18. iPhone 7 Plus Dual Lens Mode Tutorial – Epic Guide to FiLMiC Pro

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“This tutorial you ll learn how to use filmic pros dual lens support for the the iphone 7 plus to switch between the wide and telephoto lenses as well as advantage of the optical zoom mode by default the wide angle 28 millimeter. Equivalent lens is selected and provides the widest field of view this is great for capturing landscapes establishing shots as well as scenes with lots of action as it provides a deep depth of field to change your lens selection tap. The action slider in the upper left of the interface then tap the camera icon on all non iphone 7 plus models this will just switch between the front and rear cameras but on the iphone 7 plus. It gives us four lens selection options the y 28 millimeter lens is currently selected and has optical image stabilization built into it this is an ideal choice for capturing the most stable handheld shots.

The teller 56 millimeter equivalent lens is perfect for close ups as it gives you a two times optical zoom over the wide lens and also helps generate a shallower depth of field which really helps you direct the viewers attention unlike the wide lens apple did not include optical image stabilization on the teller so for best results use a tripod or stabilizer to keep your shot steady both the wide and teller lens selections give you full manual control of the focus white balance and exposure and if you don t know how to control these make sure you check out episode. 3 of the epic guide to filmic pro. If we tap the camera icon again. We can select the zoom lens.


Which will reveal the zoom slider down the right hand side of the interface and allow you to perform up to a two times optical zoom. Once you progress past 2x on the zoom it will implement digital zoom. Which will result in quality loss it s important to note that the zoom lens. Does not support manual adjustment of the focus exposure and white balance.

However these values can still be locked. If you need complete manual control use the wide or telephoto lens with digital zoom. If you want to utilize. The optical zoom.


Without accidentally. Engaging the digital zoom. Tap and hold on the first zoom target. Control bubble.

Whilst. Fully zoomed out to look in the one x value. Then zoom to approximately to time and tap and hold on the second zoom target control bubble as you can see i m a little bit over. Where we want to be so tap and hold on the bubble to clear it am.


I single tapping the zoom icon. It will step back one zoom point at a time then tap and hold again to lock in the 2x zoom position. And you re good to go now you can tap either bubble to perform smooth optical zooms without degrading your image quality. If we tap on the camera icon a final time you can select the selfie camera.

Which is being greatly improved on the iphone 7 and 7 plus and that long last is capable of shooting high quality video in 1080p at up to 50 megabits per second. Thanks to filmic pro. Note that the front facing selfie camera. Does not support manual focus.


But does allow you to manually set exposure and white balance. Thanks a lot for watching. If this tutorial helped you out please like share and subscribe and you can follow. Filmic pro and epic tutorials on social media.

For more mobile filmmaking tips. ” ..

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