How to Fix External Hard Drive Not Showing Up

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“Everyone i m michael and i m so happy to see you again in the the channel. And i m back with providing you with simple and feasible data solutions. We re going to talk about what to do when we attach a harddrive to our system. And it doesn t show up in our device list.

So yeah topic is external hard drives and that s probably. The most affordable and most reliable solution for backing up our data. But sometimes we use these bodies for transferring important data from one computer to another so having them working fine. All the time is essential usually they are fairly simple to use all you have to do is just to plug them in and they appear on the computer then you can drag drop copy delete files do whatever you like but sometimes you may connect our external drive to the pc.

With the usb port and find out that it doesn t show up usually the problem could be caused by one of these reasons. A broken usb port or we may have partition issues on the external drive or we re using the wrong file system or there s the driver corruption or the driver is simply outdated now stay tuned. Because if there s a will there s a way and we ll talk about all these possibilities and how to overcome them first thing to do let s go to a personal computer with windows operating system and explore the disk management utility. This is the first place we should check whether the hard drive shows up if we re travel shooting press.

The windows key and the x button or simply right click the start button and select this management from the list or you can also press. The windows key and our that already is advanced magic and type disk mgmt dot msc that s opening the very same thing..

The disk management after that we re gonna see this management summary. And it s going to show us all the available hard drives which are connected and recognized by the computer. We should see our external hard drive also listed in the disk management window. Even if it hasn t appear in the pc window because sometimes it simply doesn t have any partition and this is very likely to happen if you re attaching a brad new extended dry for the first time if you see the drive here that s good news.

Let s try to initialize it go and select it in this way you re gonna partition and properly format the device so that it s properly recognized by windows alternatively. If you see simply an allocated space. You only have to create a new partition and let s see how this is done right click on the unallocated space. Select new simple volume.

Which is the option. And then follow the wizard to create a new partition once finished partitioning the drive you can safely remove the drive plug it back. And it should be operating back as normal there s a third possible scenario. Which is the nicest of all of them your external drive is fine.

There is a partition. However there is no letter..

Which is assigned to that partition so here s what we do in that situation right click on your drive and select change drive letter and paths select the add option if your hard drive. Doesn t have a drive letter click the change. If it already has a letter and make sure to select a sign the following drive letter then select the one you prefer and click the ok button so far so good we have explored three of the rather simple scenarios now we re going to increase the difficulty and involve different file systems. If the drive appears partitioned.

But you still can t access. It it s probably partitioned with a different file system for example. You may have formatted your drive with the xfs file system from linux or ap fs on mac. But windows can t read those file systems.

You ll need to reformat the drive with a newer ntfs or with the older fat32 file system. So that windows would be able to recognize it you can do that from the disk management. Just right click and select formats. But please make sure that you have a backup of all the data that you re about to erase.

If your external drive is still not showing up even after the format don t give up carry on you need to determine why your drive is not recognized. It s possible that you have a hardware issue or a driver problem or simply..

The drive is dead to exclude the possibility of a broken usb port. We re going to make a very basic exercise take the external hard drive and plug it into another usb port. If the drive shows up it s clear that port number one is faulty if it still doesn t show up maybe. It s a good idea to verify whether it s going to appear on another computer.

Don t forget that at any point of time there s the possibility that the cable that you use is also faulty. If the troubleshooting with using another usb port or another usb port of another computer does not really help maybe we should start accepting the possibility that there s a hardware issue with the drive itself. But we re gonna stay in the most software level and i m gonna show you how to possibly recover driver issues press. The windows key and the x button and select the device manager in the list expanded this drive category check for any devices with yellow exclamation mark.

If you see the symbol that might be well indicating a problem so right click select properties and check the error message if that still doesn t work it is worth trying to update. The driver and for windows. 8 and windows. 10.

This is really easy and a very automatic process go to device manager ok the external hard drive from the list go to properties select update driver software and then select search automatically for updated driver software so there we are plenty of things that can lead to possible inability to access our external hard drive. But now we know plenty of ways how to fix that and because we are a company..

Which is focused on data recovery. You can always trust in our professional data recovery software called recover it check the description for more information. What to do and how to do no matter. The situation whether we talk about unsafe removal or a problem with the partition or accidental format.

There is a chance your data to get recovered. Now before i sign up something very very important. One of you is going to win a 50 amazon card and you can spend it to buy whatever you like just make sure you re subscribed to the channel. You leave a comment below that you re interested in to the giveaway and wishing you good luck.

My name is michael and i m looking forward. ” ..

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