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“Becoming a backdoor since about two years ago. And i really enjoyed it because patrick patrick doe tree robbie and kelly the guys who work here about giving me really good opportunity to check out new kinds of music. It s got me started on playing local shows at the hideaway because they also work there and the whole entire scene in general. I i m at a loss for words.

What else should i say that door was an older store. That was here for probably better part of 20 years up through the late nineties and then it was closed for almost 10 years and myself. And the owner and a couple friends decided. There was needed to be another back door definitely need to be a place to buy records at at that time.

There was nothing. But cds places to buy cds no places to buy records..

So we started scheming on it and you know after several years. We got her up and running the spec door records were trying to carry on the spirit of the old one. But we also wanted to be a little broader in our horizons. And we wanted to focus a little more on the local art art art of all cons.

The older back door. Didn t really carry hip hop. They didn t have a lot of country. I m not saying we have a ton of a lot of you know either of those genres.

But we do carry those and we try to carry like i said a little bit of something for everybody. And if we don t have it we d love to try to track it down for you of course..

We specialize in sort of under the radar weirder harder to find type stuff punk heavy metal kind of underground hip hop outlaw country pretty much any john where you can think of we could get those are just kind of the things that we keep in stock because they re things you don t really find anywhere else especially around here we opened this store because there was definitely a void. Where there was really no place to find records. Besides flea markets or garage sales. Especially new records.

Although. They ve been pressing new records. Pretty much continuously since records supposedly went out so that was a big part of it when we were wanting to start this place there were plenty of places that had cds. But there weren t really places that had records so we wanted to fill that void.

I d say upwards of 50 different people probably a lot more than that put their artwork inside out both. I would say out of that the bulk of them are local and we are as far as the outside goes especially still always looking for people to put stuff up even if it s just a kind of revamp an area that s had the same thing for a couple years..

My name is patrick been friends with the owner back door for several years before we started the place and worked at music stores pretty much all my life. But really about all i know how to do so. I guess. I was a go to person to help with something like this and was more than happy to would have any other way.

I worked my first record store job when i was 16 years old and off and on since then i ve worked record store jobs. I said i feel like that s the only thing i really know how to do one of the only things i m passionate about so i don t own this one i just helped run this one. But yeah i definitely worked for corporate places before corporate record stores and this is a million times better. I never i love my job.

I don t ever not look forward to coming to work so that s pretty cool. I hope that backdoors help the local music scene as much as it s helped..

Maybe the local art scene and all that just to kind of have a place to promote and market. What you ve got you know whether it be somebody doing paintings or glassblowing or you know bands whatever we do consignment. But local acts hang up flyers for their shows sell their cds records stickers. What have you here same with the artwork.

So i mean i hope that it s looked at it s just kind of a place that can kind of bring all that stuff together in a town where there s a lot going on. But not a really good way to tie. It all together hope. We re at least a kind of middle ground for that ” .


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