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“Many boston times can they fit into a quarry. The answer is a lot. And and yeah. There s more today and this is nutty man.

We got a couple one. But two infinite combos from a quarry. A layer of behemoths spoilers. That s a mouthful for a set was there ever a set with a longer name than that i d like to hear about it i can t think of one off the top of my head.

But yeah we re gonna dive into these pretty bonkers. What we re about to see here so to start things off lead the stampede. I like that this green card was reprinted. This is a card.

I ve used in budget decks before it it s great just for three squares like an elf build or something tribal look at the top five cards your library you may reveal any number of creature cards from among them and put the revealed cards into your hand put the rest on the bottom of your library at any order. That is an amazing budget card again. I am seeing a lot of potential in this set for like budget builds maybe not to be competitive. But at least really fun to play with sort of an edge you know but i m liking what i see regal leo sword all of them leo s men watch out for those leo s out there for deuce creature dinosaur cat it s got to mutate 4 3.

With the hybrid and boros whatever this creature mutates. Other creatures you control get plus two plus one until end of turn. I mean if you can really mutate this card quite a few times for dirt cheap. I mean that could get out of control.

You mutate this thing twice. That s not some of this creature mutates other cause you know you just mutate it once i guess it doesn t stack. But uh. I guess it could stack if you mutate it twice in the same turn sure.

But that s a lot of mana probably not gonna happen. But that s another cat and the dinosaurs in there too something to behold then we have splendid ultimatum joey monster the worst edit of this card yeah i know paint shops crazy huh splendid ultimatum big old seven drop and it s a sorcery i like this card. But then i don t like this card. And this is probably one of the weaker ultimatums that we have seen this is for sure the weakest ultimatum.

We ve seen boy yeah for a first seven and sorcery target player gains five life splendid ultimatum deals five damage to any target. And you draw five cards. I get the whole five thing going on here you know five life five damage and five cards. Drawing five cards is a lot that s almost filling up your entire hand you know that s a lot of card draw.

And then five life. I think that s the weak sauce in this i really do it absolutely is there s no two ways about it you know if it s a ten life. I could argue that this card isn t it s not terrible. But i could argue that it would be a little better.

I don t know and then split also minimum deals five damage to any target. Really i mean they should ve up these things. The five card draw could have stayed. I mean five cards is a lot you could win it you could close out a game of five cards.

But the five life is weak and the five damage. I think is a little weak too. But it is to any target. I mean that could be a planeswalker or a creature that could be your mom s neighbor.

I mean it who cares it s any target. So i mean that can devastate. But i think the whole five life is a little weak and i ve heard other people saying the same thing. So yeah.

There s that then we have sliver wisp. Which is a three drop creature elemental nightmare. A lot of hype around this card now. I m very excited for it.

But i m also like why why alot see okay creature elemental nightmare..

It has flash it s not a legendary keep that in mind. So you can have multiples of these on the battlefield. Whenever you cast another flash spell dry card and each opponent loses. One life not only are you drawing cards.

But you re draining your opponent damir. I think damir is back just with this card alone you can really get out of hand with things now the obvious. The obvious thing. A lot of us are thinking about is that whole annoying flash build you know that really it competes spin you get your spectral sailor your brine board and cutthroat your brazen borrower all these are great cars that have flash and not only that but you re gonna draw cards not only that but this card draw more cards after that yeah it s really ridiculous.

But what else can we do with this just a few ideas. There s a newer card from my quarry a dirt dirge bat. It s a four drop. It has flashes well with the mutate and it s a flying 3 3.

For only four and then when scooching mutates destroy target creature airplanes working opponent controls. Then you have some like omen of the dead. Which is a flash card for just one a nice one drop so drawing a card and draining your opponent and then also at the end you could describe something is pretty amazing plus a returning card from your graveyard to your hand. That s a lot of things going on at once there and then something i just threw in their black lands paragon.

I don t think knights are gonna be a thing but this is one night that is flash in and doesn t have deft touch. And it doesn t have a life link and you can target a knight. Any knight. It doesn t have to be it could be blood doesn t have to be black lands to be something else.

Which is pretty cool. So that s just some more ideas. What i m disappointed in is this right here. I got really excited when i first read the card.

But then it uh at further glance. If you read this carefully okay so a line of anticipation and vivien. What do they do if ley line of anticipation is in your opening hand you may begin the game. Within the battlefield.

You may cast spells as though they had flash. And i m like wow slither wisp holy crap man that s an amazing card for this you know but it doesn t work just like this same it vivianne champion of the wild you may cast creature spells as though they had flash twitter with it reads whenever you cast another spell with flash you draw a card. So you have to actually have flash these cards. Both say you may cast creature spells as though they had flash or you may cast spell as though it had flash doesn t actually have flash.

