How to Split Clips in Adobe Premiere Pro

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“Hi. It s mike again. And i wanted to share some quick tips with you you inside adobe premier now i was doing a search on how to do something premier in google. And i came up with how to split split a clip.

So i thought i would answer that quest for information somebody out there or many people is typing so moving on so i have these two clips on my timeline. And i just drag them and drop them inside here. And i want to do an edit. And i ve got these two clips that are pretty similar with this cool spinning ball that i made inside adobe after effects with a plug in not going to go too much into that but let s go ahead and let s make a let s split.

The clips and let s make it cut. And i ll also include a bonus tip in there for you as we re doing this so i m going to have this guy..

I m going to scrub along. I m going to find a point where it looks like it s going to right there. So it s going to about there now there s a couple ways of doing this you can take the clip. You can take the trim tool and you can come along and you can drag it to there then glad that grab this guy come along and then go and see when that explodes so let s say about there.

Then you click and drag. So that s a pretty good pretty good cut right there are quicker ways to do this so i m going to back out kind of show you this where were we about right here. Now what you can do is inside over here in the tool bar. You have the razor tool.

The keyboard shortcut c. And you just hi..

It lined it up click and there you go now you ve got your cut. Now you ve got two separate clips as you can see exactly at the same spot ended and then the sense of actual motion. That s going on there dis split so they match up you take this you could delete click drag. And then we re going to go along let s say we re going to click about there and then we re going to click here and then you re going to delete and then you re going to take that and drag it over and lo ok so here comes.

The bonus tip for you well actually the third way to do this and also include a bonus tip. So i m going to go back. And we re going to find that same spot so instead of hitting the hitting the c key or getting the razor tool you hit command k. That s going to split it for you does the same exact thing.

And it does it where the playhead is highlighted over so if i go here and k. Boom..

Command k. Well command k. There we go. And then do you have all these different clips.

So i m going to go back how we know that this part right here is not needed we do is we highlight it option delete and that s a ripple. Delete. So that s going to take the clip slide it all over the next following clip. It s slide it all the way over so then i can just come over here and say i want about c.

It s gonna go boom. Let s say let s say about there command k..

It up arrow key to move along the timeline. Quickly like that option delete and boom. There we go got a quick cut. We split clip.

We split clips merge them together or bump them up together. Now you got a cool clip. So there you go that s how you do that make sure you subscribe make sure you give me a thumbs up if you liked it thumbs down. Just don t do it leave a comment.

Let me know what other things you want to learn and make sure you have a great day and we ll ” ..

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