Xbox One Copying 2TB of Games to a 5TB Internal Hard Drive

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“So this video is gonna need a bit of an introduction a few months ago ago going back to. January i introduced in my 60. Windows partitioning and linux partitioning the possibility of using a larger than two terabyte drive in your xbox. One as an internal disk.

So you could basically use a three terabyte. A four terabyte or five terabyte internal disk and take advantage of the added space microsoft only officially supports two terabyte one terabyte and five 500 gigabyte drives so this seemed very promising that going forward people could use much larger drives internally and still take advantage of added external. Space if they also chose to use an external usb 30. Drive.

However a couple months after i introduced this it was discovered by a few of my subscribers. That as soon as they tried to copy more than two terabytes worth of data to their internal drive. Whether it be from an external drive whether it be from downloading their games directly from microsoft around the in my experience actually it was about the. 22.

Terabyte so hitting that 2 terabyte to 22. Terabyte mark suddenly. The copy process starts. Failing and you ll see that later in this.

Video exactly what happens basically filled up my drive to about 18. Terabytes of space and then i recorded the process of copying that final 200 to 300 gigabytes of data. And what happens or what the result of that is and the result is what you see in front of you here. So this is the actual.

5 terabyte drive that i used in my xbox. One and filled it up and you can see that while the first three partitions are ok. The last two partitions are corrupt this this last. Partition here this is user content and you can see right now.

The files themselves and the file system itself is gone so we can t see any of the data side really have any idea how much data. I put on this drive because that s where it crapped out the partition before that is system update. Generally that s an empty partition anyways. There s no files in it so in in my particular case and you ll see it gets really weird basically you have a no internal drive.

But the system itself still boots up so when you look at the storage. It shows you don t have any storage at all however you re still able to boot. The system. So it s kind of interesting so shows that you don t need system update to and you don t necessarily need to use your content to get your xbox one to boot.

However you can t load any games copy any games that sort of thing as it was described to me by the the some of my subscribers. They had varying results so some people as soon as the dry filled up they got an error right away or if they didn t get an error. If they tried to reboot their xbox one it wouldn t reboot they get different types of errors. I think in particular a couple of people mentioned they had a 106 hours you 106.

Usually refers to the system update..

Partition being missing or. Corrupt so i m guessing that once you hit that 22 or 2 terabyte mark on your user content partition it just the xbox one does know what to do and either kurup s the file system you re copying to or any of the other file systems or partitions on the actual drive so in my case again i was able to continue to use my xbox one. But that doesn t seem to be the result that everyone s seeing so where do we go from here so i have plans on releasing a 70 version of my windows partitioning and linux partitioning scripts in that new version. I ll limit the size the auto size size to make sure it doesn t exceed two terabytes.

It does look like we can go over two terabytes a bit. But i ll probably limit it to almost exactly two terabytes that way we re not its it ll be a bit a little bit safer and you won t ever have to be concerned about hitting the limit that you re seeing here and the resulting in basically destroying your internal drive. But you ll be able to take advantage of some of the additional space that would give you so what i mean by that is if you were to take i mean a three terabyte or four trevor at a five terabyte drive. But i would say it might still make sense to use a three terabyte drive.

Yeah. Because the microsoft standard or the microsoft official two terabyte drive formatting. Standard only allows you to use about 16. Terabytes of that actual disk.

So if we use a slightly larger than 2 terabyte disk like a 3 terabyte drive. We could potentially use or have a full 2 terabyte user content partition so that would give you about an additional 400 gigabytes of space now that might not seem like a lot. But if you consider if you consider the fact that with a 500 gigabyte drive. You only have about 365 gigabytes of usable space.

As it is with a larger. 3 terabyte drive. You re essentially. Gaining an additional 500 gigabyte drive equivalent worth of space anyways.

We ll see i there s some things a bunch of things we ll have to consider at this point. But i wanted to make this video just to show you proof positive that you really shouldn t or at this point. Can t use a larger than 2 terabyte drive. So my recommendation going forward is that people stick to just using microsoft official 500.

Gigabyte. One terabyte and 2 terabyte sizes okay so on with the rest of the video. Where i show you basically what happens. When you try to fill up your your xbox.

One internal drive from the point of view of doing it on an actual xbox. One ok guys what you see here is my. 5 terabyte xbox one this is actually the original system. I used when i made my first video about creating a 5 terabyte internal xbox.

One drive and i also have my 4 terabyte external drive. Which i just recently did a video on as well. So. What i m gonna attempt to do here is copy the data from here to here and see how much data we can get onto our 5 terabyte drive.

If my other video is true or the earlier video..

I made about you can t use more than 2 terabytes of space. Then as soon as we get around to turbo on the internal drive. The system should error. And we shouldn t be able to boot again so we see here i ve already started a copy of data to my internal drive copied about 18.

