Zowie S2 Review! A Top 3 Gaming Mouse Right Now..

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” s up guys vt. Here and i m excited to bring you guys. A new new review on the davina s2. A brand new mouth shape from the king of shapes.

Zoe. Now. I ve had the pleasure of using this mouse for the past couple weeks. And i ve been blown away by its performance and shape.

If you guys love this ow f. K. Or z. A series or just want to see what the s 2.

Is all about stick around because i ll be going over the design. And the amazing features of this mouse and who i think it will be best for now first let s talk about the design of this mouse. It leaves the normal zowie black in the past that is how it usually goes with and now it comes in a powder blue and pink to bring awareness to women in esports and not only that guys i m telling you guys the new wave. The new vibey stuff is gonna leave the rgb behind and be going with fully colored peripherals.

I saw somebody in the comments of my ec 2 b. Video shameless plug saying that they thought the coding was weird at first but after a while they couldn t live without it and i couldn t have said it better myself. When you first get this mouse. You might think it might be a little bit weird.

But trust me guys give it a little bit of time because after a. While this thing sticks to your hand like glue. And you start to realize that it actually does help you aim better now..


The scroll wheel and side buttons are colored white. The scroll wheel is nice and defined and it s also clickable as a fifth mouse button so in overwatch. Let s say. I have my voice chat bound to that fifth button to make it easy to press and also guys the side buttons leave nothing to be desired.

They re very clicky to say the least let me give you a sound test of the side buttons right now i love it zoe. I love it very nice it feels a little bit different than the ec to be and they re a little bit smaller. But they still feel amazing it goes with that nice light small compact size of this mouse very nicely since now he has always put their mouse one in two on the actual shell as one piece. People have complained and they used to complain a lot that the clicks were too stiff on certain lines of their mice like the fk series well let me tell you guys that is a thing of the past because these things are damn near perfect yeah.

I said it there s no break in period or hoping that we loosen up over time they just come perfect ass is so let me drop a sound test for you guys right about now. Here are the mouse. One and two very nice very nice. I m loving i m loving it let me put it back up.

There you go guys again amazing mouse. One into some of the best in the business. Right now actually prefer the mouse. One and two on the zowie compared to the logitech g pro.

Wireless. That s how much i like these clicks now this time. They actually used a better rubber cord. This time around and in my opinion it won t give you as much feedback on your mouse.

Even if you have no mouse bungee so you re gonna just have this laying all over your desk. You can do that as well the cable is also geniusly angled up to keep the cord from dragging right where the mouse meets the cord because this is where you would feel most mouse dragging while using a mouse and the reason. Why you would need a mouse bungee with most mice is to keep it from lagging and having that slack to be on the mouse pad..


So it s nice that they follow that and they ve angled it up so it stays off your mouse pad. This howie has always been known for making plug and play mice that all the professionals use if you watch like a csgo match. Most people like 80 to 90 of them are gonna be using a sally mouse and even if they are sponsored by logitech. It s kind of funny to see i always give myself a laugh that i like the g lettering right here on their on their jersey.

And then they were using the sally mouse. It s pretty funny so this leads me to my next set of features. We re on the bottom side you ll find that dpi gesture. Which allows you to switch between 400 800.

1600 and 3200 dpi. A lot of people ask me what dpi. I use personally i rock 1600 dpi with a 3 game since in overwatch on the other side. You re gonna have the pulling rate adjuster.

Which allows you to switch between 125 hertz 500. Hertz and a thousand hertz. I love that they just put both of these on the bottom of the mouse. It just makes it super simple to bring around with you to like a friends house or land.

Without the need of like installing a separate application to have your mouse work and to get all your settings back also on the bottom. They these two gigantic mouse feet probably the best stock mouse feet in the mouse game to date. I mean name a company with better mouse feet. I ll wait no okay so now let s talk about the shape.

And the fit of this mouse and who it is for the shape can be palm grip. But it s not ideal in my opinion because it s got that slope. It s got a nice hump at the back making it perfect for claw grip..


And the length of the mouse is actually short enough to where if you want a fingertip grip. This mouse you can do that as well the shape is an absolute dream. Though for claw and fingertip grip users. Its ambidextrous.

Which some people say actually improve your aim. Because your wrist is not angled to the right or left myself. Personally. I use.

A claw grip fingertip grip hybrid and i find this must be very very quick. Allowing me to flick and lock on opponents. With my mind mouse connection. You guys remember that from the ac to be video.

Well. If you don t what are you doing go watch the video shameless plug number two so for reference. My hand is nineteen by eight point five centimeters and this mouse is perfect for me. If you have a hand size that a smaller girl with s.

Two. If you have a hand size bigger than me i think you re going to want to look at it s1. Unless you really really like small mice. And you re a dedicated fingertip gamer that really loves like a small mouse to just move around and stay out of the way of your palm.

Now overall just like its brother. The ec2 b. This mouse is 3360 sensor..


Which is the top of the leiden okay not to brag or anything. But it s a top of the line right now. There are no spin outs. There s no liftoff dissidents.

Hiccups just a very smooth gaming experience throughout. Now. Whether you re playing for night. Or over wash.

This mouse will be definitely a great alternative to the hard to come by find a mouse right now and to be honest with you guys. This is actually in my top. Three mice currently for me i m not gonna tell you what order they are i m gonna save that for another video. But this mouse the s2 it is in my top three now so you guys were wondering where s joey.

Why is it not in your top five. It s in there now so i guess so i guess i ll have to be up there than that very very soon guys alright and i ll be dropping a video on that you know i will alright guys. So that is gonna do it for this review. Thank you guys for watching.

If you have any more questions about the s2 let me know down. Though or if you just want to say hi. I ll be sure to answer you guys. It has been your boy bt don t forget to like share comment and subscribe and i will see you in the next video.

” ..

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