Albion Online Official Mobile 2020 Release Announced!

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“What s up guys. Greg tooji. Here and we got some pretty cool news today today you know every every other month or so i try to check in on online. And see if they ve actually made any announcements or anything anything at all regarding mobile.

Because ever since the official release. They really haven t done much with mobile and i get it they ve focused on their their pc community. First and all that stuff and they want to get that all solid and a good place before they start bringing in the mobile masses. So i kind of understand why mobile has been set in the background for so long.

But finally we ve got something here. I ve went and checked on the forums and read it and everything the other day looking at for elba. I ll be an online mobile. And yeah.

We ve got something but to my surprise. There s a post on the forums. It s called mobile planned improvements so let s go ahead and read this post real. Quick shall we readings.

Albion community. I am a new addition to the albion online dev team and will be responsible for a number of mobile adaptations and improvements for the upcoming official albion online mobile store release and beyond this effort will have a clear ui and performance focus in the beginning to provide a better experience on mobile phones especially phones if you didn t i m not reading at this point if you didn t know you know before albion. Only said or was only recommended for tablets. So yeah.


Now now you can see that they ve got somebody four phones. If you are interested in playing on mobile. You can use the mobile feedback and suggestions for them to join us in this quest. Also if you ve got a few minutes.

Please fill out the survey to help us set our priorities. I already once filled that survey out i will be posting more updates regarding. The mobile version in the near future current plans. A roadmap is currently taking shape with the goal to tackle the most important quality of life changes from mobile users until release with decent prioritization.

We should be able to fit in the most bang for your buck changes here s the tablets. We plan to look at ui. The mobile friendly ui is on the forefront of important usability changes this means and easier to use hd button. Layouts.

And sizes adequate for touch control solutions for small text and information touch controls looking at quality of life. Changes for touch considerations for long press. Double. Tap.

Pinch and similar touch interactions presuming and emanating. Few. I possibility of an optional virtual joystick and skill targeting system performance improvements. Some mobile devices struggle with performance when playing albion especially in highly populated areas performance optimization is another big topic.


We want to look at for the mobile version store integration and updates finally and here s the big news. We plan to release both on the play store and app store next year so in 2020 with this we also want to make manual installs andry downloading the client with each small update. A thing of the past. Thank oh my god this that s probably the main reason.

I don t really play albion on my phone anymore because every time you they update. The game. Almost like every other day. Like they make small little bug fixes or something.

And i m well right now. Like you keep there s no way to just update. The game you have to redownload the whole two gigabyte apk and reinstall it every single time. If you want to update.

And that s the biggest reason. I don t really play mobile albion mobile that much anymore so yeah this is amazing. This is awesome we re looking forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions respectfully yours may appear so yeah so they got they like i said. I think i mentioned this in the past that they had posted something about looking to hire somebody from mobile and looks like they finally found somebody.

And he s this is october 17th. So this is almost it s november 17th today. I should didn t really even realize that so this is um this is a month ago that this is posted so i m gonna post the link to this forum post and the survey and all that stuff in the description or in the comments or something like that so you guys can go ahead. And i mean i think all of you that are interested in alwyn online mobile and like me personally like i ve said this a few times already i think albion online is the best sandbox or maybe.


Even the best overall all around ar8 uh mmo rpg available right now. It s like it s really really good. I love i love every single aspect of it the only thing. That s that keeps me from playing it so much is that it s very very time consuming like very time consuming.

If i had more time i probably would be playing this all the time. But i don t have that much time. So yeah. I do highly recommend checking the game out they haven t said.

Anything yeah. They don t have any specific dates and right now i ve downloaded the latest version so they haven t made any changes just yet i did go ahead and ask i made a post yesterday. I haven t gotten a reply yet. But i made a post yesterday asking if there will be like a test version of the apk for the new with all the new features that we can sign up for or volunteer to take part in i hope they do something like that because that would be awesome.

But nevertheless we should all be going on to the forum and leaving our feedback making suggestions for what we want to see in the mobile version and just start getting excited to actually have a version of albion online on the play store that automatically updates. Perhaps you know this game can go this game won t go so far. So yeah. This is awesome.

This is amazing news let s go ahead and leave all of our feedback that we can and yeah. I just look forward to playing this game. So it s kind of interesting because i was actually gonna i was actually starting to play. I ll be like again a few days ago.


And i was like looking for ideas on how to the best way to are the most efficient ways the best activities that you can do on mobile. You know that are safe because always the pvp is still a lot of the question. And i think even with no matter. What changes they make that pvp will probably still be like really really hard for mobile users.

But at least it ll be somewhat doable in the future probably. But yeah so i m gonna start doing a little bit more or albion content here and there and look for the best and easiest stuff for mobile users to do and make a few more videos. Anyway. That s all i wanted to let you guys know because they didn t really post this anywhere.

That was easy to find like obviously like this um. This post has only gotten 4000 views. Which isn t that to be honest. Though there s not that i m i just want to make sure that more people get to learn about what s going on with being online and mobile in the future because this is amazing anywho yeah enough babbling for me i m gonna get out of here and you guys have a great weekend.

I will see you guys next week with more videos. I m i m i m gonna be researching more albion stuff and let you guys know what s going on i ll keep you guys updated don t you worry don t forget to subscribe pitch your dislike or like buttons. And i will see you guys next time peace. ” .


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