Tracking abilities and Mini Map Icons in Classic WoW Vanilla World of Warcraft

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“And gentlemen boys and girls welcome back to another classic. Rawhide video today. I want want to give you guys a little treat and highlight a little mechanic that does ever get any attention. We re talking about the tracking ability mmm that s right.

I remember the first time. I ever saw one of those golden. Little dots on the mini map. It brought this rush of dopamine to the brain as i traveled towards its location to retrieve my treasure whether it be a mining or herbalism node or a quest turn in guys do you remember the feeling you got when you first saw this dot now it felt so good when you completed five quests in the barrens and you returned to the crossroads and you saw these golden little dots sprinkled everywhere whoo.

But where it gets really good is when you re traveling out in the world. And this golden dot pops up on your mini map for no reason. Like i m talking you don t even have tracking. Herbs or minerals on and you re on some quest.

Thing. You didn t realize was completed by some npc camped out in some random hunt found in the middle of the wetlands. Now like i discussed in my top 5. Nostalgic things in vanilla while video this little dot falls into the category of those things that i highlighted whether it was the small little gear icon that turned from gray to gold.

As you got in range of either a chair barrel or a treasure chest or you logged into the game. And yes. Hallelujah praise the lord i got mail a little mail. Like god still gives me a sinking feeling in my chest.

When i see it in the corner of my mini map as i log on to play through a new session or even better. While i m questing throughout the world that mail icon to this day. Still contains that mystery factor that sense of discovery that s left a nostalgic imprint on all of you who played through vanilla wow for your very first time. You know that actually be an interesting video to make to cover all the in game.

Mechanics that still hold that essence of mystery even through the second and third iteration anyways. I get carried away when reminiscing on vanilla let s get back to the topic of the video. The tracking ability here s a list of every single tracking ability in vanilla wow..


Now this concept of tracking. Things in the world. Is predominantly used by the hunter class. As a novice.

Hunter. You begin with the ability to attract. Beasts. And as you progress.

Throughout azeroth in you master the art of tracking mobs. You begin to be able to track humanoids. At level 10. Undead at level 18.

And then you get the track hidden ability at level 24. So you actually make a new discovery and develop this new sense tracking stealth enemies in the world at level 26. You can track elementals at 32 demons at level 40 giants and finally your last tracking ability at level 50 is tracking dragon kin hunters have a sixth sense in the world of azeroth and this extra sense actually has begun to develop in a couple of other classes and races in the world the druids you begin to become more aware of your surroundings. And you learn the ability to track humanoids at level 32.

Once you grasp the concept of being a kitty cat for 12 levels. Warlocks. Have mastered the art of black magic and possessing their demon pets. By level 24.

And they learn the ability to sense other demons around them paladins after completing their level 20 class quest. Have been taught the ability to sense the undead. Allowing them to perform exorcisms and purge skeletons with holy wrath in rain down judgment on zombies as they travel throughout the world and then we have the racial tracking ability. Which is owned by the dwarves they have fine treasure.

Which allows you to scout out treasure chests in your area. This racial is kind of annoying. If you have a gathering profession..


Such as mining or herbalism. Because you re gonna have those tracking abilities up at all times. Instead of fine treasure. Nope you can only have one tracking ability up at a time.

But for the first few zones before maybe you decide to get a profession or if you choose to not have mining or herbalism at all the dwarves use their spidey senses to sniff out treasure chests tucked away in caves or hidden behind tents or groups of mobs in each zone. Now not all classes have the luxury of having that sixth sense to track things. But every class can experience. The joy of seeing that little gold icon littered all over your mini map.

If you choose the gathering professions. Either herbalism or mining. You ll be trained in the art of tracking nodes. Upon learning.

The profession now if you don t end up fulfilling any of these requirements in classic. Wow. Don t fret you can still experience that lovely gold icon by questing through the world of azeroth quest objectives and npcs. Where you turn in quests will be highlighted on the mini map with this gold marker.

Now i want to take a second to appreciate the detail that went into vanilla wow s game design. It s the small things that made this game. So great like i m not kidding you like whenever. I think back and fantasize about vanilla while literally half of my memories have something to do with these little icons or details that were added into the game.

So let s look at the rest of the icons. That you ll see on your mini map this summer. During classic. Wow.

Now i m not familiar with how these icons are displayed in retail. Wow at the moment. I wouldn t be surprised if they re still used in the same way as they were in vanilla..


But i ve also seen a lot of people s ui is either from retail or other videos in the old world of azeroth. Which have different icons displayed on the maps due to the use of add ons now my opinion that s absolute blasphemy to alter the original ui right. I mean i m rockin the old graphics. The original big fat ability bar at the bottom.

With my circular mini map in the top right corner. And i m having my full set of extra action bars littered at the bottom and right edges of my screen. Now don t get me wrong. I ll probably end up using a couple add ons.

Which like display mob health and maybe. Even have a cooldown time or two. But for the most part. I ll try and keep my ui as original as possible now on to the icons check these bad boys out.

We ve got the pure yellow icon. A sign of completion a symbol of gain in the world treasure and wealth and then of course. We ve got the red icon with that beautiful gold border around. It a sign of danger notifying.

You of your enemies on the map. Also it could be confused with friendly npc s in the area as i m pretty sure npcs and cities are displayed with this red dot as well whenever you re using the trac humanoid ability next. We have the green icon. A symbol of opportunity in the world this dot will show up on your mini map notifying you of friendly players in your vicinity.

This could help you navigate through dense areas such as the common grounds of cities near the banks and the auction houses and then finally. We ve got the old school blue icon a symbol of solidarity. Any intimacy this blue icon displays your party members on the map. Probably the most important icon out of all of them.

Because if you don t have party members you can t complete group quests. You can t venture through and discover the deep dark secrets. That lie inside of each dungeon..


You can t slay the baddest blokes that inhabit the world of azeroth such as ragnaros onyxia c thun and of course kel thuzad get ready to see this blue icon littered all over your mini map and classic. Wow. This summer. Now.

I want to end this video off with this and try to display more of a non traditional way to use these abilities or to play the game like i try to showcase in most of my other videos if you really want to immerse yourself in the art of playing a hunter and you got yourself a freaking naga tartarus or some. Other additional ppad you can bind all of your tracking abilities and use them to navigate yourself out of sticky situations makes a if you ve bailed on your pet and you lost all hope out in the world and you ve resorted to an escape route to get out of whatever mess you found yourself in you can filter through these track beasts dragonkin humanoid demon abilities. While you re backing up and in doing so you can have a sense of your surroundings of full 360 degrees around you now i know that was a stretch. But i mean if you want to push your character to the limit and experience.

The game in its full capacity start filtering through those tracking abilities. Also they don t cost any mana to cast. So that d be the most ideal time to use them. Now let s be real these track abilities can be extremely helpful when scouting out specific mobs needed for quests or you re hunting down.

Some rare spawn. So as a hunter. You re gonna have an edge on the rest of the players around you in the zone also that track hidden abilities pretty freakin sick that you learn at level 24. So as a note all you rogues and druids be extra careful when stealthily around hunters as they may have that ability active in them a couple more yards stealth detection.

That s gonna be it for this video guys now what i want from you all in the comments is to tell me how you would best utilize these tracking abilities. If you were to roll a hunter. I know there s some specific areas in azeroth that have types of mob compositions or mob densities that make these tracking abilities really useful what spot s do you farm or which specific mob. Have you scouted out in the past.

Where these abilities would be useful tell me about it in the comments well is it s almost here. But oh. It s almost here get ready classic wow is coming. It s your boy grace four days you ” .


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