EVERY TREASURE *CHEST* in Sea of Thieves (2020)

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“You don t take the video. You re missing. The reba chat mark the wanda wanda lloyd secrets is called the reaper bounty. You spell gift is room that s how you spell captain captain by the way i know him being that guy.

But you spelled captain wrong the just of a thousand folks. He s the most annoying thing ever this game. Good yeah. This is the last good video you ever made ever since you started making videos including a face i cry myself to sleep each night to do clear over consumption of krispy kreme doughnuts tripled chopped fudge cake and ruby splash tales your face literally looks like i m sandy weill splash.

Please no more convinced. It s the squash dang. Who would say that oh hi. Everyone.

It s finally. Here. The updated chess video. There.

s been a lot of chests. Added. Since the last time. We did all the way back last year.

I will try my very hardest to spell the word captain s right if you don t know in this video. We take a look at every single chest in the game. We go over their pricing and a little bit of info on each one. If you re new here.

Do consider subscribing. But without further ado. Let s jump straight into every chest in ca thieves. No please alright.

So there are currently 32 chests in sea of thieves. Two of which you can t actually get in adventure. We ll cover those quickly right now we ve got the old sailors chest that you can get on the maiden voyage. And if you give it to the pirate lord on that voyage.

He s the guy who gives you all of your items. Unfortunately. That s the only use for this cool looking chest as you can t get it anywhere else i m next we ve got these sea dogs chests you find this one of course in arena. It sells for a thousand silver when you hand it in in an arena match.


And it s currently the best way to get silver in arena. All right now let s take a look at the next 30 chests all 30 of these can be found in adventure mode. No matter how rare they are let us start off with the collectors. The ashen and the tall tale chess all of which can hold three smaller items within them and when i say small items i mean things like skulls trinkets gems and even gifts you can also store your idiots in here wait wait a second that that s me shit the very first chess.

We re looking at today is the ancient chess you can collect this one on the shroud breaker. And the stars of a thief tall tale. If my briggs s chest on the legendary storyteller tall tale and it actually needs two keys to unlock that one the chest of memories can be found on the tall tale wild rose. These scalars and chests can be found on the curse road tall tale and you can find the chest of souls on the fate of the morningstar toward tale.

But it is actually the same chest as the skeleton chest. But it has the glowy misty stuff coming out of it the last hotel chest is the morningstar chest and that can be found on revenge of the morningstar. But the only thing that differs this from the collector s chest. Which is the next chest.

We re looking at is literally its name that s it s the exact same fucking chest speaking of the collector s chest can be found in bit on beaches. You can dig it up on some quests and it ll usually have gems and stuff like that in them as well now all of the chests. I have just listed can all be sold for the same price range versus about 300 to 600 gold at any of the trading companies. But do note that some of these chests that require a key to unlock cannot be sold for example.

The briggsie chest or the scale suggests they can t be sold without being unlocked first the last chests in this category is the ashen chest. You can find this by completing the voyages that the ashen guardian drops. You can also find it in the current ashen forts and ashen fleets. And you can buy a ashen chest voyage of juke for 52 balloons and he ll give you a voyage to dig one up at the outpost.

Please note. That you will need an ashen key to actually sell what s inside these chests. But you can sell an empty chest or five doubloons juke. If i didn t make it clear already all of the previous chests.

I ve just mentioned can be sold empty all right. So let s get all these standard chests smashed out of the way not much i ve changed with these since i made the last video. I ve still got the four main types of chests you got the castaways. The seafarers marauders and of course.

The captains each of these have three separate variants. The shipwrecked is supposedly sells for the same as the regular. But i find it is often in the lower end of the gold pool. There.

But it will give you the exact same rep as the regular on the other end you ve got the. Ashen which will give you double the gold but only 15. Times. The reputation out of all of the chests.


We collected on the eight hour stream of chess groaning. The one chess. We couldn t fucking find is this this piece of shit. This is the shipwrecked castaway and it is the least valued chest in the game.

It supposedly selling for 60 to 130 gold. But like i said the shipwreck chests are often in the lower pool of that kind of mark the irregular castaways also sells for 60 to 130 gold while the ashen castaways is gonna sell for double that 140 to 250 the shipwrecked and the regular seafarers both going for 140 to 260 gold each. While the ashen is gonna go for 330 to 585 gold chipwrecked and regular marauders 300 to 520 gold. While the ashen is gonna go for 600 to 1050 gold last.

But not least the captain s chest. The shipwreck and the regular once again. I m gonna go for 500 to 1200 gold well the ashen captain s chest is gonna go for 1100 to 2015. Now as of right now the reapers hideout will take a captain s chest off your hand or double the gold but no reputation with the gold hoarders.

So if you re simply after gold. You re gonna be able to sell the captain s chests including the ashen chest. Which technically you re gonna get four times. The gold because they re double.

