These Are The Best Movies Currently Streaming On Netflix

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“Can be tough to figure out what to stream nnext in netflix s vast library. Library. But don t worry from incredible underrated gems to timeless nfavorites that you have thought about in years. We ve rounded up some of the best movies non netflix right now some filmmakers fall flat on their faces.

When nthey make their first movie. But duncan jones is one of the few directors who more than ndelivered. The goods with his feature film debut titled simply moon jones debut is not just na. Staggeringly.

Assured. First outing. It s also one of the best sci fi. Films produced nin.

The 21st century. Set. Almost entirely on the lunar surface nthe film. Follows a contract worker who s spent the duration of his three year contract in nnear total isolation on the cusp of fulfilling his obligations nand heading home to see his wife and daughter sam s intensely isolated existence takes a nsurprising turn when he finds himself the victim of a near fatal mining accident sam rockwell delivers densely layered work nthat turns what s essentially a one man show into a complex.

Heartbreaking character study nin. The psychiatry of self solitude and science. Run. Amok this stylized.

Little film simply must be seen nto be believed. It s hard to believe that over 20 years have npassed since david fincher terrorized. The moviegoing public with this brutalist tale nof biblical morality. Run amok but somehow the decades haven t dulled the nsoul crushing impact of fincher s alluring detective tale in fact.

It s possible that seven may be even nmore disturbing today than it was when it hit theaters in 1995. Oh. God the film follows. A rookie detective and his nveteran partner on the hunt for a vicious serial killer who s using the seven deadly nsins as motive.

The murders figure prominently in seven s nnightmarish narrative. So before you press play please note that this film is not for nthe weak of heart look right now. He s probably dancing around in nhis. Grandma s panties yeah.

Rubbing himself in peanut butter. Seven. Is the sort of movie that seeps into nyour skin and never really scrubs clean that s generally a good thing because as ndifficult as fincher s film can be to sit through it s a genuinely unsettling crime nthriller crafted with undeniable skill and uncompromising vision and once you watch it you ll never see a nfed ex commercial. The same way again an old friend.

Some movies aim to dazzle the eye others nto touch the heart and others to move the mind the best films do all of those things at once nand guillermo del toro has essentially specialized in making movies that do exactly that of all the director s features few feel more npersonal or visionary..

Than his 2006 masterpiece. Pan s labyrinth hoping to evade the violence of the spanish ncivil. War. Ofelia.

A bookish pre teen. And her mother are whisked off to an isolated nestate. Along the way. She meets a fairy that takes nher to a centuries old faun.

A mythical creature who informs ofelia. She s a princess and can nclaim her throne only if she survives three harrowing feats of bravery. Del toro pulls inspired performances from nhis cast conjures images as thrilling as they are terrifying and finds untold depths nof beauty. Within fantastical landscapes thus making a film that dazzles the eye touches nthe heart and moves the mind in ways.

Most movies cannot fathom. While there really isn t much we can say about nchristopher nolan s comic book masterpiece. That hasn t already been said. It s worth nnoting that people still talk about the dark knight like it hit theaters last week.

And nstill revere. The film as the comic adaptation that forever changed. The game. A limited edition.

299. Dark knight dvd. With nbonus. Footage.

Special comments and a christian bale autograph. The good news is that the folks at netflix nhave apparently recognized that and have re added. The dark knight to their long list. Nof offerings.

That means you can once again bear witness nto. The pulse pounding caper that introduces the marvelous joker to gotham you can once again re live the heartache and nheroism that drives the dark knight to perform increasingly death defying deeds you can once again. Watch. Gordon squirm.

Through nthe right and wrong sides of the law and watch the unexpected birth of two face in ntow and you can once again give yourself over nto the batman movie that we needed and deserved. Quentin tarantino s eighth film the hateful neight takes place in the aftermath of the civil war. We re introduced to eight people who get snowed nin at a roadside pitstop and as the title asserts. None of them are particularly savory ncharacters.

There s a lot of talking a lot of bloodshed..

Nand. A lot of tarantino ness all around kick. It open as a western sure the hateful eight is no nfistful of dollars. But as nerdist very effectively argues.

It s nnot a western at all it s a horror movie for starters. As tarantino. Himself. Explained.

Nit was most directly inspired by john carpenter s 1982. Body horror film. The thing on top of that the musical score includes ntracks from the thing and the exorcist ii deliberately adding to the sense that monsters nare lurking. Even if they turn out to be human after all during the 90s.

Wesley snipes tried like ncrazy to get a big screen version of marvel s black panther into production according to nthe hollywood reporter. It never quite came together. But a couple nof decades later cgi technology advanced enough to bring the radical tech centric nworld of wakanda to life that s just. What director ryan coogler.

Accomplishes nin black panther delivering a vividly realized vision of the fictional nation that appears nadvanced beyond our wildest dreams. But also feels like human beings actually live. There coogler also ingeniously uses the setting nas. A plot device in a shakespearean tale of palace.

