Forest Nothing vs TyRanT with 256x Mod!

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“I thought met all tyron professionals had that map. He said. Yeah regicide of course course this one is not the best but which one do so many where is it is there yeah. There is you can give me host trust.

Me i have all the nothing maps. Pictures. Yeah. What a try hard man what a try there s there s one sieve.

Which is pretty much unbeatable unless you make a very big mistake. Which i won t bring up okay my pair. What is old age anyways look teams and speed. But doubt tech man no because he s all dead oh.

Well. I tell you you are dicks man. I didn t tattoo when we played when we played was it all tex. He s always okay.

I didn t yeah okay well. Anyway. Vipre. No no none of this team random crap man.

What come on what s the difference. If it s all texts anyway. While the unique units. And the unique the unique technologies as well like imagine if you get celts and you get fuhrer celtic ax like 256 times.

Yeah. What s the parent isn t that give him first come on vipre it s only ten dollars. You you and don t take my monies man you and you guys have like the same thing. But yeah are you guys in the same house.

My stream. Yeah we re vikings vicki. Only win for me man. Oh yeah.

No seriously are you in the same place. Look. At that pink team gaming house alright. Let s go wait wait.

It s it s it s it s three player. We have four players come on all right man. I just wonder how i m gonna spend the 40 jeez that s 30 extra. I know but you re celts oh guys how d you get celts tat.

Oh. Stop complaining you re supposed to be the best player come on i can t yeah. It s it s kind of tough my resources last longer man sure more trees the job. It s alright vibrate.

If this was one low kingdoms you could get ups indian arrows a lot i d be cool. It s not though it s cool to dream. Though. Luka may score high jumpy man.

Wow man tessa s hacking. Ah. I can t get this one villager to work god. This is this is your this is your punishment for playing for tonight.

Doubt nope. It s not too late man. Oh. I can create villes shit.

I had an idol tc. This whole time. I m so bad. I m so used to being house.

This is fine this sucks so viper. He ll see how was your day. Man playing this this is the new. Meta i have a 18000.

Tournament being launched in august. All fours nothing i don t care wait suit a total million trees man so since this starts in futile age we cannot get double bid or we can get double bit ex. I forget because we get that we did it before and it was yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. That s why well. It s a dark. It s a dark age tech.

So you have to you have to micro them doubt you have to bike without to micro. The trees man delta micro was pretty good in that one 2v2 not as good as tattos. But his ville my car on the tower last game wasn t the best doubt to micro. Me yeah.

It was it was a perfect example of why tower rushes work just you could tell you could see the panic. It s all right man..

Anybody goes is this diplomacy labor why so blue man build the dam male villagers. Goodness oh dad it was a trick you don t build a milled uh losers fell for it hey gotcha viper laughter okay what s your favorite sip then please tell it okay. Vikings vikings tatse didn t you say you test didn t you say you tested this and the berserk regen. So fast.

It was almost impossible to kill them you need to once of them yeah to cure two big toes. My says mayans doubt well boy this is getting look at my score high jumping already oh my god i forgot you can make market you guys are doing way better than me i can already tell you how much what what if you guys let me just rocketry. A bunch doubt that could be nice once the trade with me i don t think we re gonna need trade vipre. You have so much would trust me you can sell it s fine man.

I m still trying to get past like two layers of trees just don t do what i did when we played this in 1v1 until your tc. Juices yes. I do recoupment no no chance okay place. The farm.

I can trick and get rid of these trees is lower farming as well it s okay vibrate slices. We just take you wild it ll just take you a while to get rolling man. That s right you can t rush. A good thing.

Oh boy. We ve got mice code that would make duke. Everything. Even.

How is your score. So high of course of all the saves to get you got kills. Tatto. Is played tattos probably played more force nothing games than i have in all honesty like me i only play when my viewers put a gun to my head and make me do it but tatto he s like t90 do you want it do you know how long it took me to cut through the whole map all the wood.

Like what you actually mean oh you will see how fast you will cook yeah. It s pretty crazy. It is pretty crazy. I i ve played this a couple times.

Now it s actually quite fun once it gets rolling unless your mayans then it might suck. But you know you re saying just wait till 30 minutes and you ll see well now that s the problem here that you have to wait till 30 minutes. It s fast weed man that s not even like a real 30 minute. Yeah.

Janina do you need to make up it meanwhile that viper of mines. I don t know tattoo. How many double bit x. s have you got already.

I just cured. Like tim oh. No i i didn t even get one yet. I created more villes.

So i m yeah all right just i ll tell you what s that tat. Oh. I ll play more force. Nothing games with you in the future.

If you kill viper first actually. Oh forget 10. Oh hold on we re gonna make a bounty system out of business. Forget ten dollars.

I ll give you 20 tattoo. If you kill viper first does it count if i resign actually actually i feel like viper would want to get killed first so kill him last. Why are we playing on it s already over all right. It s not it s not over man well.

