Fable 2 (Xbox One) E36 – Knothole Island (Part 1)

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“Shot most of terminator genisys in new orleans. I know now jai courtney was here here last week. And he s your co star in the film. He claimed that did no drinking at all yes.

He wanted to stay in shape of gauzy. Did ya. Know i had a feeling that these australians. Yeah.

It didn t seem like it made sense where did you stay when you were there um. I stayed in this beautiful beautiful house. But oh my goodness it was definitely definitely haunted a haunted house 100. And i figured it out well.

I found out because they were there all these kind of like haunted places in new orleans. And they were like you know it s haunted cuz. There s really thick and it feels kind of like super humid and i was like oh. That s like all of my house here like slamming doors and like all this freaky stuff.

But the funniest thing was that i was actually renting it from my very good friend michiel huisman. He was on the show game of thrones dario dario. Oh yeah. And he didn t he d i tried to yeah um.

He i brought. I was kind of saying. How there were lots of bases. A new one is that wanted and he was like yeah.

My house isn t that one i was like uh huh. Yeah. So this might be the first moment that he met he finds out his house is no it s not gonna help his resale value that s for sure no it s not i know it might not know cuz. I thought it was like an air conditioning situation.

Yeah so it going to the point one night where we d been doing later night shoots and i was like okay i ve had enough i ve got to go get like an air conditioning unit. So i called jay who was also having a syria. Another problem and was like will you come with me to home depot at like 3 00 am. Really to get an air conditioning unit.

All right why not why not why not but i got a little i got a little nervous that someone might recognize me yeah. And you caught the home depot. No what the hell is he up to laughter. I d so put this cap on and then i was um.

I was i thought it d be a really good idea to do an american accent. Because then that would make me less you know place it might cloak. Me. Laughs yeah.

Right um. And uh and iii. Discovered. A.


Well. Yeah. Let me. I d love to hear your american accent.

Because i m always interested because i don t think we even have that i guess in certain regions we have accents. But yeah. But we do obviously well it was it was late so my american accent. Do you heard on terminator kind of changed a little bit into kalia from the valley.

She s like this whole like situation i got so close to like getting jai to buy me like a 700 air conditioning unit. I like got the guy to help me he was freaking out it was awesome you know you would come out here. And just started. Talking like that probably just made my brain short circuit.

People in what the hell is going on anything. Yeah. Did you base that on someone you know i like loved. Clueless.

Hi. I m. Jimmy kimmel. Thanks for watching.

If you d like to see. More click below to subscribe to our youtube channel. And if not do nothing at all ll of course he did and let us hope. It doesn t melt in your hand.

When you find it dig up the ice key and our adventure begins all right so there are some vendors here there are also some areas that we can t get to yet because the island is frozen. We have a vendor here find yourself seven wise men. But to these princes ice. Order is safe okay.

Whatever children what we have here. Examine property don t want to buy it i think we ve we bought enough we ll let these people own their own property. I think that would be a nice thing don t you okay now i can t see our quest marker. Very easily so all right how awesome is it that now we re adventuring it did a king s royal outfit cape crown and the whole nine yards.

I love that oh i see something up ahead. What are you whatever you are you re kinda. Oh. Yeah.

You re shooting at me. Okay. Oh. Shadows.

That s what they already did. I saw that hit down below by the way. Oh pal burring. El poco.


Came out okay. I think we re safe oh. No we re not we got bugs. Some of these bugs take a lot of hits man wow.

Okay your faithful dog may be gone. But you can still dig up items using your spade. Oh. I see i see it s right here.

Okay. Thankfully the game tells you the i ski all right so basically this kind of starts out like a fetch quest now we have this heirloom and i m too lazy to go get it so will you get it for me okay. Thanks. It s basically how these things go okay.

I went faster than the questline. Oh okay. I was thinking maybe we d be taking it back to the warrior chief. The chieftain i forgot well at least we re indoors.

I don t know if that s good. It is not how oh. You okay. Oops.

Area. Oh. Great. There.

Goes. Nothing. Oh. Wow.

