Top 10 TV Shows To Binge Watch With Your BFFs

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“For a good time indoors. What about some quality television. You can watch with your your bff welcome to ms. Mojo and today.

We ll be counting down our picks. The top 10 tv shows to binge. Watch with your bff wait it didn t work what the spell it didn t work how do you know when i touched the pot. I had a flash.

I saw jeremy number 10 parks and recreation tom. I couldn t afford enough premium carpet to get us his stage. I mean it s a short walk. But it was pretty luxurious right this hit series arrived on the scene with both praise and criticism critics argued that creators.

Greg daniels and michael schur copied the show s mockumentary style of filmmaking made famous by the office. The series centers around leslie portrayed by the comically talented amy poehler and her shenanigans as a mid level bureaucrat in the parks and recreation department of pawnee indiana. While trying to make the world a better place park services have been slashed. But we are all still here and we have a job to do make the world s biggest pizza.

No make this town fun for the people who live here fine. But after that the pizza is our top priority. A show so focused on friendships and relationships. In general.

This series is a no brainer as a binge. Watch option with your own bestie. With its lovable characters hysterical plots and modern feminist issues. Parks and recreation hit the mark time and time again clothes preachy self fragrances tricky stuff massage it tricky stuff mimosas treat yourself fine leather goods treat yourself it s the best day of the year the best day of year number nine modern family phil would you get them yeah.

Just sir kids kids get down here constantly breaking social barriers. This. Hilarious. Mockumentary style sitcom created by christopher lloyd and steven levitan tells the story of a modern california family complete with gay couples interracial couples and lots of love alternating between three different couples this popular series brings the laughs with it s witty storylines wacky characters and talented guest stars you better cherish him.

Although it has been met with some controversy from the lgbt community and feminists. The creators have always been happy to address these concerns through new and fascinating story arcs pretty cool right i didn t yell at tom cuz. He used to beat tina. What i yelled at him cuz.

You made fun of made fun of what what s all thanks to my hello. If you ever want to watch a show that teaches people to love others. Just the way they are then modern family is for you you can t leave us. We re a danger to ourselves we re a family of fire starters poison eaters.

An online prostitute number eight game of thrones created by david benioff and db..

Weiss. And based off. The popular book. Series by george rr.

Martin. This. Hbo series is a medieval wonder dracarys known for its unbelievable content and cliffhangers. As well as it s gripping.

Storylines and top notch performances game of thrones is one of the most addictive shows on television. If you haven t seen it yet you re missing out this series combines politics with medieval fantasy. As leaders from the seven kingdoms of westeros fight to decide who should rule them all young may see rain. However with daenerys building her army across the sea with three dragons.

These guys have their work cut out for them. Though it s many storylines may sometimes leave some viewers confused they never make us any less invested in the characters. The king in the north. The king in the north number seven jane the virgin osseous nunca puede volver a trois de sol okay.

So said cuando pierre de tu veux haneda a modern virgin mary okay maybe not but this fun series about celibacy and romance is so addictive you can t help. But want to watch the adventures of jane in every episode centered around a strongly religious young woman named jane. Who believes in remaining a virgin until marriage. The comedy drama telenovela sees things go wrong during a routine checkup.

When jane is accidentally impregnated through artificial insemination. You what it was a mistake. I made a mistake. And there was only a 20 chance that it would take so created by jenny snider erman.

This fresh and modern take on latin american serial dramas effectively mixes humorous and complex storylines to make it a treasure to binge. All the wisdom number six the office. Thank you michael beautiful who doesn t love michael scott based off the original british sitcom of the same. Name.

The office is a pure delight. Thanks to its documentary style film making smart stories and of course steve carell. I declare bankruptcy. This greg daniel series follows the hilarious antics of the boss.

The aforementioned scott and the rest of the employees of the made up company dunder mifflin smile no i never smile if i can help it showing one s teeth is a submission signal in primates when someone smiles at me. All i see is a chimpanzee begging for its life. One of the more unique things about the office is the way it can bring you out of your worst moods with its well crafted jokes hysterical plot and well developed characters this show takes you on an unforgettable journey that will leave you hosting a binge. Wash marathon with your bff and maybe more in short it s hard to argue that the office is not comic gold meredith your boob is out final day number five.

The oc who are you whoever you want me to be okay..

This popular fox series displayed the culture shock between an idealistic family. And their superficial and narrow minded. Newport beach community welcome to the oc bitch. This is how it s done in orange county.

