EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 Graphics Card Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

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“Today. We re going to be doing an unboxing of the evga geforce gtx 570. 570. So this is in videos.

Latest addition to their gtx 500. Series. Family. So first card with the gtx 500.

Series name. Was the gtx 580. So that was if you followed in videos. Naming schemes over the last well.

I guess the last few generations. The 80 would be the highest end single gpu typically although we have seen it an 85 which was a refresh. And then the 70 would be the next one down. So.

This is basically a slightly a slightly cut down gtx 580. So here as we get this open. I ll tell you some of the key differences between the 570 and the 580 so first of all the 570 has fewer functional units. So that is fewer shaders.

Fewer cuda cores all of that kind of stuff okay. It also has less ram. So i m going to show you guys the box. Now we re going to sort of talk about that for a bit.

It has less video..

Memory. So that s only one. Point two eight gigabytes. Versus the 15.

Gigs on the gtx 580. So even though this has less video memory than the gtx 480 right. Now it looks like performance is quite similar power consumption is much lower. And yeah.

It looks like obviously the price is quite a bit lower as well we ve got full support for nvidia latest technologies including 3d vision surround physics directx 11 and sli and that includes 3 way sli on this particular card let s go ahead and have a look at the back. I think there s not much here that we don t already know very very similar specs overall to the gtx 580. The key differences are like i said before it is a little bit more cut down. It s a little bit slower.

But it also comes in at a very attractive price so it comes with a poster which i m going to ahead. So carefully unfold here for you guys an evga gaming poster. No less which is a skull with some like wicked like guns or something okay very nice very nice got you vga then we have a user guide which shows you presumably how to install it how to install your drivers. We have a driver disk don t use this download the latest off the nvidia website as well as a powered by evga sticker for the front of your case next.

We have the accessories. I like evga is environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging. Which you can clearly see here. Let s have a look at what we ve bought in terms of accessories.

So the first thing. We have is a mini hdmi to hdmi cable and evga is classic shiny wrapper with evga logo on the back i haven t actually seen that with a graphics card before i ve only really seen that in there our motherboard packages. So then we ve got a dual molex to pcie. 6.

Pin adapter another of the same and finally a dvi to vga adapter although if you re really upgrading to a 350 dollar graphics card today please please upgrade your monitor if you re still using vga please alright next..

We have a little warning. Please allow the graphics card to cool for a minimum of 2 minutes after operation before removing it from your system. Interesting you don t want to burn yourself. After all alright and let s go ahead and take off the caution electrostatic sensitive devices do not open your handle accept it ecstatic free workstation.

Let s get this card out. I ve actually got a gtx 580 here with me for comparison. So we ll be able to hold them up next to each other alright. So the first thing.

We see is that the gtx 570 looks very similar to the 580 the overall shrouded cooler design is something that we ve seen on nvidia cards. Since gee pretty much. The 8800 series. Where we ve got a a fan at the back here so this is a pwm controlled fan and we better hold on pause for a minute and we ve also got a little evga sticker here so i m just going to go ahead and remove the gun.

If i can remove the cover on it and i ll go ahead and remove that here we are okay cool okay and then we ve got a rear exhaust sort of setup. So you can see there s actually no access to the fan whatsoever through here. We can just see the the shroud itself and then if we move around to the other side. You can see that all of the air is being exhausted out of the case.

Now. There s a couple different design philosophies for video card coolers. So one of them is that the video card. Because it produces a lot of heat inside the case should be cooled sort of adequately.

But we should remove as much of the heat as possible from the case through an exhaust vent. Whereas. The other philosophy is that we should design sort of a more open air cooler that does a better job of cooling. The vga core.

Frankly but exhausts heat inside the case..

So the air were using to cool. The video card isn t actually as cool. So. There s obviously evga s.

Taken. The nvidia reference design approach to this one using the rear exhaust. Cooler. So we ve got two 6 pin pci ii power connectors up here at the top couple evga stickers.

Then we ve also got sli headers that are compatible with both two way. So you just use a single header as well as 3 way sli moving around to the back which we actually sort of looked at already. But i ll show you again. We have two dvi connectors.

One mini hdmi. Please do note you can only use two at a time. So either this one and this one or this one. So you can t use all three at the same time to get nvidia surround going you do have to have two matching gtx 570 cards the back of the pcb actually looks pretty much identical to the 580 from what from what i can recall so what we d probably find if we took the cooler off is that even though there s solder points for all of this memory actually here you can clearly see there s components on the back here.

But these ones don t have memory chips installed on them. So that s where we get the difference in ram kapoor between the 570 and the 580. We ve got a standard pci express 16x interface down here at the bottom that is pci express. 2.

So it s double the bandwidth of the old pci express 1. And i think that s pretty much everything there is to say about it evga s. I guess their value at their brand value is a few different things first of all they have their step up program. Which allows you within a certain window of time to take your gtx 570.

Let s say nvidia you know kind of have the 570 on the market..

Only for like a month. And then they go and release like 1 2. 575 or something evga step up program allows you to trade in your old 570. And then pay like at the difference to get the new 575 so it s a pretty cool program.

They also have their lifetime warranty as well as 24 7. Tech. Support so those are some of the evga differences. And i ll actually show you guys also what they had to say for themselves.

So besides their evga precision tool. Which is an overclocking utility. They ve also got some of their selling points here. So that the number one seller.

They re the number one in reliability and service. According to some surveys somewhere and they re the performance leader in 3dmark vantage. Although 3d mark. 11.

Was released today so it s going to be off to the races. All over again for all the crazy overclocking guys. And then number one folding at home team in the world. So.

Thank you for checking out my unboxing of the evga geforce gtx. 570. Don t forget to subscribe to linus tech tips for more unboxings reviews and other good tech. ” .


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