The Impossible Star Wars Quiz!

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“Don t know if you know this mason. But some people accuse us of being being fake fans like we don t know anything about anything and look that s true. But what i like to do every now and then is to test our mettle. What do we really know about a subject.

So many see something that might turn people around this from how stuff works the website. It s called is this the hardest star wars quiz your take today i mean probably most certainly. I m not gonna do another one not after this and like if people could leave a like on this video. We d very much appreciate it wouldn t we i mean haters all lovers alike.

I mean why the haters are sending alike. I don t know because they re good people deep down. I think so yeah and also play along what s good did you get let s find out question number one which famous extra terrestrial appeared in the phantom menace ct. Yeah.

That s right it s a scroll next question he s a multiple choice. But that was 82 correct what does the name darth vader mean deep volunteers daring farmers dark father doors to venus do you mean in another language. Yes probably dark father. If i had to guess.

What s german or dutch. And people say well that s the reason that george lucas named in darth vader. But that has been since disproved. It is just a coincidence okay because in any many ways uncle owen and aunt beru would dark farmers weren t they if they farmed the darkest thing of all moisture.

Yeah. It s a question for you how many toes does yoda have five honey toters is your question. That s right 510. The number changes each movie wouldn t have ten toes.

That s too many toes for master slides on aged foot. Yeah okay. Yes. He s got six on one and three on the other and then an extra toe.

I want an extra force yeah right i think it s the number changes. Yeah. I think. It s one of those inconsistent.

Yes and sometimes cuz. He s made of polystyrene over the toes would rot off exactly this is the number of toes that yoda changes every movie. But he s depicted to have three or four normally we re a hundred percent. We certainly are here s one for you who is chewbacca s son stu becker stuart backer.

He s an accountant it s lumber waru han solo luke skywalker or obi one who could it be out of all of those. It s obviously. The first one from the star wars holiday special. No carry on is it true or false.

That you would find c. 3po. And every star wars. Movie ever made that was true until recently.

I think daniels is in solo person so i m gonna say true because this is an older quiz. All right correct all right 104. Say 100..


Okay after princess leia told han solo that she loved him what did he say i know i know and you ain t getting my money. That s what i said that s a dick move. I know then she d be like well. I ve got way more money than you and he s like think about that what word would you never hear in a star wars.

Movie well until recently was more clunky. But now it s been added into every movie. So princess go ewok space. I don t think anyone says a walk in a star wars movie how do we know the names of the agents in merchandising.

An exaggeration that s correct though 100. I never said which phrase would you hear in every star wars movie. I ve a bad feeling about this do you i m gonna go through the rest of them. If that s the answer was that you time to battle was that used you scenes that took place on hoth was shot where alaska spain las vegas.

Norway. I mean norway all those things again i ve said this before but i used to be a teacher you can automatically rule out to obviously spain in las vegas alaska in norway. But i m pretty sure i wasn t in alaska 100 is it true or false that the ewoks had their own animated television show yes destroy droids and a war so don na walks before he became known as the iconic yoda. What was his original name franco s.

Mr. Franco s right man excuse. Me. Buffy michelle.

Linda prancer. That s what i know what so i m. Said s probably buffer you re prancer. I assume oh.

See i want to see prancer cuz. That s the only one that isn t a woman s name. But maybe. There s buffy.

Yeah. Let s do prancer that okay wrong. It was buffy boys strikes back. And it was also it says did you know yoda was almost played by a monkey.

Yes. I knew that which comic. Did the phantom menace get its get its name from saga. Planet.

Hulk. It rhymes with lust flash. Gordon. Well.

Since at least two of those weren t out before the phantom menace. I m gonna say flash gordon yeah. 100. 100 boa fett makes his first appearance in which movie the empire strikes back the last jedi attack of the clones.

A new hope see this is difficult because technically chronologically yes. But in the real world empire strikes back. But also in the reissue..


It s a new hope because they put him in that job. So it could be three of these wow. This is the most difficult it must be a boy strikes back yeah. It s not well okay well first of all were 100.

Yes. If it wasn t i think we could climb a moral victory. There anyone definitely. Which golden girl appeared in the star wars christmas special.

Ah. We saw the star wars. Crystal right is it true or false of the ewoks. Speak french.

It s probably like sped up french or something what if it s sped up a different language era. Let s say false then okay. That s right actually speak. He walkies.

Oh. Not french not the french from a long time. Later. Sometimes.

Though. Twinkling galaxy far far away. Yeah. Right who voiced jared on.

Now that s the guy with the long nose. Who s the spy. Who tells where the millennium falcon is the bay in a new hope harrison ford clark gable john wayne morgan freeman. I know yes actually john wayne they took clips from his old movies and tweaked him and turned him into a monstrous scout of a man correct.

