HP Elite Slice Review

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“Have been working hard to reinvigorate the pc market with the likes of the pavilion pavilion wave and the omen x desktop to name. But joining this exclusive club is hp elite slice a compact modular desktop let s take a look at whether the hp elite slice can really cut the mustard first thing that strikes you with the hp elite slice is the ultra compact size and the stunning 360 degree copper accents sculptured vents it s like no other desktop with rounded corners and twinkle black coating. Yes. That s correct twinkle black coating.

If it had apple logo on it. Everyone will be drooling over the leet slices the new mac mini and that s exactly why the engineers at hp really went to town to make sure the premium design was undescore the slice can be easily upgraded by undoing. The four screws from the base plate underneath the unit. The leaf slice can be upgraded to 32 gigabytes of ram.

There are storage options. Available with sata mdot. Two of added. Security.

Self encrypting. Drives..

Cpus are available from six gen intel. I3. I5 and i7 processors. This review model had technical specs of eight gigabytes of ram 256.

Gigabytes sata. Hard drive. I five six five hundred t cpu with v pro and an intel 530 graphics chip current uk pricing is 926 pounds or eight hundred ninety nine dollars in the states. The lease light offers two usb c ports.

One which is for power that can pass through for any usb c. Monitor one displayport so it can power two 4k displays at once hdmi. Rj45 port. And a headphone out microphone in combo port and the base of the unit is the hp slice connector using type c to connect and transfer data via the modules for your wireless connection 80211 ac wi fi and bluetooth common standard.

There will be a slice available soon with a fingerprint scanner for enhanced security. Naturally..

The main selling point of the lease. Slices. The modularity options. Available you can easily add an optical drive b.

O tuned. Audio module or vista mounting plate one thing to note is the available variants on the main base unit. There s the desktop model. The meeting room version with skype for business touch keys on the top a wireless charging model and the fingerprint sensor model you have to bear this in mind when choosing your model to your usage.

As these options are not part of the modularity. Which is a shame. However swapping out modules is super fast and easy to implement line up the usb type c. Slice connector to combine modules press on the latch to eject.

The module performance on the i. 5..

600. T. Review. Model flies through most day.

To day tasks. Like using office. 365 emails and opening multiple chrome tabs in a business environment. The elite slice.

Happily multitask without lock quickbooks and photoshop opened along with microsoft edge gaming wise the hd 530 graphics chip will play your typical windows store game but don t expect it to play battlefield. 1 or call of duty infinite warfare on the slice hp have really achieved amazing feat by taking a boring looking metal slab and turning it into a miniaturized sexy piece of art in the elite slice it puts a shame what the apple engineers could have done with the mac mini and that s a niche market where i can see the elite slice taking over for those folks who want to show off their computer monitor in a minimalistic and stylish way. The modules have been well designed and simple to connect and detach. However.

I have some concerns as to whether they have a practical purpose for example you would have to buy the meeting room model of the slice and additional bang olufsen audio module to take advantage of the conference features. Why can the hp engineers design..

The conference buttons as an add on module instead similar argument with the wireless charging feature again you would need to purchase a level model to take advantage of this aisa tried this concept with the asa revo and i think it has better modules to speak of i would have been more interested in the elite slice as my office machine if i could expand it with a thunderbolt 3 connected external graphics card module this would boost my adobe creative cloud productivity as example also module with external storage will be a practical way to archive. All my data lastly. A docking station module would be nice as i could see taking the base unit between work and home in the end the hp elite slice is a beautifully crafted ultra compact desktop. Which falls short in its implementation of modules and big question is whether there s a long shelf life with this concept.

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