Oh. Oh. Oh. I see.

It. I. See. It.

Fat. Burner. Potion. This item.

In the olli found on the whole island achieved that svelte figure with minimum effort. Awesome okay did you get get over okay oh missed. It okay let s try again come on game. There we go all right okay.


Remember this ow don t forget about that though okay so i m going to bet you money yep. There s a thing there i can t get to that chest because of this and this lever is frozen over so okay let s see if we can go this way. I knew it okay ballerina you and you thank you should be messing with a king. Now.

I will hang you oh oh okay. This is an interesting one got it i don t know if it s timed probably is point blank sweet okay i hit i hit the button. Okay. Thank.

You now we can go that way okay cool okay so we could get this chest. But we still can t go past it and there s a second chest. There actually is this one uncovered. You know that one over there is still frozen over all right so we re gonna do that in a second.

But let s come over here. Yeah. Classmarker cuz. We re going to have to do this anyway.

Oh oh oh no it s one of these we have to do certain ones in the right order. Oh. I hate these i so hate these okay so that took the first two what about this one nope that didn t do it so if we do all right puts it back all right now. We just have the line.

I ll bet ya. No oh man oh first okay we got this yeah okay. That wasn t too bad. I still hate him.

Though okay. So there s the second one there s another book right. There you see it kind of shimmy floatin shimmy floatin that s a thing. It is now it just admitted.

It we don t have a way of getting it at the moment. Though okay that s twice now i have totally jumped out of my skin. I don t eat chips stop blocking me al vereen over there too because of course. There is hey.

Mr. Bell vereen. I m over here aha okay. So that kind of gave us a gimme.

There. So is this just yes. This one is now unfrozen. Oh.

No that s the okay that was the one i was thinking about okay let s grab these banded gloves not so much the night trousers okay cool okay so now we should go ahead and hit this lever. Okay making progress. Very ominous music in the background ooh. This place looks bad of course of course ow whoa whoa second wave.


What is that was bizarre oh man okay before we do is there anything of interest. No other than i want to get the heck out of here. Oh there s a chest way over there okay let s take a detour. I don t really plan on coming back feeble scar vanishing potion scarred for life not anymore bad infomercial.

Whether you want your skin looking as best to impress your romantic quarries or just don t want to don t want anyone to know what rubbish fighter. You are that would be me this potion could change your life. Okay. What is this use the sun totem sure.

And it s now like the sahara desert. What have we done okay so something over there probably can t get to it yet. There s the chest. There and it doesn t look like i can get to that either and all of the lake albeit frozen over before his mouth right out that was a god awful sound.

Oh man okay. Where where am. I oh oh. I can t get this.

One now cool. Now look at all the the heat ripples. That s pretty awesome graphics for when this came out actually okay so big drastic change from when we first arrived to right now can we get in this thing. I don t think so i doubt it let s take a look anyway up yes.

We can but of course this door could not be opened at this time. And there s a chest can i get that note that doesn t look like a way up there right now okay and look how much lower. We are now with all the water gone wow. I m thinking up silver key.

Or know a book volume. Six. Okay so we re collecting them out of order. So we ll we ll do a thing after we ve gotten all the books and we ll go through them all all at the same time.

So is there anything over here no all right well let s just uh. We re gone turning the quest in oh man it s so hot all right. I did it i had full confidence. I d chosen an adequate champion for this historic event.

I brought sunshine back to my people. I did they do a part two of course. Oh i feel free harry better and spend your gold you have brought sunshine into the lives of the people of not whole island. The potion shop has been able to restock yes and new items have become available in the box of secrets.

I forgot about that oh my goodness okay all right well part one of our quest to help the people of not whole island has been completed and guys we re going to have to call it here thank you for joining me hope you enjoyed we ve got several more things to do here while we re on not whole island. We ll get to it in the next episode thanks again guys we ll see you in the next one hello. There citizen of albion that s right you ll cheer thanks again guys. We ll see you the next one nice or what take care and bye bye.

Another marvelous to canada. ” ..

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