Which the following sound effects can be heard in star wars films a car horn a lion s roar the wilhelm scream scream that s great a shopping cart being pushed the wilhelm scream correct do it i know i only know the nutrigrain scream which disney character appeared in one of the movies mickey mouse donald duck pluto goofy i m sure there must be a mickey mouse symbol in one of those movies that have to be some would say that the behind the scenes of this bit of a mickey mouse operation. You know my main very good yes. I think it s probably making that one correct. I can be found by strikes back the silhouette behind luke s head as they re fighting each.

Other. It s probably a coincidence. What does at at or 8080 stand for terrain armored transport is it true or false the jabba the hutt makes an appearance in the empire strikes back. I think it s false and in percent.

I didn t return the jedi who almost died well technically a lot of people like a lot of people who read a lot of peril. R2d2 luke. Skywalker c. 3po han solo well attitude to r2d2 was actually shot in the movie.

And quit. You know a question. I would ask is is he was he ever really alive that s a good point. So we can t will the world him out and luke skywalker was in peril.

Obviously. But i m gonna say han solo. Because there s that famous story that harrison ford actually wanted to die again..


Though that s very vague mmm and also bore 100. That s right i ll take it which animal are pogs based on puffins frogs raccoons bears muffins 100 100. We did a we did a star wars. The last year like a commentary recently will link it below where we talk all about that here s a question for you though yes what species is yoda human dog extraterrestrial.

An unknown species the last one correct or he s a dog maybe use a dog. No he s a dog. Which two star wars characters had a television show of their own r2d2 and c3po yoda and chewbacca a luke and anakin princess leia han look. It s obviously that the first one it s droid it s very bad trouble again is it true or false that jabba the hutt wore a fez.

I think he did in concept art. Yeah maybe you did yeah. It s not true in the movies right so i cook for one because. I said true and they re like you know it s wrong idiot.

But i know the answer we re still at 100 under percent though by getting to wrong because we got a couple of guineas. Obviously. What are a group of pogs called a government a flock a murder a settlement. I reckon it s the last one i great a murder where a person that s crows.

I know can t be crows and porks that is 100 who cut off luke skywalker s hand in the empire strikes back. What are the other options look god you want a mall. Yeah go to chewbacca princess leia all three of them together then steamed up they bitched about him behind his back. And they chopped.

One of his arms off the voice of miss piggy was also the voice of which star wars character luke princess. Leia yoda chewbacca. His real name s franklin osbert. No that s true.

What was the original last name of luke skywalker. Or this guy wants star killer. Correct. What are the other options.

Bright line. Moonshine go like dakar. Oh man what if his name was moonshine galactica. I watch that movie whose voice can be heard when anakin is fighting the tusken raiders.

Fighting is a very loose term because it s a slaughter. It s not a fight. Yeah. It s quite going you can hear him yell out his name wait what what s going on it s in attack of the clones.

You can hear and be like i m ok. Ok. Ok. What does the line luke.

I m your father actually say no. I m your father luke. I m your mother don t forget one another luke keep everyone together. Oh.

My god i like to think that all of those were added to like edited for television versions. Now remember let s all look. After each other shop..


Oh shit you like the other options don t you yes starkiller the eagle eyed rocket the cosmic battleship. My name falcon i feel like some of these like some of these are clearly made by like a board quizmaster on an afternoon. Yeah and i feel some of these are definitely george lucas s own let s call. It the cosmic battleship ok.

George. But here s an if different options who did anakin lose a hand. This is interesting cuz. There s obi wan r2d2 qui gon jinn chewbacca.

But he also lost a hand duke. It was gonna say dooku. Yeah. And luke yeah.

Luke ooh. Luke you dooku double so anyway. We re 100. So good last.

Question. Whitney s star wars day always delivered the december 9th january 29th may 4th. May. The fourth.

Which famous actor freed rey in the force awakens and craig. That s right james bond s own daniel craig right. We ve done it let s see the results. I m gonna say i had to guess.

We re a diner preserve incredible wow. Ok so the average score is 74. But our score is 91. But then it also says underneath a hundred is it.

Oh my god we re so. Good at quizzes anyways. What did other people get on this quiz. So they re a neither trip them up like that first one they really fuck me on that one didn t they yeah.

Exactly anyways. This has been a video every sunday tuesday and thursday that s very exciting time to be alive. Look you ve got an idea for video. We ll do it if you want to leave a like we ll let you know leave a comment.

We ll let you in certain circumstances. Also we have a podcast called the way for the planet where we talk comics and tv shows that comes out every monday. We do the news of the week. We do a topic come on down.

I m a mr sunday movies on twitter. I m at wikipedia brown on twitter thank you so much for coming along grabbed a jimmy guys grab it 100 i ll see you next time ” ..

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