Edifier R1280T Unboxing & Review 2 Months Use Audio Sample

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” s it going guys welcome back to another video and today. We re gonna be be unboxing and checking out these 80 fire studio r128 0t bookshelf speakers now for longest time i ve been actually using on my computer a 51 surround sound panasonic speaker sets which i ll put a picture somewhere here and basically it was pretty clunky. I mean i had a vhs. 5 dvd player system just to control the volume.

But anyways today. We are going to be unboxing this new and beautiful speakers. The way i found these was i went on amazon or them on amazon prime there were about 125 canadian dollars. Which was dirt cheap reviews almost 5 out of 5 on everything so.

Yeah. Let s get right into it so here s the front. The top the bottom the side the other the back and the other side alright. So apparently it comes with a 2 years international warranty and this apparently was made in 2014.

There are newer models. But this thing is cheap and it looks like something i could definitely enjoy so let s see what we have here first you get a recycled cover that is actually pretty sturdy and then the speaker s themselves. That s probably a left and the right as well as cables manual and a warranty. Pamphlet alright.

And also a mini remote that someone on amazon said. It wasn t very good. But we ll find out how good this thing is so we have let s first start with the manual here so we have simple picture simple instructions. So we got a pretty decent looking edifier branded cables.

The build quality is weird. I don t know i mean it feels you know actually it feels pretty ok. What i think is making it feel cheap is this part right here. It is very flexible as you can see is extremely flexible.

So that s actually good then we ll get some more cables here and we ll find out what these are for as well as the connector that s gonna hook up both speakers to each. Other there is also a remote over here alright here. I go i m peel therapy. So there to fire our c10.

So basically it is a very simple very shiny and small volume and mute controller. So this actually can get pretty useful. And i believe comes with its own battery yep there we go its own 3 4 battery. So hopefully that will become useful and not cumbersome right so here are the speakers so let s first take a look around them here s a side very cool wooden texture green that looks like genuine wood is actually texturized.


It feels really nice on the top is plastic. It s a mix of a retro bookshelf kind of theme here so get a treble your minus and plus as well as base minus. And plus and finally your volume with an led indicator for power look at the back over here. What we have is your input.

So that is for your pc. And that s for your aux. Which is sometimes. If you have a dvd player or record player.

That s what the cable is for. But the other one here for pc is for your. Computer laptop. Phone and all portable devices they use the 35.

Millimeter. Jack power button and the speaker. Out for the left speaker. Know it says he over here 100 to 240 volts.

At 55 60. Hertz 300. Milliamps along with what seems to be like a six foot non detachable power cable. So it is actually pretty decently long it s gonna work for most cases.

A little bit nice with detachable. But whatever alright and finally let s see how we can pop these out right. Here. Alright pretty easy much cooler now there we go alright alright.

So let s see what we have here um. We got a paper texture over here. No it s not as smooth as i would have liked them to be but i mean you can definitely see the grain texture. I m not i m not sure how old speakers look like.

But it definitely doesn t look like a polished finish burning from far away it looks pretty decent. There s highs and lows and according to them. It has some kind of good base control. So.


The plan is actually to hook up these speakers on my computer right over here. And see how they look and how they sound so i ll see you guys maybe tomorrow. Alright and we are back so as you guys can see the setup has pretty much changed. But the speaker s are still there and has been a few months instead of a few days.

But the speakers are still there so that is good to see and of course. There s always a complaint that i can talk about so let s talk about that overall the speaker experience was very good they look great as you guys can see it is a really cramped setup. I have here and even though i have blue in the background. They still fit in somehow and the sound quality is really good so first of all we have the remote here now the remote here as a couple of problems as they just can see it is very small second of all it is a fingerprint magnet third of all it s it s actually pretty okay.

It s not that bad compared to what we have over there which we ll be talking about it just a bit. It s got your regular volume up and down and mute now something i really like about this remote is how well it can actually blast its infrared light. So i can literally point it this way and these speakers would mute because this thing likes to blast a whole lot of light which bounces all over the place. And it ends up in the speaker ir sensor.

