Flux Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus – Review – Thinnest battery case available!

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“You find yourself yelling on your iphone because it s only 1 00 pm. And and you re already at 10 battery life well you re not alone as this most iphone users. There are plenty of battery cases out there already but the common issue is that they re pretty bulky. But this one s a little different as in it s a little littler as in its smaller.

So let s check it out the first thing you ll notice with the flex battery case is the exterior finish. Soft rubbery matte finish that encompasses a complete hardshell case on the inside is a glossy plastic finish with some details about the battery itself. Which we ll get into later installation is simple go in volume side first and snap. The opposite side in place.

There s a large cut for the power button the same for the volume buttons. But cuts. It pretty close to the edge of the case. So you kinda have to go under the case to access them.

Then there s a space just cutout for the mute rocker. But again cutting it close so will require nails to get to around back a deep cut out for the camera and flash. Which is great to protect your lens..


And doesn t obstruct your flash. But the bottom of the case is where the magic happens compared to the multi case. You no longer have to deal with that extra chin and compare it to the six case. The poplar apple s smart battery case again you lose the chin.

Since the bottom is left free to explore you can use docks like normal and connect the headphones or speakers. Without special bap ters. It just about doubles. The thickness of the iphone.

Which in comparison is still slimmer. Than the apple smart battery case. As well as the mophie cases. And there s no additional width or height to the case.

So it doesn t require you to stretch to reach anymore of the screen than you normally would the soft rubber. Doesn t grease up and provides an added grip in that hand and those rabid edges also make it feel like the case and the iphone are single design with how comfortable it is to grip. However the downside to the flush edges and a stiff case is how tricky it is to remove from the case..


It s like a clingy girlfriend that just won t let go the recommended removal surgery is to push through the camera hole with one finger and lift from the power button. Don t worry they know the pain as well. There s even instructions on the inside with a pretty detailed thumb drawing. I might add the plus version stores a 2000 milliamp battery.

Which is about a 60 increase. While the six has a fifteen hundred million battery. Which should give about a 70 percent boost. There s no buttons to turn it on and off just this a dongle that chills on the side case to initiate charging pull it out and plug it into your iphone just like how they talking in school and shazam and this test.

I left down an airplane mode. So this is the most battery you can get out of the case with a full battery on both cases in both tests. The case provide the iphone a 55 percent boost in a little over an hour. Which is a little less than what they advertised.

But is a trade off for the size of the case. But this generally puts you back in the game. But if you haven t noticed..


This is what it looks like when the phone is charging my speaker is unobstructed and i can plug in any pair of headphones. Which is a common issue with other cases flipping around back you ll see this constantly blinking shiny green light. Which reports to you the status of the battery case. If it really annoys you i d say just cover.

It with some tape and thankfully you won t have to deal with any new wires. You can actually use your existing lightning cable to charge the case. There s pass through charging. So i ll charge your iphone first before charging the case to check the status of the battery case.

Just press your finger on the four prongs. Which does feel a little funny. But will give you a similar led status on the back now. I know what you re thinking you re gonna lose that small ass connector but in my test no matter how hard you slap knocked or shook the case.

The connector just wouldn t let go it s surprising just as secure when you have it plugged in and if you do somehow end up losing. It they understand your struggle and actually include a spare dongle just in case just try not to lose that one too. If you drop your phone every other day you may not like this the case lacks any lip around the screen and cuts..


It really close to leaving the edges. Almost bare this of course is an effort to minimize as much of the case as possible and it s done a great job at becoming the thinnest battery case. I ve ever used. But at the cost of protection.

Although it s a trade off. I m okay with making i highly recommend pairing this with a trusty screen protector that way it won t bulk up the design. But still provide full screen protection it retails for 70. But if you use the code accessorize.

Me you can save 15 at checkout it comes in a variety of colors that match the original iphone colors and links to everything as well as the discount code can be found in the description below the case and review is sponsored by flux so big thank you to them for supporting the channel. I was given complete creative freedom and the opinions expressed are my own i generally never had a battery case thinner than this which is why i agreed to do it in the first place as i personally use it. Myself however it only has a 2000. Milliamp battery built in so if battery capacity is your priority you may want to look elsewhere.

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