It s just like well just imagine you know it could have flash. So that s the only downside. I got really high because i was like wow these two card all of this this energy is just stupid you know. But it doesn t work out that way pretty cool card.

It s gonna see a lot of play. Without a doubt then we have something like when not a joiner of forces. I think this came off arena or something. Because yeah of the edit done here or whatever legendary creature.

A human warrior. Whenever a nonhuman creature you control attacks look at the top six. That s a lot look at the top six cards of your library. You may put a human creature card from a mum among them onto the battlefield tapped in attacking it gains in the struct.

Once one of turn four the rest of the bottom of your library in a random order that s pretty cool it s any human you know you can just throw on down there and you may put a human card if it was more if it was like multiple humans. I think that d be phenomenal. I think the card is okay maybe i m under estimating this card s potential. But it is a four drop.

It also is it s a big it s a big four drop because it s got four for ready that s not cheap. It is legendary. Though um. I i think the six is great you can look at the top six.

And you re gonna get a pretty good human out of that but if it was multiples..

I think. It was like you may put any number of humans on the battlefield. They could even done for you know look at the top four put any number of humans on the battlefield. That would have been sweet.

I just think i think it s a little underwhelming. You don t think. It s that great of a card. I mean that s just me call me crazy.

What do you guys think on that one. I m not a huge fan. Though i think it s okay now here s a card that s a bit silly here yes keenan bonder prodigy. This is one of the cards that can go infinite and ley line of abundance these are like best friends maybe.

We re gonna see competitive play ley line of abundance. We all know it s a great card if you ever just messed around and you re having a good old jolly time and a bunch of mana dorks. You run something like ley line of abundance. You know.

When your version your friends are going out. But really on the competitive level. We haven t seen lately enough abundance do much in standard at least so keenan keenan bonder prodigy. It s a to drop simic legendary creature human druid.

It s got a to to body whatever you tap a non land permanent for mana add one mana of any type that permanent produced that s pretty cool and then for seven look at the top five cards of your library. You may put a nonhuman creature card from among them onto the battlefield. That s pretty big it feels right on the battlefield. That that s great look at the top five cards your library put any num and he put a nonhuman creature card from among the amount of the battlefield put the rest of and of your library and a random order sorry i m stuttering today stuttering stanley anyone movie.

But that s really cool and they line up abundance. We just make this even better you know and we do have quite a few dorks in standard. I m not gonna go over all of them. But something that and i think it s gonna be a great play and standard.

But something that makes this even crazier outside of standard is something like the salt model s. This makes it just go infinite well. We ll see you later whatever you tap an island permanent form anna add one mana of any type that permanent produced. So what this card reads doesn t it doesn t have to run tap step.

Who cares tap add three colorless to your mana pool for three untap basalt monolith. So you tap it and then you just add two are you guys. I m sorry you had four so your untapping you have one left over every single time you do that it just goes infinite and you could play whatever stupid creatures you want whatever stupid spells you want just go infinite on them what would he do it s a hex out of fun. It s green waste and shape also but that s just one example of how to go infinite.

I think this bhandar prodigy is actually a very very good car. It s a lot of fun now it s only two you can easily shock and get rid of it that s kind of a downside. You know maybe run something to pull some postal encounters. Know the battlefield put a puzzle put some kind of dark creature that might keep it alive a little longer your hasty bills are just gonna destroy this thing left and right.

But besides that it s it seems like a really cool card. I think it s gonna see a heck kind of play then we have fire prophecy and a volt. It have all paquete for drop over here meet a flying whatever this creature mutates put a puzzle. Post encounter on it pretty legit.

That s the alternate art. Going over that yesterday fire prophecies that rapid fire prophecy deals three damage to target creature you may put a card from your hand on the bottom of your library. If you do draw a card. I think that s pretty neat.

I mean if you just want to get rid of a card. You know we ll see you later so that is something to consider then we have sirte the dawn waker. I went over this yesterday. And this is something i did come across on reddit yesterday and i just neglected it put it into a video.

But let s see how the stupid ways you can go infinite..

So. What this card does each permanent card in your starting deck hasn t activated that s cool abilities you activate that aren t mana abilities cost too less to activate can t reduce it to less than one minute. So what does that do you re looking at it pal. Basalt monoliths.

Yet again. This is more commander stuff. Okay. Everything here is just commander wise alright.

Because i think some of these cars are banned another four minutes. Basalt monolith and grim monolith. Both of these cards with serta. The dawn waker goes infinite endless amounts of mana untapped.

