Best Macbook Alternatives 2018 Powerful Windows Laptops

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” s macbooks may have a reputation as the best creative laptops on the market. But but mac. Os. The flea isn t for everybody.

And let s face it these in cheap either broccoli. This didn t grab plenty of grit or windows alternatives. Which offer similar or better performance and portability and often at a cheaper cost as well so here s my pick of the best. Slim and light windows laptops that you could pick up in 2018.

That still pack plenty of meaty performance. And don t forget for more on the latest and greatest tech laptops. More miles and the rest to hit the subscribe button and thing that notifications belt cheers while we re made bucket explore the milk explore from huawei is deftly still one of our favorite windows laptops of 2018 packing impressive designed features and performance. Although like apple s mac box it sure ain t cheap.

While weighs gorgeous bezel as design means. This near fourteen inch. Laptop is seriously. Slim and as light as a.

Feather if that feather happen to weigh 13. Kilos. The mid book. Looks.

Suitably snazzy. Despite the minimal frills and it s rugged enough to survive all kinds of punishment. We absolutely adore the full size chiclet keyboard even though it commits a cardinal sin crushing that enter key down into a single raw travesty. But it s still super comfortable to type on for hours on end while the spacious touch pilot is also great to use and it can be completely ignored as well as the maple x.

Pros. Display is fully touch compatible. Visuals are simply stunning. Thanks at 3000 by 2000.

Pixel. Resolution..

While colors are also accurately represented and on top brightness. It could definitely blind the buffalo performance is another winner thanks to the beefy core i7. 8. 550.

U. Chipset. Backed by a 16 count. Some 16 gigs of ram.

If videos. Geforce mx. 150. Chipset is also on board.

As well. So you can perform like photo. And video editor and play games. That aren t too demanding and while the battery life is bedded by some of the other laptops here.

We still get over six hours of mixed juice per charge and of course like the macbook air. You don t get much in the way of ports here the mid book explorer offers only two usb sea ports. One of which is thunderbolts and they re both crumbs over on to the left edge. That said you do get a full sized usb connection on the right hand side.

Which is nothing short of witchcraft on a device. This slim. And yes. The webcam is cunningly hidden away inside that keyboard.

Giving your skype buddies a lovely view of your double chin. Action nice lg. Grin the lg grab me a pack of mighty 156 inch display. But it s a seriously size zero laptop.

It s nice and slender and it was just over a kilo making it the lightest laptop in this roundup. This is one tough mother hubbard to its shock resistant dust resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures to suit whatever crazy lifestyle you lead and like the other laptops here the grump lacks plenty of macbook air style lg s selection of ports is pretty damn impressive complete with an hdmi connection and just as impressive is that firm and responsive keyboard..

While you also get a fingerprint sensor to unlock the ground quickly and easily and don stress about the dinky touchpad because that mighty screen is fully touch sensitive. Lg. Obviously knows how to knock up a gorgeous display. So this full hd panel is both pin shop and pleasingly.

Bright as well comprehensive coverage of the srgb gama means realistic visuals and those vivid colors. Really do pop and performance in a thong either despite the slender build a core i7 at 550 you model was backed by 16 gigs around just like the mid back x pro. So once again you can multitask with apps and enjoy a silky smooth experience. But sadly.

There s no dedicated graphics here so you are limited to more basic games and simple photo editing. A support of compensation. The lg gram can at least keep you gone for a full seven hours between charges. Even when you.

Run a. Couple dozen tabs in chrome. Xiaomi me laptop air 133. After a macbook air clone that runs windows.

Instead. Well the show. Me mean laptop isn t just a shameless ripoff of apple s design. It s also considerably cheaper as well this refresh version of the original 2017 model.

Offers. Updated. Specs while keeping that same impressively. Slim and light.

Finish. The laptop. Airway is just one point. Three kilos.

Making. It a perfect backpack companion..

Weirdly. There s no kind of logo on that lid which can lead to some confusion. When you re trying to work out which way it actually opens. But once you re inside jamie s notebook looks very macbook esque whether it s silver nor frills.

Chassis. The me laptop air might only boast a single type c. Usb puppy. Do get two full size pots.

In there. As well and also a bit of age to my action. Just like the lg gram that backlit chiclet keyboard is super comfortable for smashing out your werewolf romance novels are though don t don t the enter. Key.

Is once again squished into. A single row. Ah full hd display isn t quite. As accurate.

As the other laptops. Here. Though. It still covers 95 of the srgb gama.

However. It is also surprisingly dim. So it s nothing well suited to outdoors use before mistakes. We ve ever stepped down from the other machines here too.

Yet. The core i5 chipset backed by eight gigs around offers enough grunt to get through moore s tasks and impressively given the sub 1000. Pound asking price the me laptop air delivers dedicated geforce mx 150 graphics sure you can t exactly blast in the list gibbs on top leader levels. But all the titles like skyrim play with a solid framerate on top detail sentence.

Unfortunately the true achilles heel of the me laptop air is the battery life. We just about managed to get through five maybe just over five hours of use per charge deftly not enough to get you through a full working day dell xps 13..

The xps 13 is another pricey laptop. But it screams premium from every pore crafted from a solid block of aluminium this machine comes with an attractive rose gold finish and garoozis both stains and nox as you caught in about you get a couple of thunderbolt ports at a type c connection for slapping in your various peripherals and even microsd memory cards are also support that 133. Inch display fills the inner lid. So the xps is pleasingly compact.

And you can expect stunning color. Accuracy. Covering basically the entire srgb range the full hd visuals are perfectly crisper. Though you can upgrade to a 4k screen.

If you re absolutely minted suddenly. There is no touch supportive. But dells panel impresses in every other way that keyboard is comfy for all they use despite its shallow travel. While the touchpad is both smooth and responsive.

You also get a fingerprint sensor for securely unlocking. Which is just as well as the awkward camera position and makes facial recognition a bit of a bollock and as usual the xps 13 excels. When it comes to performance once again dejavu time you get a core i7 8550 u. Chipset and 16 gigs around and of course like the other machines here this handles all kinds of apps.

Without issue. Sadly. There is no dedicated graphics. Though the xps.

13. Can also get quite hot under a bit of stress. Which results in some seriously. Noisy fan action it ll expect around 6 hours of mixed juice or video streaming per charge while the hadley side mounted battery indicator also shows if you need a charge up before you hit the roads sorry.

There s my run above the best of windows based macbook alternatives. Which one s your favorite definitely let us know in the comments below. And tell us why and don t forget a poke that subscribe button and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest greatest tech cheers love you ” ..


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