iOS 13 – How to Set ANY Song as RINGTONE on iPhone (No Computer)

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” s up guys my name is brendan and today. I ll be showing you how how to set any song as your ringtone or text tone on ios. 13. Completely and without the need of a computer or a jailbreak now.

I did make a similar video last year about how to do this on ios 12. But this video is going to be specific for ios 13. So if you are still on ios 12. Or lower go ahead and check that video out because that one is going to work better for you it s up in the cards right now and also down in the description below.

But thanks to ios 13. And the awesome additions to the safari application our web browser. This is going to be much easier now in ios 13 than it was in ios 12. All right so let s not waste any time.

Let s jump straight into it so like i mentioned unlike with ios 12. We don t need a web browser application like a loja browser like we did in ios 12. Because now in ios. 13.

With safari. We have a download manager built in to stock ios. So ios. 13.

Has a download manager so we don t need a separate application for that so the only thing we ll need to download now is going to be garageband. So if you don t have garageband downloaded go into the app store and download garageband it should be a free download. If it s not or if it s grayed out or anything like that check the link down in the description below. It should help you get that for free.


So as garageband is downloading you need to determine what song you want to use for your ringtone or your text tone. Now you can use any song in your apple music library. So if you do have a lot of music here in your apple music library. You can use any song in there or you can also download songs online.

Which is going to be the differentiating factor between this ios 13 tutorial and the ios 12 tutorial. So if you do have these songs that you want to use in your apple music library already this process will be super super simple. But if you want to download a song that you don t have in your library. It ll also be simple.

But there is just an additional step needed and that s gonna be going into safari. So you just want to go to google and then type in whatever song you want followed by mp3. So you can see there i just put ncs. Which is no copyright sounds just because i don t want to get in any kind of copyright issues with this but you guys get the gist of what you can do here just put in the song followed by mp3.

I m not gonna show that but it will take you to a trusted website hopefully you ll click on one of the trusted websites and you want to go and click on this and you can see here. I have a bunch mp3s that i can choose from on this website right here. So i m just gonna go ahead and click on the fifth one right here and since it is a dot mp3 you can see i get this prompt now in ios 13 do you want to download this and just go and click on download and then you will see up in the top right you get your little download manager icon. Right there we go ahead and tap on that you will see we have our downloads right here and if you wants to see where they are being downloaded to just go and click on the little magnifying glass right there.

It will take you to your files application. And you will see exactly the folder that it s downloading these files too so i m it s in my downloads folder right now in my icloud drive so that s exactly where i want it to be so now once you have that once you have the song downloaded or if you already had the song in your apple music library. We re just going to go ahead into garageband open that on up and you should see this screen. When you launch garageband so from here you just want to go ahead and scroll over until you see audio recorder so you can see right here audio recorder going tap on that then you ll get this little prompt right here go and click on ok and now we want to go to the top left right here where you see these little grid icons right there.

We re gonna go and tap on that that will take us to this right here. So we now have a blank space. Where our song is gonna go and then before we even import our song go ahead and tap on the metronome right here disable that otherwise you will get some really annoying clicking noises. I don t want to prevent you guys from hearing that and not knowing how to disable it so go and disable the metronome after that we want to go ahead and click on this little loops icon over here in the top right you see a little loop right.


There beside the wrench go and tap on that so once you ve clicked on the omega icon. Right. There. You will see this right here.

So we have apple loops files. And music. So. If you have the music in your music library already going to tap on music.

Right here. Then you can just go to songs and go ahead and choose whatever song you want very simply right there now if you downloaded a song from safari and you download it to your files application like i just showed you you ll just go over to files browse items from files application and then it should populate in your recents right there. But if it doesn t you can just go ahead to browse and then go to the folder. Which i just showed you how to see but for me.

It s going to be this one right here which i just downloaded right there so we go and tap on that so just give it a few seconds and then it will populate right. There. Then we want just go ahead and tap and hold on this and drag it on to our timeline just like so and by the way guys. When i mentioned that you can use songs from your apple music library.

I met song never actually like downloaded from the computer. And then put into your app. A music library. Not just songs that were there and you saved to your playlists and things like that so you have all these songs grayed out because these are songs that were just from apple music that i just saved to my library that way.

But those won t work you can see here that podcasts do and also songs that you download straight from your computer and then sync it over to your iphone but if you do have songs that were you know locally stored on your iphone you can go ahead and get that onto your timeline the same way so just tap and hold and then drag it over to the timeline just like so. So i m just gonna go ahead and delete this one right here. So we have our song. The original song right there.


Now we want to go and tap on this little plus icon in the top right that should open up this little panel right here. Where it says section. A 8 bars. We want to change that eight bars all the way to 30.

So we want this to be 30 bars. Which means 30 seconds of music so 30 seconds is the maximum allowed for a ringtone. So we re going to go ahead and set that over to 30 bars and we ll go back. And then you can see you can see your timeline.

Adjust itself to 30 bars. Now comes. The fun part of trimming. The song up and getting it to exactly where we want it to be in the song.

So obviously you don t want it to be just the very beginning of the song. So. If you just go ahead and tap on the song right here and go to trim you can just go ahead and keep moving this all the way until you find exactly the part in the song that you want it can be a little tricky sometimes to get your finger there and if you want to just preview. This it s going to move it to the front just tap on play and you can hear it just like so so we re just going to drag this all the way down to the 30 second marker to make sure that it s the full 30 seconds and again if you want to keep previewing.

It you can go ahead and tap on the play icon right there until it s exactly what you want so once you have it exactly how you like it go and tap on the little arrow here on the top left click on my songs and we ll save it real quick then you can see it right here. So they re just named my song by default so if you re going to tap and hold on that you can go ahead and rename that to whatever you want i m just gonna type in ncs go and click on done and if you get this little error right here that s fine just go and click on cancel. If you want and it will show up right there. I think the bug there with renaming is just in ios.

13. Because garageband has not been fully updated and optimized for ios 13. So if you get errors with renaming and things like that don t mind it it still works so good and tap and hold on the song that you just did then we want to go ahead. And do share and then you want to select ringtone and if you get this message that implies that your song is over 30 seconds.


That s fine just go and click on continue. It s probably just like barely over 30 seconds. So like i mentioned you can rename it here as well if you want to seems like garageband is a little bit bugged out so this may be the place to rename your ringtone if you want to rename it so i m just gonna rename mine ncs and go and click on done export and then it will export it as a ringtone as you can see right here should not take very long at all there we go so it did export says ringtone export successful and then it says you sound as you could do it right there or you can just go ahead into settings. So i m just gonna show you it in settings real quick.

So let s go and get out of garageband and go into our settings here in ios. 13. You want to go to sounds and haptics ringtone and then you can see your custom ringtone is right there on the top ncs. We re gonna tap on that you get here that is my ringtone right there so we re just gonna go ahead set that i don t want that to keep playing.

But you can see it s set as our ringtone now and then if we go back and go to text tone and if you go and scroll down. You can see ncs is right there as well of course you can make different ones for your text tones and your ringtones. As well you can kind of have one set for a ringtone and then a separate one set for your text tone. You can maybe have a different part of the song completely different song whatever you want that is how you do it right there.

So anyways guys. There you have it that is how you can set any song. As your ringtone or your text tone in ios. 13.

Without the need of a computer or a jailbreak. I hope you guys did enjoy this video. And i hope you re rocking. A new ringtone or a new text tone.

Now if you are make sure you hit that thumbs up button and of course make sure to subscribe for a lot more iphone and ios 13 coverage. But anyways guys thanks for watching the video and i ll see you soon you ” ..

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