Best The Legend of Zelda Comic Dubs Compilation Part 2! FUNNY AND SAD

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“There is a message for you from the goddess allow me to translate i ll ll adjust everyone from the sky. Clear. My words. Master are you so.

What is thing. A thing. Yeah. Oh come on i know what it does give it a swing.

It is dangerous to go alone. Take this will it keep me safe. No. There is no safety to be found in a sword.

The sword brings death. It does not give life it is a responsibility burden. This is no cute. It is a curse.

I hope one day you will forgive me i will say i cannot for now. But one day. I will good luck..


How i should play huh. How i will play sir you filled up the stables three weeks ago. I need more asses shake. I would like to have a word with you yeah.

What i know you ve been following me awhile. And at first i thought you re a really creepy guy well but lately. I ve been thinking maybe. It s because you think of me as more than a friend oh and i just wanted to let you know that i am okay with that i think you nothing wrong i m just so lonely chic.

I m so lonely i have to go barney wait why won t you accept my feelings what have i done it is strange too right after so long i had almost forgotten had to put pen to paper hopefully it will come back to me soon enough. I shall keep tonight s entry brief. We arrived in kakariko two nights ago it all seems a little hazy and perhaps. I will recount impass words.

Another time. This is a little muddled for a diary entry don t you think perhaps. I am more adult than i first thought my mind is both bracing and stretched very thin. I am anxious to begin work on restoring the kingdom.

But it is not something that can be done in the day. I reflect at length upon the events that occurred over the past hundred years. So much has changed it feels so long ago now and yet so short..


I m not making much sense at all but writing a diary seems like a good way to arrange my thoughts lync sleeps a lot his wounds were less grievous than they could have been given his opponent. But they will take time to heal. I must admit i do feel a little guilty. I teased him about the fact that he s tired that he spent the last hundred years sleeping.

But he only laughed and replied yes and hardly a moment since he carried a great weight upon his shoulders for so long and never once wavered on his path. I can t blame you for taking the oddness. My own exhaustion. Seems to be not in my body.

But in my mind. This is all so strange perhaps i should turn in for the night today s rainfall drove all put a few of the filter folk indoors for the most part it was quiet it is strange i am not accustomed to the calm anymore when i battled calamity ganon. I was contained in the eye of an ever raging storm my mind my body. I was not myself the freedom to walk on my own two feet again to do as i please.

It s an indescribable sensation. But i lack the clarity these things take time. I suppose. It is only natural that there is a disconnect cen taste touch.

I had almost forgotten them all it is such a shame that we didn t have the opportunity to properly observe the shrine. If resurrections effect. Unlike when he first awoke who knows when we will have need of it again..


Although he remains physically fine his memory loss is greater than i could have anticipated. I dare not ask how much or how little of his childhood. He recalls. But it is apparent in the smaller details when once his favorite color was green.

He now favors a light blue and he used to swear by a home cooked. Pumpkin stew. But now as a lover of meat. Skewers.

And apple pies. And there are many things about him that have changed be sure to tuck your thumb in it. So. He won t nippon.

It s quite remarkably handsome with a hearty character you really are the spitting image of my steve from 100 years ago. But you re getting a little plump don t you think has someone been spoiling. You well perhaps. He isn t that different embas.

Granddaughter paya is such a sweet girl. She is the spitting image of her grandmother as i knew her and so dignified. It seems the sheikah have some work to do and restoring themselves to the mic they once had but i can t help..


But feel that pi is the living embodiment of those i knew 100 years ago. If only she could believe in herself a little more here now you look the part two amazing traditional sheikah garbin hair. It s wonderful. I ve never met a girl so shy.

I think perhaps it is because of her birthmark. It s in the most peculiar place. I ll spare her dignity and not disclose its location here who knows where there may be prying eyes. How do i look fit for a princess.

Oh. What was that presumptuous. I m sorry you look lovely and everything you wear please do not take offence it s thanks to her that i ve been writing a diary again. I was in the habit of keeping one a long time ago.

But i had not thought to start a new one from scratch link informed me that piyah kept one. And he thought it might be wise for me to start my own he turned such a funny shade of red when he mentioned it i wonder what he knows that i do not perhaps. I shall have to ask him about it later ” ..


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