Tom Colicchio Challenges Eliminated Chefs to a Game of Chicken Last Chance Kitchen (S17 E3)

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“Another all star enters. The kitchen for the second time jamie is sent home for for making bad chicken gonna come out and at the guns blazing and see if can t get back in does. He have what it takes to defeat the reigning champ joe. I m just going for it here.

This is gonna be cover brawl aras joe embarking on a winning streak that might take him all the way pressures on this is game time time is up this is last chance kitchen is ended by bmw pretty frustrating to be out of the competition so early. I haven t had a whole lot of success with chicken in this competition. I would love to be able to come out on top. Some shafi joe winning the title of top chef would be pretty amazing.

And i could use the 250 grand. Jamie hey look at the last chance kitchen good to be back. You re go straight for this game. Huh.

No i ve played it a little bit pretty well. I think jamie you went genius congratulations jamie casey. But you wouldn t win like florida row. I think it was four or five or five yeah and then to quickfires who s counting yeah.

I was captain i feel like he s gonna be a force to be reckoned with at this point. But those four winds were quite some time ago surprise. This guy here no i m not surprised joe s a really strong cook in his season. He went all the way so he he knows how to play the game.

And this is gonna be kind of a brawl. Why do you think here i think i m here. Because my dish was the last one to get tasted in my group and had turn it out pretty dry. Oh got it it was kind of hammered yeah hammer f.

The chicken itself was very overcooked if jamie s dish is about for the baroque period book bring on the rococo period he got a move away from that yeah. It was not baroque. It was broke no jamie you didn t go home because you chose chicken you went home because you chose to overcook the chicken. I think i see where this is going give me a piece of steak give me you know give me a piece of pork.

I mean let me do something other than chicken how about we play a little game of chicken for this challenge you get one whole chicken. Create whatever dish you want obviously need to use the chicken pretty easy right how much time do you get there good question. I like where you re going as i said. It s a game of chicken.

How much time do you think you need oh boy there we go question is jamie do you think you are faster. Than he is i know i m faster all right oh there you go i think 25 minutes. What if i m going what if i wait here 20. Do i you re funny how about 24.

You re gonna let that stand tommy is definitely trying to get in our heads. I think you could rope the whole chicken to 24 minutes. That s just me really you want to get down on this chef. Yeah.

Jamie and i both want to be able to not serve raw chicken. Let s do 22 22. 22..


Minutes wait we got 21 21. Do i hear 22. I hear 20 not 20 20 do i hear 19 19. 19.

Going once sold at 20 pressures on this is game time okay you have a whole chicken and 20 minutes. But how many gradients ii think you need to make a good chicken dish. I don t know salt pepper everything counts as one jesus 10. Do you think you could do it 9.

I think i could do it 9. I m gonna go free yeah hey you do it hey don t be a chicken. Here. I think we could probably do this in the 7 7.

Lucky number seven lucky number seven you re not gonna go for five for these sevens fair. It s gonna be really hard to put up a creative dish when you only have you know six other ingredients you can use so joe before we get started let me get eva suit up you know i actually kind of like being limited on the number of greedy encyc. An use because otherwise i feel like i often end up putting too many things into a dish ready to go chef ready to go all right you have 20 minutes. On the clock.

You have seven ingredients. We have a challenge your time starts now up. Joey. Oh hey danzel.

Oh sup potential houses up tornado. This challenge is definitely going to be a tricky one. I m not concerned about time so much as i m concerned about cooking. The chicken itself so when you have chicken and what else six ingredients of our choice.

We played a game of chicken to decide how many ingredients we got to cook with so. What s the game. Plan. Here.

Dude. Liver and onions with some chicken liver. And onions. Oh yeah.

Chicken liver and onions. The classic liver and onions. Traditionally not done with chicken at all normally use beef liver and yellow onion or white onion. So i m kind of going the lighter route.

I ve never made this dish before just going for it here with big risk comes great reward and i don t want to play it safe. Jamie. What are you making dude. I m gonna do a little grilled chicken breast with a liver and tomato vinaigrette.

What s he doing don t you worry joe none of your business. My aim is to put together a really quick chicken breast dish considering i went out for the chicken dish. I just want to show tom that i can cook it properly i m gonna render out a little bit of the schmaltz from the chicken okay and then i m gonna..


That s what i was gonna be the base for the vinaigrette guess 16 minutes guys the most special thing that i want to do is make as you generally use take anywhere between 8. To 36 hours. I have 20 minutes even great dude. We got going out there joe we re we re doing chicken thighs ticket so i can liver and onions.

What s that all about it s gonna be a real quick and dirty jew oh yeah 20 minutes is plenty of time and really cokes a lot of flavor out of the book. Why not so what are your ingredients you got your chicken too obviously one. Oh my god zoo oo leapster2 salt chicken leeks time time water water five lemons six and butter butter seven all right the leek tops. I m gonna use those in my jus then i m gonna use the leek bottom and get those glazing down and some water and butter.

