What is League of Legends?

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“Of legends is a team oriented strategy game. The goal is to work together with with your teammates to bring down the enemy nexus located in the middle of their before your opponent s take down yours that sounds straightforward. But how you get there isn t so let s walk you through the basics you ll start by choosing one champion from a list of many all of whom have their own unique strengths and personalities. Some arranged marksmen pelting their opponents from a safe distance or burly fighters.

Who like to get up in their opponents faces. Others are arcane mages casting powerful spells to trap and damage their enemies. However you like to get things done. There s a champion out there to match your style during the game champions get stronger in two ways.

The first of which is leveling up you gain experience by being in the area. When enemies die. And each level of experience gives you an ability point assign these points as you level up to unlock all of your abilities and make them stronger at level 6. You can unlock your ultimate ability.

Which can change the tide of the game. The second way to get stronger is buying items items are bought at the shop in your bigs. Using gold earned from killing enemies during a match. Once you ve bought an item.

It goes straight into your inventory. And you immediately gain its benefits and power up if you don t know which items to buy you can check the recommended tab in this door for some pretty good stuff for your champion. Once you know your way around the shop. Feel free to experiment with different item combos as you develop your own style.


But if you ever get lost. The recommended tab has your back when you start the game. You and your team will appear in the fountain. This is also where you ll respawn if your champion dies.

This is a pretty safe place that restores your health and mana and provides access to the shop. We just talked about you start off the game with some gold so grab some items right away and return to the shop. When you ve earned enough to buy more or to upgrade items you already own once you ve got your starting items. You ll head to one of the three lanes commonly called pot for bottom mid for middle and top for top between the lanes is the jungle.

A shadowy area filled with powerful monsters that can beat the heck out of an unprepared champion slaying. These creatures will give you gold experience. And some pretty sweet busts. But they do fight back so stay in the lanes until you feel strong enough to take them on each lane is a path between the two bases guarded by a set of powerful turrets.

You ll need to destroy your enemy s turrets to get into their base and take down their nexus. That s easier said than done. Though those turrets are perilous and even the most powerful champion will melt. If targeted by rule to safely take them down.

You need to stay behind your minions minions are computer controlled units that march relentlessly down all lanes engaging any enemies in their path your opponents have minions too and you re gonna want to stomp them you ll get experience when they die. But only the killing blow commonly called the last hit will earn you gold. So. Time your attacks.


Carefully once you and your minions push up to an enemy turret you ll have a few moments to damage it while it attacks your menu. If you re in range of the turret. Without any minions around it will attack you so be aware of your position. Also if you attack an enemy champion while in range of the turret.

It will change its focus to attack you even. If your minions are arrested working with your minions to siege enemy turrets is your main objective if you re looking to crack their base. But watch out for enemy champions like you they have items and abilities and feelings to help them stop your advance and make their way to your necess. If you manage to take an enemy champion down.

However they are worth a nice chunk of gold sometimes things don t go as planned maybe an enemy champion gets the drop on you or maybe you take one too many turret shots whatever the case may be if your champion dies. You ll have to wait for your death timer to expire. Before respawning back in your bases fountain. This timer increases as the game goes on dying early in a match.

Only requires a few seconds of timeout. While a death later on could result in a 30 second penalty or even longer don t worry. Though. You don t lose any items gold or experience on death.

And you can even buy items. While waiting to respawn of course killing your enemies also takes them off the mat for a brief period. Giving you the perfect opportunity to advance and demolish their turrets that s the basics of league of legends get money buy stuff and wreck their base all while battling against the team of opponents trying to do the exact same things to you a combination of skill speed and intelligence will lead you to the opponent s nexus and a victory. Then you can start a new game.


And do it all over again. There s a lot more to the world of league of legends. Though. A diverse community full of all kinds of people a competitive rank system to test your skills.

Either solo or with the team of friends and ever expanding roster of champions to explore and master and even a professional esports scene with the best players in the world gather to play on a massive stage in front of thousands of fans it all starts with your first game. So hit that big play button and start a game at first you ll have co. Op vs. Ai available select intro bots for your first few games to help you learn the ropes try a few different champions each is different.

But there s nothing like finding a champion you really quickly after you feel comfortable you can try other cog difficulties or start playing against other human beings. See you in the fields. a little bit different some days have more of the planning side of things if we re planning to film like maybe around noon or. 1 00 pm.

But on other days it is just like trying to knock out the last little bits of the edit like the last 20 and uploading. It publishing. It at around noon. A tip that i have obviously for work from home is to just keep your place nice and clean because if your office is messy.

Most likely the rest of your house is going to be as well a couple days a week usually around the morning. My agent will call and either update with a conference call that we have to attend to kind of hash out the details of our upcoming campaign discuss some ideas and also some plans for some episodes and small trips that we could work on sometimes on the way to coffee. I might have a package. I need to ship out and in this case.


It is a giveaway prize. One thing. I ve been really trying to do though is focus on one thing at a time. I think a lot of times especially with everything all over the desk.

It is easy to kind of jump around and do multiple different things at once with working at home. It is also very easy to mix together the things that you might have to do in your personal life. As well as in your business. As you guys will probably see later though i edit most of my videos at night and in the morning.

It is usually just a final walkthrough or just some tune ups that we may have to make and also finalizing the thumbnail as well i work with a graphic designer named geo. Who is based in italy and most of the time we communicate in the evening on my end. And by the time. I wake up in the morning.

We ll have a few drafts to review. I try to have the final edit and revisions done by around 11 30 for a 1 pm. Publish as soon as video is published we try to work on the next one or two right away. I think with youtube.

Especially and in the tech industry specifically. There s just so many things that are coming up that there is always videos to make and speed is a huge factor with a lot of tech products to cover. It is important to kind of organize the notes and try to plan things in advance while also testing the devices and recording our observations in the grand scheme of things i will say the content and delivery side is definitely the one that i need the most working and i ” ..


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