Top 10 Moments from RuPaul s Drag Race Season 5

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“After us water off a duck s back welcome to ms. Mojo and today. We we ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 moments from rupaul s race. Season 5.

Before we begin we publish new content every day. So be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos for this list. We ll be choosing our favorite things from the fifth season of drag race that still have us gagging to this day. We won t be including anything from untucked.

Though as those moments will be covered on a separate list back rolls. This this little quaint is trying to really come from me. Today for those who haven t got around to watching this classic season. Yet you wear a spoilers from this point on number 10.

The perfume commercials one of the best parts of drag race is watching the hilarious results of a tough main challenge remember. It s perfume not a dildo add. I think i will take it down just a notch. Okay in scent of a drag queen.

The remaining season five contestants were tasked with creating perfumes along with commercials to sell them sexy heroine seductive heroine. Thank god these ended up ranging from the good to the so bad it s good on one end there was ivy winters dress code trainwreck coco montrese is confusing ruin and while by coco it s like i m watching the lion king right now and alyssa edwards. Not so subtle alyssa secret. Which has since been spun off into a popular web series.

And what exactly is my secret. Why it s alyssa s secret for the desire and they inspire on the other detox s heroine was right on brand jinkx monsoons delusion. Really painted a picture while alaska s hysterical red for filth won the challenge and birthed a catchphrase whether you re getting red. The house down number nine rolaskatox when jinkx monsoon beat detox out of a place in the top three she broke up one of the show s tightest clicks.

Though they were individually friends prior to appearing on drag race. Together. The trio became almost inseparable in the workroom and for most of the challenges. Alaska and roxxxy addresses over here rolaskatox formation their squad named rolaskatox.

A combination of their drag names became a common entrance. Cry as well as slogan material for alaska s diy shirts as a season went on however. Alaska took michelle visage is warning against clicks to heart and split the group up i have to show that i do stand alone. I don t want to be part of rolaskatox her rolaskatox past came back to haunt her when all three members returned for all stars too.

Which threatened to influence elimination decisions don t want us to get all comfortable because i m really like trying to say focus so i can win this thing number eight black swan. Why i got to be black..

What season of drag race would be complete without a rusical challenge and in season five this ballet theme was the most challenging one we d encountered black swan. No rupologies told. The story of rupaul s life riffing on both swan lake and black swan superstardom was so close. I could taste it the queen s were split into two teams for act.

1. And act. 2 and team captain coco shocked everyone by choosing bitter rival elisa for her group are they forever. Coco explained that this was purely tactical.

As elisa was the best answer. I m not no dummy. Oh. Alyssa is the best dancer.

And she s gonna be on my team. Sure enough. The professional choreographers skills shined through in the final performance. With her bad roof.

Stealing the spotlight from coco s good roux. It was definitely one of the most entertaining musicals ever number seven lil poundcake this foul mouthed little girl with the creation of alaska and lanisha sparks. I never could make it in the pageant. See when i was a girl so you re so lucky you get to do things the proud mommy s got together to make their evil bundle of joy for the mini challenge in the season s third episode where the queens were asked to turn dolls into child pageant contestants complete with personalities and backstories because it is never too young to start upholding the merkin ideal of femininity little pound cakes catchphrase was you re not my real dad.

And you never will be in her past times were definitely not age appropriate. I d like everyone to meet lil poundcake. Her catchphrase is you re not my real dad. And you never will be she.

Won the challenge andrews approval. Alaska went on to dress up as a character for her and one look on all stars named her 2016 album after her and recreated her and merchandise form for her fans little poundcake just been insane pageant girl. She s stunning and i m really excited to get to bring her to hawaii number 6 jade jolie vs alyssa edwards she would ask me who needed to go i would have said that because from the view. That i was getting it looked like a sasha squeezed into achieved peace.

It was not pretty alyssa edwards. Didn t just have coco montrese to contend with during her time on season. 5. She also clashed repeatedly with jade jolie.

You can t take it personal you re a dirty bitch. I kept it real to your face..

If i want to be dirty underbelly red shoe. So jade put herself across as being sweet. She also admitted to us that she had a salty side. Too as we learn from her spat with roxxxy andrews early in the season.

Miss roxy tries to swear up and down that she s just the sweetest thing on a top of a cake honey and she s not oh i m real and i m real just because you say you re real over and over doesn t make you real so get on with it jade. Accused alyssa as being someone who could dish it out. But never take it and she refused to let herself be bullied. I feel like alyssa is a person that can dish it but she can never take it i don t like being ran over and i got so that s just gonna be bullied in the workroom.

The to dish plenty about each other s drag with accusations of jealousy and comments about body image fanning the flames. None of this was helped by jade finding. A friend and coco. Either.