The show is also a coming of age story about the lives of troubled youth. Ryan atwood. Who is adopted by the cohen family and his stepbrother seth as they navigate through a cruel social world welcome to the dark side through their various friendships and romantic entanglements. They are taught the good as well as the consequences of said relationships.

The oc kept us tuning in every week. With its special attention to teen social issues. Impeccable storytelling and memorable characters and will keep us re watching it for years to come strengthen. It s time to cut ties.

It won number four master of none. Oh um. Me and uh this young lady were yep. There.

It is thanks. Um. Is that a good brand. It s the best.

An only ban this hit netflix series was created by alan yang. And aziz ansari. The latter of whom also stars as the main protagonist. I gotta be honest alex pretty disgusting.

I m gonna eat this one i m sorry. Deb shaw is a struggling 30 year old actor trying to find himself while living in new york city. The show is absolutely fantastic for its charm. Hilarious storylines and a fresh take on the life of an actor just trying to get through the day with all the craziness in his life.

They re coming power stations. There s too many of them we re not gonna make it out of here. We re not. But you will it also tackles relationships food and other modern issues that millenials are sure to relate to if you haven t watched this brilliant series yet don t wait even if it s just for the charismatic and talented as these on sorry alone.

This is supposed to be the best taco. What i m supposed to do now go with the second best taco like some kind of asshole number three gilmore girls you have a problem yes. I do chunky angel you ve got wings baby gilmore girls. Follows the tail of a single mother lorelai gilmore and her daughter rory in the fictional town of stars hollow connecticut.

I don t know every year i walk this part out from now on i m gonna remind you of it the series was riveting due to the social issues that it addressed along with it s brilliant and realistic story arcs around family friendship romance work education and class status..

Just to name a few. What am. I doing here rory. You re picking me up.

I don t belong here not anymore. However. What is really the heart and soul of the show is a relationship between lorelai and rory. Created by amy.

Sherman palladino. The show s unique style of dialogue. Strong family themes. Amazing cast performances and clever balance between comedy and drama make it highly recommended for binge watchers everywhere and with the netflix revival of the series in 2016.

Now is the perfect time to catch up could have hoped for anything better so it s a show it s a lifestyle. It s a religion number 2 sex and the city. Even if you never took the pleasure to view this pop culture icon. When it was originally on the air you still know its title and its popular theme.

Song this hbo romantic comedy created by darren start cows. The story of four best friends navigating their professional and romantic relationships in new york city. Look. If you re a successful saleswoman in this city you have two choices you can bang your head against the wall and try and find a relationship or you can say screw it just go out and have sex like a man.

Although its content would always leave the best impression on young females its characterizations of women had its upsides such as when it presented the fairer sex as happy to be herself. But the most exciting challenging and significant relationship of all it s the one you have with yourself whatever your opinion of the show. No one can deny its impact in television history. Thanks to its brilliantly written characters and quirky storylines that keep us begging for more don t laugh at me.

But maybe we could be each other s soul mates and then we could let men be just these great nice guys to have fun with well that sounds like the plan before we get to our topic. Here are a few honorable mentions. Why does everybody think that i m scared of girls. Because you re a chicken.

You re a chicken coocoo cacha. Coocoo. Cacha were you following me no. I i just i saw your phone uh huh.

You just happened to be hanging out in a cemetery. I m visiting i ve family here so what s your bet. I win. Nathan stays on the team why because it s the last thing he wants in anyway.

It s not about him payton number one friends..

I ll be there for you with this smash hit sitcom. That you can never possibly get tired of hey tribbiani. Give me that coffee now this woody and sometimes heartbreaking series by david crane and marta kauffman captures what it s like to live in new york city among good friends already due to anyone like the turkey. Ross.

Is done whether you are a fan of rachel ross. Monica phoebe. Chandler joey. Or the mall.

It doesn t matter with so many relatable moments and characters such as ugly naked guy and janice. And so on this series keeps us wanting more with its popularity critical acclaim and themes earned it over sixty emmy nods. We really just love it because it reminds us what it means to have friends. Why don t you just get a roommate.

Oh. Well i think you reach a certain age. Having a roommate is just kind of pathetic. Sorry.

That s that s perfect. Which is sanskrit for really cool way to live do you agree with our list. I want you baby garbage out cuz. I m not gonna have sex with you and legit.

Without the garbage. What s your favorite show to binge. Watch with your bff for more awesome. Top 10s.

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Now. I need to resole my loafers. Oh cute. I have a cavus foot high arches.

I know powdery inside. ” ..

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