Trio/Jlab 8GB Tablet Review

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“Guys in my unboxing and first impressions of this. I was pretty impressed on the the way that jay labs made their tablet stand out a little from other budget with the coupon for a free pair of earbuds and a pass for 20 free. Songs. Along with an equalizer pre installed.

Which made me think. This tablet was aiming towards music listeners. It turns out that you have to pay around five to six dollars for shipping. The earbuds which sound like 10 headphones and the pass for 20 free songs doesn t even work.

When i tried the link so much for that but moving past all of that how is the tablet itself let s find out starting off with the design it looks quite familiar to a few other 7 inch budget tablets. You may have seen with a point three megapixel camera on the top left and the 1024 by 600 resolution giving it a 169 ppi or pixels per inch. Which is fairly low. But it s just as you d expect from a tablet of this caliber.

All of the controls are on top starting from the left you ve got your power. Button 35 millimeter..

Headphone. Jack a microusb to charge from and the volume controls the buttons are a little too flushed a little less tactile than what i d like to see behind the volume key you ll find a micro sd card slot. If the eight gigs of on board storage isn t enough for you since you can only utilize about five gigs of it the back is made out of this plastic texture with the speaker on the bottom right that shayla logo in the middle and a reset button on the top left the speaker sounds very tint ii. But there is an equaliser pre installed like i ve said before and it helps out a little bit turning this on takes a really long time about 54 seconds to be exact.

But there is a quick boot mode. Which can be activated. If you go into settings then accessibility and scroll all the way down. And it s gonna be on the bottom next to high speed mode.

Which i ll talk about later on with quick boot on it takes about four seconds. Which is a huge difference the one thing this tablet doesn t have is bluetooth. But it s not really a big deal for me at least in terms of specs. This tablet is.

Packing in all winter box. Chip a 23 dual core cortex a7 12..

Gigahertz processor with 512 mega bits of ddr3 ram. I ran a few benchmark tests using the antutu benchmark app and it usually gets a little over 14000. This looks like a really low score compared to other devices. But room that you re paying a fraction of what most of these cost.

Even so it can still handle basic tasks such as checking your email washing videos browsing the web smoothly for the most part. But there are some hiccups you ll notice here and there when high speed mode is enabled you ll see an increase by about 500 in the antutu benchmark and performance wise. You won t notice as many stutters or hiccups. I ve played a few games with high speed on and they ran well for the most part don t expect to play graphic.

Intense games on here because you ll notice a lot of lag. However there were a few issues. One problem is the screen itself looking at it s straightforward in portrait or landscape mode is annoying. Because one side looks dark.

But if you tilt it to that side it gets even darker and the other side would get brighter. I personally preferred having the tablet in landscape mode..

With the bright side up and lock the rotation. There wasn t too much of a problem after that the other issue was that the screen became unresponsive at times. But at the time when this video was being made there was an update over the air. Which stated it was for some bug fixes and improvements.

But a few people who i ve talked to said that they still have this problem even after the update as for me. It hasn t really been occurring after the update. But the volume control still tends to be unresponsive at times. I ll try to keep tabs on this issue and update you guys in the description.

If you re the kind of person who takes their tablet out a lot battery life is gonna be an important factor in buying this this is packing a 2000 milliamp hour lithium ion battery and it s awful it usually lasts and me around 6 hours with around 2 hours of on screen time with high speed mode on when it s off it lasts. About an hour longer it takes about 2 hours to charge back overall. I m going to give this a 6 point. 2 out of 10.

It s got a decent processor for the price. But it does have a bad screen with its side viewing angles..

And all its weak battery life. And other minor issues while there are quite some issues with this tablet. It just comes back to show you that this is a budget tablet with more flaws than other ones. But it s not unusable.

I was still able to play videos games browse the web check my email and more. I just had to tilt the screen to my preference and keep it that way. Though. I would recommend you to check out a few other tablets at around the price point.

As i will be putting my recommendation on a good tablet for around the price range in the description. Give this video like if it helped you out. And if you have any questions feel free to put it in the comments section thanks for ” ..


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