do a bunch of in app purchases to make them good. I d love to be proven wrong. Though please leave a comment.

If you know of any other apps or even anything else in any of these categories. That s free music stuff free music tools that you can recommend also be linking to everything that i mentioned in this video in the description. I hope you found this video. Helpful and if you want to check out my new song or enter.

The remix competition. I will link info to that as well in the description. Happy music making. I ll see you next time.

” ..

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