How to Replace / Change Fitbit Zip Battery

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“Right today we re going to be installing a new battery in a fitbit zip. Zip. The battery has died and basically we just need to replace it to get guy back up and going very simple process. But you can need obviously a zip you re going to need a screwdriver.

This is a great little one you can grab something like this on amazon. I ll have some affiliate links in the description box below as well as some batteries. You re going to need the cr2025..


This is. A 3 volt. Lithium battery. And this is basically.

What. The fitbit uses also have some links in the description box. Below..


You can pick this up via. My affiliate links for amazon alright. So let s go ahead and get started. So basically what you re gonna do with your fitbit zip.

If it s in its little protective kind of slip on clip is just pull it out like this and we re gonna basically take this and put it off to the side okay now that we have the fitbit zip out of the sleeve. All we need to do is basically unlock. The battery enclosure and you can see the arrows pointing to lock in the lock position..


We re just going to move it over to the unlock position. This is actually kind of difficult like i said without a screwdriver it can be done. But i m just gonna take this and very gently you can push it in there and slide. It over to the left you can see there remove.

And it pops right off now. I ve actually already taken the battery out of this old one just for simplicity s sake and we re gonna install the new one now alright so give me a minute and i m gonna open up this package here and we ll install the new one okay we pulled out one of the batteries from the case and we re actually going to install it with the label side up here s what the other side looks like just you can see that side is going to be down. I m just going to put it directly right on to the inside the slot of the fitbit and we re gonna grab our enclosure again again..


What you can do is take that arrow line it up with the unlock side and push it in and then we re going to get our screwdriver and we re going to just slide. It this time to the right. And there you go once the arrow is lined up with the other side. There we should be good to go all right there we go better changed hopefully that helps stay tuned.

I m going to have more fitbit blaze tips and tricks coming up soon hit that subscribe button don t forget to amazon links below. If you need to get a battery or the tool for ” ..

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