I think talked about all the market. He has celts you ve got farms of millions. Yeah. I mean i need to catch it already oh my god to the gusset.

You got your cap. What this guy s a madman holy lethal bacon dude. I believe doubt streaming his point of view here and stuff so i don t want to be rude. You know.

But dude. Thank you i didn t see that geez nothing nothing you re cheating his stream cheating he gave me intel. He said that you re chopping wood right now i didn t know that yeah i was lucky with girls man oh man this isn t home. They also point of playing this okay.

We can reset. It do anything do you want to restart is there already what pop what pop do you have tattoo. 34. But they have like 11k boot.

Oh really now i exactly can buy food bb. Tax. All time. Well.

It s it s a up to you guys. I mean if you want every do it farms. I have okay okay do you want to redo it no okay lethal vacant dude. Thank you i have never been more focused in my entire age of empires career.

Now micah. It does i m not a big fan of yeah yeah..

But now it s usually to be are you cancel that you re not getting score. So high if he has that many double bit axes. We re kind of screwed you probably just clicked up right i need clean up yeah 85. Yeah.

I figured so did you how many i m curious how many bills you created tattoo. So you say you have two three no three that s there for okay. So you didn t create money like the so you pretty much got double bit exes before creating extra bills is what you re saying almost yeah. They don t enough they made the video.

Some i place through lumber. Oh really that s smart actually so so you deleted your tc. At the very beginning and place to lumber camps. Okay and they get that bit yeah.

And that s a smart man masterpiece man. Smart top is playing this game. A lot man. I i m pro man on for tonight.

Only oh no god don t do it villagers okay they re fine. I wish there s a way to check. I don t think there is accounting. He probably has too many to count now let s be honest how s it going viper.

How many farms you at me your score is above mine. So good they find my back. I like i like how that does it thinks. This is so funny and we re just sitting here like vipers mayans.

He s go finally make markets dude. I don t think yeah. The prices are already screwed shit. I don t think buying a market or trade.

I ll trade with you just got to find you first i promise. We re not we re not laughing with you viper. We re laughing at you know my villagers man they re just chopping through trees. It s like a kid in a candy store right here shut up tat.

So are you recording your point of view. I m pretty sure people want to see it okay. Oh god the thing is tatto siv. If you get too many furyk l2 cos.

It won t let you create seeds because it s so strong the game can t handle it i think i had like 50 k. Hp all myself. I mean i m pretty sure they could guess it won t be a huge surprise at this point someone in my twitch chat. Just said am.

I the only one that thinks that t90 has no chance with these opponents well thanks man. I think i think that people first book. I think people forget we read the chat you know that hurts my feelings. Oh don t we can t spoil it didn t go to youtube.

Yet don t say a word it i m streaming this yeah. But doubt don t say a word don t say don t say a word don t say we re oh don t spoil it for me doubt that was very motivated to to beat your score. I understand that but i failed. I can t tell you this is this is really good it s a really good tease for viewers on youtube guys.

Tonight is gonna put this in youtube and to sure tyrant and plays all of us in the thumbnail and all that s shit man. I can exclude you if you want i won t put you in it yeah. Please because i mean if i were to put you in the thumbnail you profit. I probably have to find a picture of you crying that way to be fit into an actual gameplay did i just link people to the chat.

The challenge so i m good yes. It s true man i i in my defense. I can t play i play so shitty when i m talking i i looked at those games that we played vipre and out. And i was so disappointed also and out oh well he yeah he won at least one what so i was so disappointed in myself like how on earth did i play that bad.

It s so tough to talk you guys have some talent to be able to do that i mean this. I m still sucking at this honestly like i m my scores close to vipers that s not that s not cool look. Maybe we can get the cast. Maybe.

Some maybe i have 20 pop. Now. 25. Yes.

This way the food price is quite a quite quite high. Why do you think my score is a little bit. Oh. God i can t even place farms and forests.

Nothing. This is it it s the problem look good tonight in this corner guys. I just up to i just i just upped man. I sold all my rez to excuses.

Oh. I just cancelled a double bit acts of great know what just let it run man just queue up some bills and let it run. Yes king nicki. You re right.

I was accepted in a siren with this game. It s official..

This is how we re announcing it okay tat oh. We see your score man. You don t need to tell us okay stop reminding us. I m trying not to look at it man okay.

Man it s even worse for you. Guys it s like 3 00 am. You re really questioning your life choices right now dude. Yeah.

It s like really. It s really good man. It s a great late game siv because you can bank up those resources. I m sure it ll work for you we ran out the woods.

This is too good. This is fine man. So tatto is there a wheelbarrow double bed axe. Yeah.

Yeah. Cause like how many wheelbarrows should i have for double bed x. That s my question hmm. I don t know i just make everybody i see that to be ladies don t carry 100 dude.

