Videostream for Google Chromecast Not Working? Here s How to Fix It

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“This video. I m gonna show you how you can get video streaming for google google chromecast working again roughly six weeks ago. So google released a new update this broke. All the features within video stream and as far as i m aware is actually a problem with the google web browser rather than the software development themselves.

It s near the 28th of february 2019 and this problem still hasn t been fixed and probably won t be fixed. Until google actually released a new update. So if they give you a demonstration. If i open up video stream choose a video and as soon as i click on the video.


Nothing happens the screen this becomes blurred so to fix this problem. What we need to do is to go into the google chrome. Secret menu so open up google chrome. And what you need to do is to type in a certain address into the address bar up here so what we need to type is this chrome colon slash slash flag slash.

I will put this information into the description. So you can just copy and paste. It so copy. This and paste.


This entity into the address bar. Once you do that the secret menu will open up. So. What we need to do is find certain information.

Here. And there the best way to do this is to under keyboard hold in control. And then press f. And you can see a little search bar appear appear.


So what we want to look for is this the first thing. We need to do is find view cast dialogue. So copy copy this again. I ll put this in the description and paste this into the box.

And we can see we find it here so what we need to do is change this from default to disabled. Then what we want to do then is find this one outcome in your ui features again just copy this and paste this into your box. And once you find that again change this from default to disabled. Once those two features are disabled to click relaunch now okay google has never launched so if i open up a video stream so if i choose the video now hopefully it will start playing and detect my chromecast or so in the same video and straight away.


It s actually feigned my chromecast rather than just displaying a blank screen select your chromecast that video has now start to load onto my tv. And that video is no playing with any problems whatsoever. So that is at least a temporary fix for video stream for grown cat for chromecast until google released an update. This is the only option so that s how you do it thanks.

” ..

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