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“You can tell. But the title of this video. I got a phone pretty excited excited about this i ve got an iphone 6s plus rose gold 64 gigabytes okay let s open this up why d you go over here. I literally just set you up right.

Here. You know you re back over here. Okay okay for real as you told from the back. Think i have new fairy lights.

I m really excited about that it s really nice and i m going to hang some pictures of my friends right around here and on the picture. It says when we have each other we have everything there s a bug on it what do you like here. No okay so by the way this is news. It s not completely new.

So i m not going to be opening up okay. I have put the his phone in the family now. I love this i have iphone 5c so here s a phone comparison..


And what i m mostly excited about is the ios 11. Because i really need and this right here is just like a screen protector let s on it awesome. He s the crack that you see right there. If you can i can focus on it i m just gonna say if you can t see it there s a crack.

But that s only in the screen protector. It s not an actual phone. I think because it s said that in the description on ebay. And if you guys like the background.

Please let me know because this could be my official background. I m doing a room renovation soon um. It s probably just gonna be like gray walls and grade white walls and fairy lights. Enough good stuff.

So it s gonna be really cute lucas s ios. 11. Answer allie..


I just heard that fly again if that fly comes flying past my head one more time. I m going to smash that why she wouldn t answer can you you re about to be on a blog say hi to the vlog. I got my new phone yes. No i didn t go to the apple store.

So excited i got it on ebay. It was like a youth thing but i m so excited look. I know my friend has the se to say bye to the blonde kenya okay so i m at walmart right now i think i do not go to taco bell. As much as the blog looks like i do and i m most like a little get phone pieces through my phone because i dropped my phone a lot probably as i m talking to myself.

So i m the wanting this really got really really really long time and i m wanting my case to be like a see through case. Where you can tell that it s rose gold because i love the rose gold park and at first i kind of hated rose gold and i didn t want my phone to be rose gold oh by the way harrison. Where are your daily vlogs for now. I want to vlog everyday.

Let s just say they re daily. They sure are daily harrison you have such good commitment mom. What s up yes..


Those are these yeah leaks and gets into my open house tonight. Everyone says do not get a 16 gigabyte phone. Because you re just gonna get like no storage. And i ran out so it s really really early because i take so many photos.

But they re also necessary. It s like torture to give me like a 16 gigabyte phone. Now we re in the over sized tv section. I talked about this in the last ball go make sure to check that out okay.

I lied. It s for nine bits were done d8 not six dollars and i guess i don t even know what is this swim portable battery. I need that i didn t get a phone until i was 12 and when i did i literally cried. I was crying so hard because i ve been wanting a phone since i was like five fortnight or net for that for that it s going on oh.

My gosh guys we re going off the page. So here s the keys that i m getting. I was just in the oversized tv section..


And asked section section. And i saw like people with like shaving cream on my face like the sheepskin. I need more of these i love them so much like i have two of these. But they re like two times bigger.

There s a light box. I want i ve been wanting a light box can i get one it s like three dollars mom. This says i pay my taxes wait. What donald trump you down okay guys.

This is the end of the video. I m with my best friend isabella and ignoring my friend charlie say hi. ” ..


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