Peter j. Number. Five the milan bow. Number one lip sync.

Jinkx monsoon. It s a hard candy christmas. And her breath. Is minty fresh all through the season jinkx monsoon struggled to impress the judges with her runway looks detox jinkx monsoon.

I m sorry my dears. But you are up for elimination after her sugar ball outfits landed her in the bottom two alongside lip sync heavyweight detox it looked like jinxes drag race journey was over especially given that the song choice was i m assuming smell ombo number one the mambo diva was famous for her incredible octave range and the track gave both jinkx and detox a seriously intense aural workout. Everyone surprised jinkx match detox is precision energy and comedic quirks at every turn. Producing one of the most fiercely fought lip sync battles and drag race history in the end.

The underdog prevailed and detox sashayed. Away. Number four jinkx monsoon and alaska snatch game performances. Snatch game is a highlight of any season of drag race and season.

Fives did not disappoint who are you doing alaska lady bunny. Oh sure there were the usual duds. But alaska s lady bunny and jinkx is little edie were two of the game s all time great performances. She s always begging for the pate.

But the label is faded. I can never tell if it s pate or it s giblets for the cats rupaul was initially skeptical that either of them could pull off the characters lady bunny..

He warned alaska that his old friend lady bunny was a finest person. He knew while jinx was told to the lack of mainstream recognition for great gardens. The documentary that made little edie famous made her choice a big risk. She s a little misunderstood.

Yes. Well just make sure you make little edie pop for the unwashed masses. Both queens proof mama wrong. Though with jinx snatching a well deserved challenge win now could have gotten leslie caron.

Your audrey hepburn. Any one of them instead you got ketchup. Ketchup and that must be janice dixon roxxxy. Andrews tamar braxton.

Deserves an honorable mention what s tony really like number three the first ever double elimination your actions have consequences and i m afraid you leave me. No choice willam. I have to ask you to leave the competition immediately now sashay away. Shocking eliminations and drag race have become a rare but not uncommon treat.

We ve seen a disqualification. A south elimination more than one pair of queens sent packing and more than one pair spared by rupaul and alyssa edwards. You are also a winner baby. The first double elimination happened in season five.

And no one saw it coming especially its two victims. Honey mahogany and vivienne pinay. Good luck. And don t get up the song was at britney spears classic oops.

I did it again which you think would have been easy for the girls to put some energy into liv ian had been frustrated by the strong personalities of the season. While honey was criticized for relying on captains in the end neither showed enough passion to stay in the competition. I m sending you both home. I m starting my dears neither one of you showed me the fire it takes to stay in the history of rupaul s drag race.

There has never been a double elimination number two the whip. My hair lip synch get ready for the lip sync of your life. Good. Luck.

And don t get up alyssa edwards and roxxxy andrews. Both proved themselves to be fierce competitors in season five..

And when needed fierce lip syncher two in the rupaul roast episode coco claimed a surprising win while roxxxy and alyssa s bad timing landed them in the bottom two michelle visage with that much makeup. All of your wigs and light on your face maybe we should call you michelle mirage. The song was willow smith s with my hair and true to his head banging spirit. The hair on stage was spinning around its wearers heads.

I got a seizure. Watching that they would list up hold out some great moves roxy had an ace up her sleeve. A would reveal the high energy of the battle was a complete opposite of vivian and honeys and in the end rule. Made the reverse decision what you two did on this runway is the passion.

I am looking for shantay you both stay before we reveal our number one pick here are a few honorable mentions. I think we really hit the nail on the head now that s entertainment. I m not just a drag queen of tragic endings. I got here i ve been lying to myself into other people my mother left my sister and myself at a bus stop when i was three and i remember it like it was yesterday and been like i come off as this strong character.

I try to stay so strong so we number one coco montrese and alyssa edwards rivalry and then walks in coco montrese. The face crack of the century we love drag race for the artistry and emotional highs. But we also love it for the messy drama. What the no season would be spicy without a pair of frenemies and season.

Five give us one of the most legendary of all coco montrese versus alyssa edwards. It was pure hell. How would you feel if you re standing on stage with a crown on your head singing your song and someone yells out you ain t the real miss america anyway at the smile and wave. The minute they set eyes on each other in the first episode.

The tension was on between the friends turned rivals and we just had to sit and wait until it erupted and the academy award goes to you alyssa. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and got nothing back they re falling out happened over cocoa taking over a pageant. I doubt that alyssa had won an issue they fought over on the show. But never managed to resolve you all call me a runner up.

Though they did work together coco eventually sent alyssa packing. Coco montrese shante. You stay do you agree with our picks check out these. Other great clips from is mojo.

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