I essentially get two ingredients for one. Jamie hey chef how s it go out there i ve got chicken skin working yeah i got chicken skin. I got the grilled chicken over there i got my liver here. Oh you got more skin over here.

Yeah. I got skin everywhere. Good. Yeah.

Yeah. This is my vinaigrette right here. See. Oh.

My god. It s moles. Right there so you re doing it skinless chicken breast. That s right.

I m doing it. Just a little a little grill on that first crispy first choice of chefs around the world. But good what are your ingredients with tomato jalapeno pino lemon lemon garlic garlic hot chicken stick chicken that s it right now about the amount was intriguing to you i know what am i gonna do i don t know options are wide open champion is crazy you did anything oh did you fall for this. I did you saw that it yeah.

We re there. Oh yeah. You re good i really could use some butter. As my seventh ingredient to mount into this sauce really balance out the acidity.

I really wish that i d taken a second stop and triple check. Like five minutes five minutes. Oh minutes. Chef joe s working hard over here.

I d be the comeback kid huh. I don t know see he s home. He doesn t like quick fires. But uh.

I actually like it on this side better top. Yeah. I think so it s a little easier..


I m cooking my food trying to make sure that i m building flavors. I want to put out a great dish. I need to win today to be one step closer to the top chef title. He had a very clear vision right from the get go.

It took him a minute to get the wheels turning it. But he s doing a lot more work my biggest concern right now is the texture of my onions. If those don t get blazed and soft and tender it s gonna be like eating raw onion and i know chef tom s not gonna like that jamie over here. I think it s chicken liver thing with some garlic and tomato.

It s kind of vinaigrette. But then he s got like boneless skinless chicken breast. They put the fryer this is his final redemption on cooking chicken. I don t think he s gonna mess this up two minutes.

Left chefs two minutes time is uh not on my son. Got. This joe you got this one minute chef. One minute four three two one time is up all right you guys could have done that fifteen minutes no problem well tom likes to take jabs and have a little fun with us and and that s fine.

I get it. But i m here to win all right i ll try yours first because you know the last time you blame your chicken sit around i get here first thank you so what do we have all right so i did a little grilled chicken breast with a warm tomato and jalapeno sauce made with the sauteed livers and a little bit of the chicken schmaltz that i rendered out of the fat and then a little crispy skin. So it s got a pan sauce. Yeah.

Just. A little. Yeah. Got.

It. Saute. Pan sauce. Oh.

Thanks. Thanks. Chef show chef. What you got here.

So. I. Did. A little chicken.

Liver and onions. So i used leek sputtered out on the bottom a little bit of the liver folded in there i used all of the bones to make a bit of a pan jus and then the crispy skin from the breast. So i feel like you can never really have enough of that so that s that sauce like everything. But the light everybody water it to get some caramelization in the boil.

Boil. The hell out of it leek tops. And then i use the leek bottoms..


So kind of doubling up on that italian flavor right seven ingredients 20 minutes not so bad plenty of time. Yeah. I don t know why restaurants are open. All day friend.

You don t need a lot of time no no all kidding aside. I thought i thought both dishes were good jamie tell me why did you choose the breast. Why did you choose the liver and the other ingredients well i used it a breast because i wanted some redemption from the last. Okay challenge.

I like the dish and the chicken breast wasn t overcooked a liver. Definitely came through you know the small sand lemon had a good amount of acid to it you know it s nice nice that s definitely my spider food joe. I gotta say i was really intrigued by that by the sauce work that you managed to actually make a sauce with in a short amount of time chicken thigh used white. So why d you go to thigh.

Why d you go to onions. Sauce. Well you know liver and onions. Are it s kind of one of those classics.

And then i heard chicken liver onions. I can figure out a multi use the leek use the top and the sauce in the bottom buttered out kind of get two ingredients in one all right like i said. I think they re both really good dishes. But ship that s moving along joe congratulations.

Brother you know i think that the liver and the jalapeno look a little muddy in there yeah a little too cooked. Yeah. No it s cut in between that raw and cooking. That is it s a little murky got it jamie had a good run last year kiss the man.

But not this time thanks chef come on yeah. These challenges don t dictate how i am as a chef. How i am as a person. I wish that i had cooked a little better let s go around.

But um. I haven t had a whole lot of success with chicken in this competition. And i am i m kind of over it so joe the sauce. I thought was really smart in france like 20 years ago.

There s a whole movement of doing these quick sausage. Just like that taking bones in need and making them to order in like 20 minutes. And that sauce really stuff to set the dish off how s it feel feel great. I m not going home.

I m still in this i m moving on feeling a little bit of momentum behind me two chefs down. 12 to go if you keep cooking like this you ll go far. Thank you chef chefs coming back from last chance kitchen have a pretty good track record. I might be able to pull this off and come out with the title of top chef balls awesome dude.

See you next week. ” ..

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