The regular price and then you re doubling that again by selling it to the masked stranger while we re talking about the masked stranger and reapers haider. Let s get the other chests that you can sell here out of the way as well. It is the athena chest the chest of legends. Now these pricings have changed since the last video.

They have been slightly bath too. Which is good news. A regular chest of legends selling to the mysterious stranger. Not the masked stranger.

Yet the mysterious stranger in the tavern is going to go for four thousand three hundred to seven thousand gold while the ashen chest of legend is gonna go. 8000 to 10000. Gold and of course. The ashen variant is going to give you that one oh point five times reputation with athena s fortune.

If we sell it to this guy now. If you re already athena. 10. And you don t care about that athena reputation at all you don t want nothing to do with that fat ghost boy.

That s fine as the masked stranger currently will take both of these chests off your hands or double. The gold. Which is quite impressive. I found most chests of legends are usually selling for around the twelve thousand gold mark while the ashen chester legends can be up to eighteen to twenty one thousand gold but remember you re not gonna get any reputation from this lady now there are three more chests that you can sell to reba s hider they under the cursed chest rank this just chester have an ability attached to them and negative ability.


But often sell for quite a lot because of that ability staying on topic. The ones that you can sell our reapers hideout. We ve got the reapers chest. Which is gonna sell for thirty doubloons.

A treves hider. This is currently the only place you can sell this chest. It used to be so to determine you can t do that anymore. And then you ve got the reapers bounty.

Which sells for ten thousand gold. Which is pretty nice but a month in the past from me making this video. It was selling for twenty five thousand gold and it got nerfed quite significantly the funny thing is people still see this as more valuable. But technically the reapers chest is actually more valuable as thirty doubloons came by you 15000.

So technically this one right here is now more valuable than the reapers bounty now both of those chests can only be sold at reapers hideout currently oh and i almost forgot to mention these two cursed chests ability is to put a spot on the map. The reapers bounty spot looks like this. While the reapers chest spot looks like this so. Other players can track exactly.

Where these chests are on the map. Table. The newest chest that was added to the game is the chest of rage. It has the ability to overheat and eventually explode with fire setting everything around it ablaze.

Including ships and players you can cool this the one down with buckets of water now if you re gonna if you re planning to put this in the bottom of you deck. I don t recommend it as it will actually. Boil the water in your bottom deck another great pr creator on youtube fuzzy bond. I recently did a video of the best place to store these chests highly recommend going to check that out as it s extremely helpful now this chest sells for five thousand plus gold at the reapers hideout.

But you can also sell this chest to the gold holders for about 2500 to 3500 gold. Everyone to our last two cursed chests. We ve got the chest of a thousand groves sell this one to the gold holders for two thousand two hundred to two thousand six hundred gold when you re carrying this one. It does make your player drunk.

And it s quite hard to carry around you can also use this as a portable broad barrel and can fill up your tankards with it wherever you go finally the last cursed chest is the chest. Of sorrows this one s going to sell for. 3000 to 3500 at the gold hoarders. The chest of sorrows will begin to cry and loudly sobs a lot and it will fill up your ship with water if on board good way to get past this is to have one of your crew sit on the ladder as close to the ocean as they can whilst hurrying this on their back.

And this will actually prevent it from filling up your ship alright so that is all the curse chairs. We only have a couple more chests to cover first we ve got the skeleton captain s chest it sells for 850 to 2000. Gold and quite often find this during the fleet events or just aboard any type of skeleton ship. I m aware that megalodons and krakens also drop this chest the stronghold chest goes for 1400.


To three thousand eight hundred and twenty gold this one gonna be found in fortress volts. You ll get one per fort. But you can get 2 4. If you re doing the fort of the damned alright.

We re down to our final chest yes. It s a chest. It s not a box. But why not it s called the box of wanderer secrets.

It is the rarest chest in the game. The box of wondrous secrets. I have still yet to find this son of a bitch. But luckily a lovely member of the discord allow me to get some footage of it here it sells for 25000.

Gold at more oh speak to captain mara herself. I do feel like these days. It should be worth more just considering how rare. It is and that the reapers bounty last month sold for the same amount and it was quite common can only find it out in the devil s raw.

If you re lucky enough to find it congratulations let me know in the comments. Below that was every single chest in seer thieves. This video took a tremendous amount of work so i d really appreciate it if you hit that subscribe button. If it helped you out or you enjoyed it in any way.

I just checked out on my analytics and only about 10 of my viewers are subscribed. So i do really appreciate it hit that subscribe button if you enjoy my content. If you ve watched my content before it would mean a lot to me if you want to see how we actually collected all these chests. There s a highlight video up on the channel.

Now i ll make sure to put that in the end cards at the end of the video. I ve got a discord i m on twitter. I m on instagram if you want to check me out on there that would also it d mean a lot and of course. I stream over on twitch as well mr.

Underscore white knight. But that is gonna do it for me. Today guys. Thank you so much for watching.

I really appreciate i hope you enjoyed it you ” ..

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