Terabytes. I wanted to make sure i captured the error and and the problem live i copied about as much as i felt would be safe enough to do without actually crashing or over filling the drive and here s our external drive you can see it s almost completely full it with any luck. I ll actually be able to copy the full contents of the external to the internal but i don t think that s gonna happen ok so let s actually get to copying the additional 2 to 300 gigabytes of files. So i m gonna continue where i left off i ve been copying them all in order so i left off here in the g section.

So the copy from internal or external to internal. It s pretty straightforward so we want to do copy all and if i was smart. I would be concentrating on big games first but should all work out in the end. She d be a nice one you so you can see there was some heavy hitters in their gears.

What we re for was really large gears of war ultimate edition. The hitman series in halo and homefront. We re all pretty large games. So i think that should be enough to put us over the top.

So we re just gonna we re just gonna wait this out at this point. So i ll just leave this here on the queue. So you can actually see what s getting copied and we ll see what happens so we ll just let this record you okay guys so it looks like we it must hit the two terabyte mark because all of a sudden. All the installation stops.

Let s see which are we left off here. I d have to go back and look at the video. But i think you ve got to grow up of all games. One of the smaller games and then that s where it actually did stop sorry.

It looks like we actually got to halo. 5. Guardians and the installation stops. See if we can to try again.

Again any kind of error. Yeah looks like we hit some sort of wall here as we expected to to see see if we can well let s try out a few things here first let s check before we shut it down because i m pretty sure once we shut the system down. It s not going to boot up again. So let s look at our.

Storage. Here so it looks like we got to about 22. Terabytes. I remember reading somewhere in that article that i sent that i did a video on earlier that you could get over 2 terabytes of the basically the limitations of if you weren t using the correct combination of firmware and partition layout.

You could only get i think it was it was something like 2 point..

2 terabytes. I d have to check affect i ll post that here what i m referring to. But we can see that s about where we stopped trying to think what else all right. So let s let s see just just for the heck of it let s see if we can load up a game that we actually copied over trying to think would be worth attempting here is to change to internal.

I guess. That s going to show us the same thing trying to think here. What is only on the drive. Okay yeah so here we go so we have a case here.

Where the witness is internal. Only so let s load up the witness and see if it can actually start and there you go so we can t load up games off the internal drive anymore right before i did this copy. I tried to i was playing super hot now again. Super hot is probably both internal and external.

So it s likely loading off the external. Which it does appear to be okay. Well. We can see that internal games can t load and external games can.

But that really isn t doing us much good and just don t know if there s anything else we can look at here. We get some notifications and all the notifications are just about the installation. Stopping let s move this out of the way for you guys yeah all right. So.

What we ll do now is shut. It down. And see if the system will come back up okay. So we have the system completely shut down.

So we re going to start it up here again and see what we get all right interesting well we were able to get the system to come back up again. But as you can see tried to resume the copies that we started earlier and it s not able to do that okay just for the heck of it maybe. What will attempt to do here is it s load up a game. It s internal.

Only ok so what s kind of interesting there if you look at the bottom. You can see all storage. And it just lists basically the external drive that s that s pretty interesting so let s go over to settings. Here.

And see if we can take a look at what s going on with our storage huh do that that s pretty neat. So were we able to boot. There because of the external drive trying to think something that would be local only oh. I know here that s it can we go to the top.


So we can only see games now so that you can see there s no way to select the internal drive so earlier when i tried to load up what game was that i was trying to load up. Oh. The witness. There it is interesting so it s still listed there okay yeah so it s on the list.

But it s probably because it s in the nand. But as you can see it s it s as if the internal drive doesn t exist anymore. That s really interesting. I m surprised i was able to get the system to boot.

So what we ll do here is we ll shut this down again. And i m just going to disconnect the external drive and then we ll see if the system boots okay. So i have the external drive here plugged in the back. So.

We ll just unplug this put it out of the way. And see if our system boots now without an external drive. You yeah i find it interesting we re still able to log on to xbox live. But we can t start anything so let s go back into as you can see we have 0.

Gigabytes free that s gonna shut the camera off for a second here. Let s try to load up anything here. Let s see we ll try to load up stick of truth is a game. I had played on the system.

Okay. It s not ready yet it says let s go into settings storage. Again yeah. So it seems that you might get mixed results.

When you fill up your drive in this case. I can t see anything on the drive and another data. So i guess. The question is can you actually uninstall something you can t can t manage a game right so try again manage game.

Let s go back over here to the witness. It s really not much you can do and even if i was to uninstall one of these things i don t think it would make any difference. So okay well so that does it um. I don t really think this much else is a show.

I m gonna put the drive into a windows 10 machine and just take a look at it. See if the drive itself still ” ..

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