How To Run NoxPlayer6 Faster 2018 Fix Lag and Improve Performance Easy

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“And welcome back to another computer sluggish tutorial before we get started have you subscribed subscribed to my youtube channel. Yet if not be sure to click on the big subscribe button on my main page and once you have done this don t forget to click on that bell to be the first to get notified when i upload a new video in today s video. I will be showing you how to fix all those lag problems in knox player to start off with first you need to open up knox player. And you now need to head on over to the top right hand corner and click on the settings clock.

The very first thing we need to do is make sure we have the latest version of knox player by simply clicking on check for update and as you can see i do have the latest version of knox player. Which is great that s fine. I can go ahead and press ok the second thing we want to now do is clean up that disk space basically what we are about to do is clear any cache basically any junk files that knox player has stored and this really can help improve the performance of knox player you can now go ahead and press cleanup. And this will take a couple of minutes.

And as you can see is cleaned up 827. Meg of rubbish and we now need to go down to the bottom and hover over our knox player icon and click back onto the settings. You now need to go across to advanced settings and we now need to change our performance settings at the moment. It s only using one core of my cpu.

And it s only using one gig of my memory. Which really isn t a lot at all especially. When you can click on high and you can use for calls of your cpu and use free gig..


But we can actually up that even more if you have a powerful enough computer. We can now click on custom and we can set it to the highest value. Which is 8 and then we can set the memory to 4 0. 9.

6. Which is 4 gig and that is the highest you can do at the moment on knox player. But your computer can handle that then knox player will definitely run a lot better. But even if you set it to high or middle.

It s still a lot better than what it was originally on which was low you now need to go to your startup settings and we need to change the size of our screen. At the moment. My resolution is set to 1920 by 1080. Which is a lot of rendering the games need to do if i was to change it to the lower set in here.

Which is 800 by 600. The gang would run a lot smoother as it don t have to draw as much image on the screen. We can even change it from tablet to mobile phone and we could turn it down..


Even more to 480 by 800. I know the screens going to be slightly smaller. But the game will definitely run a lot better next we have our graphics rendering modes. This is a hard one really i always find opengl actually runs a lot smoother than direct x.

But it really does depend on what graphics card you do have if you do go with speed direct x. I would actually personally turn the frame settings down to 30 frames per second because. If your computer isn t powerful enough then it really isn t going to push 60 frames per second. So let s just cap it off at 5 frames per second.

So it basically always runs at 40 frames per second. It s not constantly stuttering by going between fire eater 50 to 45 frames per second. It will constantly stay out of 80 frames per second once you re happy with those settings. We can now go ahead and press.

Save settings. You will need to restart knox player for these to take effect. Once knox player has restarted now try and boot up a game and see how well it plays don t worry if you are still getting a lot of lag..


There is another thing we can do you now need to head on over to the website for your graphics card and download the latest drivers this will definitely help improve the performance and the other thing we can do is also head on over to direct x. I will put a link in the description below for this website. And you now need to press download. And we just wanna make sure these two are unchecked and go no thanks.

And you no need to go save file and run the setup file and we want to go i accept next don t want to install bing bar and we want to go next again. And we just want to make sure we have the latest version of direct x. As this will definitely help improve performance as wow. As you can see i do have the latest version of directx.

Which is fantastic that s fine. If you are still having issues with knox player then the next step is basically to go down to the bottom left hand corner of our screen. And right click you now need to go to task manager and once you re in task manager. You now need to close down any programs.

Apart from knox player. For example. Right..


Now. You can see firefox is using 600. Meg of my memory. Which that is really bad.

We want that memory to be used on knox. Player and as you can see obs is currently using 45. Percent of my cpu. But i want knox player to use as much cpu and memory as it can and i don t want my computer doing other things in the background.

So make sure you close down all the programs that you aren t using and this will certainly help improve the performance as wow. And that is it for this video. I hope this video has helped if it has hit the like button below and subscribe for more computer sluggish tutorials. ” .


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