Politics tribal traditions and ideological nconflicts. He populates that narrative with richly developed ncharacters and propels. It forward with some of the most electrifying action sequences nthe marvel cinematic universe. Has ever seen that he also delivers a politically subversive nfilm along the way is what qualifies black panther as one of the best marvel movies to ndate wakanda forever.

Robert eggers haunting folktale the witch nis one of the films that helped set the bar for current horror trends. Eggers masterfully executed chiller wowed. Naudiences at the 2015 sundance film. Festival and actually made a few bucks in its initial ntheatrical release.

Even if it didn t exactly set the box office on fire behind. Marvelous critical buzz and equally nsolid. Word of mouth. The witch has more than found its audience after the fact with many nhailing.

It as the one of the best horror films of the decade eggers film follows a 17th century family nwhose devoutly puritanical existence falls apart under the weight of unspeakable tragedies. Nwhich may or may not be influenced by an evil lurking in a nearby forest eggers film is a bleak. Intensely atmospheric nstudy in gothic americana that features a star making turn from anya taylor joy. It s the sort of film that you simply have nto see to believe 2016 s hush is definitely a movie you can t nmiss.

The premise is simple maddie..

A deaf and nmute author is staying in her isolated house deep in the alabama woods. When a masked killer nappears at her window. While that concept could easily devolve into nanother run of the mill suspense. Flick.

Hush has no problem upping. The thrill factor with ndeft camera work. Unrelenting suspense and a truly amazing performance from actress. Kate nsiegel.

She portrays maddie as strong capable and nintelligent a breath of fresh air for a female role in a horror movie of course. The sound design in hush is top notch director. Mike flanagan. Uses maddie s disability.

Nto keep the constant threat of danger looming. He never gets gimmicky with his portrayal nof maddie s deafness. Giving us exactly as much as we need to feel the fear of never nknowing. What s behind us.

With 1998 s the truman show funnyman. Jim ncarrey s oddball layers were stripped away to reveal a serious actor. Who could be both nsilly and sincere. He stars as truman burbank.

A quiet everyday nguy who just so happens to be the star of the world s largest reality show the catch truman doesn t know he s on a show since birth every moment of his life. Has nbeen filmed and broadcast to the world all his neighbors and friends even his nwife are actors in the show. He s never left his hometown. Because his nhometown is a giant film set morning good morning.

Oh. And in case. I don t see ya good afternoon. Ngood.

Evening. And good night couple carrey s remarkable depth with beautiful ndirection and a heartfelt story. And the truman show is easily one of the best movies of the nlate 90s and one of the best on netflix right now so here s the formula for the 2015 film room you take a room you put two people in it. And then you center.

It all around a thrilling nemotional struggle that builds until the entire audience is questioning everything. They thought nthey. Knew about life family and love once room starts. Going.

It never slows down the beauty of the film comes..

Unquestionably. Nfrom. Brie. Larson and jacob tremblay.

Who play the mother and son locked in a room. They re visited periodically by a mysterious nman with unpleasant motives and the rest of the time. They occupy themselves by playing ngames. Telling stories and for larson s character trying not to focus on the hell of spending nthe.

Rest of their lives in the room. No jack let s try a bite of it. I said no it s their bond. With all its ups and downs nthat anchors.

The movie and drives everything that happens. If you ve been on the fence about room queue nit up now and don t worry it won t disappoint director. Michel gondry and writer. Charlie nkaufman.

Teamed up for 2006 s eternal sunshine of the spotless mind equal parts quirky sci fi. Farce and heartfelt nromantic drama. The film follows a man and woman who each have memories of their relationship nscientifically removed from their brain. After a rocky breakup in lesser hands.

It may have been silly. With gondry and kaufman. Guiding. The narrative.

Neternal sunshine instead plays out as a near flawless mix of genres. That seamlessly blends gondry s nlo fi craftsmanship with kaufman s grounded insightful romantic fable anchored by powerful lead performances eternal nsunshine is a bold funny endlessly creative little film that manages to be wildly romantic nand anti romantic in equal measure and somehow satisfies emotionally on both fronts. One of the more unsung films in a24 s lineup nis the harrowing mindbender of a thriller enemy starring jake gyllenhaal in a revelatory dual nperformance the film follows a quiet man who unwittingly finds his doppelg nger and nproceeds to have a full blown crisis of identity along the way. The pair s lives become a tangled nweb of secrets obsessions and lust that threatens to upend each of their existences enemy is an artistically and narratively ambitious nfilm worthy of the sort of in depth examination typically reserved for great works of literature.

It s one of the most hauntingly ambiguous nthrillers. You ll ever see with a bold blend of stark visuals and a near suffocating sense nof atmospheric dread check out one of our newest videos right here plus. Even more looper videos about your favorite nstuff are coming soon. ” .


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