Do some fun stuff haru hara hara this breaks it down so this ll only cost two this breaks it down so it would cost one this one will get you going they re a lot faster. I mean it s pretty crazy just imagine this with that others card. I mean wow like it s just bonkers. I m gonna probably ever see that happen.

But really cool that you can go infinite that that isn t that is insane of course. It s gonna be little difficult to get these out you have to maybe cheer up your grim monolith your basalt monolith. But man once you kids dirt out it s a legendary creature. So you ve come across these two puppies you re good to go baby.

And there are quite a few cars that could cheer up some stuff. I don t know if they can tutor up these cards in those colors. But needless to say very interesting. Though synergy.

There you might be asking joey. Why do you have foil 971 467. It s a reminder because when i was younger i sold of my entire urges collection. I had i ll say it one last time.

I said it in the last video. We just did a box battle between what is it the mystery box split it right down. The middle and two people battle it out you could check out that video. I m at the end of this one really really cool value matters.

One person takes the entire box. The loser gets nothing. But grim monolith that covered this in that video. I sold off my entire collection place that of unplayed stuff like all orsa her legacy is a destiny xur saga.

I had one of these nine hundred seventy one dollars sixty seven cents and i didn t play it man am. I just kicking myself really hard right now sorry a little off center here. But it s only for this one wow just unbelievable anyway infinite stuff continuing on a predictable cyclone. There s little extended art version of it this is a neat card if a cycling ability of another non land card would cause you to draw a card instead excel card from the top your library.

Until you excel a car that shares a card type a with this cycled card you may cast that card without paying its mana cost and put the exiled cards that weren t cast this way. I m a battery library in a random order yet cycling for it too. I think. That s really cool anything that you can just play for free is really really obnoxious and it just makes for a really fun little janky bells.

But i mean this could be something also in a commander build. But i mean really this could be something in standard as well i like the art on it i like this file. I like everything about it man. It s pretty it s pretty sweet.

We ll see what it does then we have the lands that s right the new lands with the alternate art versions. I threw them all on here. Here s cacciatore. Oh.

Me try oh me try me try me try me whatever man catriona..

There you go. It s a forest island mountain really cool that it gives all three of those it takes that all three of those types. The forest. The island and the mountain it comes into play tapped.

Unfortunately. Elect everything else and there s a battlefield tap. And it has cycling for three. And yeah.

It s green blue or red pretty legit. Then we have the swamp forest island. This is a complete cycle of cycle lands. I know.

But these are fresh baby. These are fresh new and they are looking beautiful still not 100 sold on this art. What do you guys didn t give it the whole comic book art. I think it s a nice little throwback.

I do think it s a little i don t know you know it ll probably grow on me. I m sure. But it s one of those like the new arts. That s just so shocking.

It s like whoa. What happened where did this come from you know. But here s another one really legit this one s in red white and black this time and then we have the blue red and a white roarin there you go island mountain plains and lastly in dafa over here very very cool everything looks like crystals. We re in a crystal plane are we not friendly jib that looks like a creature out there i think that is a creature that s what s going on there that almost looks like a chemical hiding something going down.

There lastly. We have easy prey for two and poor cooperage. There you go easy praise a deuce trap destroy target creature with converted mana cost two or less as cycling for to complete sideboard card and and that s that that s the end of that that s it unless. I guess no it s a complete sideboard card for anyone running cycle with black.

Okay. I can t see it being played elsewhere unless. There s a lot of two drops in every single deck. That we re about to hit in the new meta.

Then we have a good old pair of over here. It s got the mutate for three and then if you tap it this creature deals x damage to any target. Where x2 the number of times. This creature has mutated legit give it protection just keep it on the battlefield.

You know i might do something there if it was next. Damn oh. It is next day there s any target. Yeah if you could give this thing protection.

Just keep it on the battlefield forever. That s pretty cool give it hacks proof. Or something you know and just keep mutating. This thing you can have some fun with it but competitive play no probably not gonna happen.

But really interesting though so there you guys have it i quarry a layer of behemoths. Let me know your thoughts on this one s a little quicker of a video. I m sure we re gonna have a few more roll out. I think we re about 60 complete with the i choreo layer behemoth spoilers.

But i m sure withers is gonna save a few huge ohms for the end. But do you guys enjoy this video by all means take a moment hit that like button it does help out a lot and we have let me know your thoughts on the set. You know that seems like a lot of chaos is going on here and check out the other mystery box opening. We just did and the channel is really cool thank you guys so much for tuning in and as always good inks good ain t ” .


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