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” s up y all. Welcome back to life of dre. Hello. Hi scribers love you you guys and now i need you guys to punch.

That bale. I got yanni the car this week of course say hello. I have a new camera. Which is the canon t5i highly recommended for new bloggers such as myself small youtubers such as myself to kind of give you to take your content to the next level.

So i m at best buy we re gonna do this class on how to use the canon t5i gonna go see granny later on grampa see how they doing kind of the ones who came before us and then i ma send you guys out laughs and as usual all right let s do it oops maybe..

I need this i m so excited to learn more about my new toy. I heard you gotta buy all these different lenses. But i m trying to maximize maximize what i have alright. I ll talk to you guys after the class all right so we are out of the class for like i learned a lot of stuff.

Did you learn some stuff now we re going to go over to granny s house and see how she s doing hey learning is something that everybody can do you never 200. Letting us. Hear yeah baby leaving us at this door. How about the hey.

They leave..

Liz at this gate for a long time. So. This is a blessing. Let s say we get participating in her what.

This is cuz. The hot spot was good morning alright and anyone i take this dip. So let s go you ever had a whooping. Yeah and then you say you got i ll try to lie sad.

He was bathroom cuz..

He was giving it to me so i was trying to say i had to go to the bathroom. You know you know what kiddo taco bell. Yeah we went to see you back there yeah you guys spent that school gotta let cuz. I i remember that so this is what i tried to do to get out of that one i wore like three pair of pants.

I had like two farzin. Oh and i had some corduroy pants on and they let you pick out your paddle. So the paddles. Yeah you picked out the paddle.

The paddle was no i picked the paddle out they let you pick the paddle and he swapped me like three four times..

But you know what i thought i was smarter here cuz either he hit me i said it didn t hurt. But then he started. What advice would you give them don t let them get away good home and even come home and get on that computer. The computer you do it for nobody come on come on everything is way about competing there i know that but they got a piece of work.

So that s pretty much the end of this week. Don t forget to like this video damp on it can i say damp on it is you is or is you ain t subscribing cuz. If you don t better really make me boosh ever ever to do today. That s not an ” .


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