Which is really good because you don t want to always pick up this thing and then point at it so what i usually do in my regular setup for example. I ll be using my computer and playing games or why not and when i want to switch to these speakers here or mute them i would literally have appointed anywhere like this press the button and now it s muted or put the volume up and down. Without having to go all the way here and reach for the not so cool side volume controller since we have a digital remote over there the volume controller here is also digital. So it s not analog.

So it s not that easy to change the volume sometimes if you scroll the volume too fast it would skip a few levels sometimes you don t really get that feedback. You don t know that certainty of having the volume set to the exact level. You want so there is actually absolutely no volume level indicator. Now the other thing that would be nice.

If it was here is a mute button and of course. There is no meah button here there s only a mute button over there so that is also a downside. But that is really about it that is my main complaint is the control at the speakers otherwise. The speaker s themselves they sound great and they look certainly great.

But of course the controller can be lost in some situations. But here for me it works fine now remember that the infrared sensor is right here. So here s another example. It is muted right now so if i point it this way.

There s a sensor is pointing that way it is now unmuted so when it s flashing. It s muted when it s solid. It s on so that s the thing i really like about the remote it really saves this name from being too bad when it comes to control and usability. If you are wondering what they look like with or without the covers here s what they look like without the covers here s what the covers look like on the inside all right.


That s how transparent. They are and here s what they look like with the covers on so it s a pretty drastic change and look. And here s a closer look at them. So this is how far they go in so we got that gap right there so it s pretty cool remember these two inputs.

We had here the exhilaration. The pc inputs you can actually have both of them running at the same time and putting audio into these things and having them play both at the exact same time. Which is really really cool so you can have like for example. A microphone and a speaker.

Said or a or a record player. And your computer. And pretty much just have them both running at the same time. Which is really a nice to have and you don t have to switch between them so yeah.

Because i wondering what they re like with a computer setup. This is what they look like with and without the covers and how the experience was just make sure you don t lose the remote because you re gonna regret it since. I ve been using the g5 98. Over there and the hd.

598 so yes. I find myself liking the neutral sound. Not too much bass. Nothing crazy because of course.

I m doing editing. So i don t want anything crazy going on now audio level wise. These things can get really really loud. Which is really nice and the bass levels can actually get pretty high and pretty bassy.

Pretty. Punchy really nice. The audio clarity is really really good they are very clear nice and crispy. But yeah guys there s actually pretty much it so without further ado.

Let s listen in so yeah. Against that is pretty much it for this review. So do i recommend these things i definitely do the sound. Great.


The audio quality is crisp nice and clear the bass is nice and punchy and they can get really loud. And stay very very clear and the price point is just awesome. Because the type of audio quality that you re getting from this is just phenomenal. So yeah guys that is actually pretty much it for this video hope you guys enjoyed this turnip.

And helpful. If you did hit the like button and subscribe for more content like this and i ll see you guys in the next video. ry nice on the back. It is very nice to the touch very solid definitely feels like it s protecting your ipad.

So let s go ahead and take a look at the bottom down here now the bottom does protect your 30 pin dock. Connecting jack down here willy protects that this case isn t going to make the ipad completely break proof. But i would say that this is one of the top cases out there to actually for checked your ipad to the fact. That it does have a screen protector built in i am curious to see how well it responds also let s go ahead and put it on this stand really quick.

And all you can just get a nice feel of how it looks so you go ahead and just slide it down in there like that and it does feel pretty sturdy. You guys. This is going to be obviously used greatly for facetime as well as possibly watching netflix movies and youtube videos using this case once again and letting you guys know my opinions on it take a look once again from the side. How it looks pretty nice so another thing to mention too is that when it does go on here.

And it is sitting in the actual kickstand. Just like this the back is ready to be closed up. And it s in perfect position. So as soon as you re done all you got to do is push that back in close that back down and there you go it just attaches.

Very easily here on the side. Which also makes for a great holding experience you are able to grip this case. Very well once again guys. This is the griffin survivor series case.

I hope you have enjoyed this review. So that s going to be it for the installation of the survivor series case for the ipad 2 thanks for tuning in if you enjoyed this video hit the thumbs up button leave. Me a comment. Let me know if you have this case for the ipad 2 if not what case do you use and please hit the subscribe button that will help support the channel as well as notify you when i do upload a new video thanks for tuning.

” ..

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