Okay. Nice topic all right you go so otherwise he doesn t make any more sense okay all right boys. It s it s time. We re gonna start cutting out of this thing.

Oh my god oh luke howdy. I can t i can t relate tattoo. But maybe someday i ll be able to relate you have to let viper live. You can t kill him don t kill her and kill me don t kill him be my guest tattoo.

I m here this is my pc come here oh. You re at the fire man. No come here. Kathy preferably.

8. 4. Preferably. Go hot stuff laughter.

I want to road the game man you want to break it yes i can t wait till. I see the stats on your units. It s gonna be insane see the good thing is i ve watched quite a bit of fortnight and this game has so far matched the level of excitement. Fortnight provides for me so this is this is pretty much the same experience that you would have gotten viper even.

But i disagree wholeheartedly so out of all of you who s the best. I feel like tatto is the best and 14 fortnight well. I know i no doubt is i mean all i need to know about doubt skill level is the fact that he likes the bush no offense down so yeah so much better building. And yeah.

I watched he s really good at building. Which seems like it s there is best with bush. If you like the more you use it you probably you get worse. And worse doubt.

I could be wrong nice job man that s so much better than you or a while ago. Yes congrats. I m a happy for you viper baby. Did you reset.

I don t want to see i m gonna get spies soon. And when i get spies. I can show the stream and i can see for myself how much yeah i can get a lot more wheelbarrows. I guess don t make way all right the farming eco.

Yeah. If our eco is really slowly do you make too many big burrows okay good to know you see no don t cut to me man. Youtube will be so pissed to you man. I m sure none of them want to see me die.

No what do you think chet twitch said. Do you want me to die. I don t think they want me to die come here. Yeah.

See everyone says they don t want me to die. So just don t disrespect their wishes now shut up it s fine. Oh you knew laughter. Damn it he got me how did you hit him.

I m strong man right bear. Yes. Dude. That you re gonna be a spy sniff.

Oh spies are super cheap as well. I can t i can t see it i m not i m not building it up don t you dare come to me man let me get to improve this shit. I m buying my food for impe. But playing any games like the pros yeah.

But they re not bringing in food. I ve been like i have all farmers they re not doing anything i have yeah..

This is interesting do you like you re right. The farmers are doing nothing. Oh cuz they carry so much food that okay. Yeah.

That makes sense if i m ready victimized. You do take the down. The bill well attached oh get out of my base man don t kill my bonus monthly. See kings in its bugs research.

The wrong yeah alright. I m about to see you i m almost at him dad so i m building this castle to protect myself. But don t okay don t feel threatened by my know i think my doofy design hold up there in a way. Okay can you save me some wood.

I could really use some like don t don t come to this side. Please okay. I did too much wheelbarrow yeah. Yeah.

That s the problem. I ran into that s time to bail. All right boys here we go. Oh my god you do that.

Oh my god pfeifer you look looks good over there man yeah. That s not gonna work you know tatto can you not chop. That wood man like next to my house is here i need that what next my houses. It s fine.

Oh fuck ideas nice man let me look at the 90 doing a blasted lesson gotta get those ranged upgrades man. I don t see any military from utah. So what are you gonna do i want to suggest to make a surprise. Okay.

I m doing the updates already so britons get thumb ring. In this which is nice ankl to doughty now. Okay. This i guess thumb ring.

Doesn t stack in this yeah. Why is the root my pair. I m not aiming. I m not there it s automatic man like like dowel micro.

Yes laughter. What is to happen. There s no wood left a good man. How s it going viper great sounds like you re having a good time.

But super excited about this matter. I think ouya is how much how much did they offer the same thing either one to the bill. Now that we re getting close to each other man. Oh finished.

Oh. That s a lot of range on your chuco news. Doubt. What s that about man that anyway you going to hit me man.

I know i knew that such a. I think i m still firing after you as well uh. I did have ballistics it s just that the distance the distance is so long. Oh.

My god on this is that king so i was so close. No ballistics is because the range ballistics doesn t it doesn t work as good. It doesn t work as good. Oh.

This is so crazy oh man epic man. Okay that sa. What were you you just went out in i guess what you just went with paladin. Did you have like any other upgrades.

Yeah okay yeah. You know what i did yesterday when i played this i. Random teutons and i got i was sniping kings with my castles with crenna with crenellations so i sniped three people s kings with castles. It was priests pretty insane.

Wow. That s crazy. An isochoric. Ah.

You see man that was so ridiculous good timing on that snipe. Though doubt. Because i was you knew i was focused on pat. Oh yeah smart play nice nice stats.

There tatto on the wood. It s all text. So i could get thumb ring as well i guess i guess i didn t get in enough because i couldn t kill that king fucking doubt the man well played guys best of eleven right might be 170 might win it sounds like it he sounds real excited my life ever ” ..


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