iPhone SE 64GB Rose Gold My Review

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“Guys so following on from my unboxing. I thought i d give a bit of of information on the iphone se and since it was really quick. If i d a bit more in depth with the iphone. So i think it s time to remove the front and back um stickers from i m going to talk about what s new what s old what came from the 6s.

What stairs from the 5s and hopefully give you a bit of clarity on what the funds all about what it does and yeah all of that so i have an iphone 6s plus and the first thing. I noticed when i started using the phone was the touch id is noticeably slower. So it is the first generation sensor. Which was in the 5s and 6.

So on the success when when you touch the home button. It literally unlocks straightaway. But with this one you ve got to keep your finger on the button. A bit longer so you ve got to keep it there.

And it is quite a not noticeable difference to me so this iphone will target the people that have still have the 5s are any 4 inch iphone and they didn t want to upgrade to the iphone 6 because the 6 is too big for them or they just don t want the 6 and the like this design better. And i must say using it it is a very nice design and i think in my opinion. It does look nicer than the 6. The design of the 6 and but for me my hands are massive.

I mean you can probably see i can wrap it up like that in my hands. And you can t even really notice phones. There my hands are too big for this phone. But i do enjoy using it still so there se does share the same process as the 6s.

So it s got the air. 9 chip with 2 gigs of ram and it is noticeably like really snappy with everything you do like when you learn anything it s just really quick things come up straight away and yeah. But one thing that i do do with every iphone. I have is you can see when you click on something this motion.

And it for me it kind of it s a bit too much so i reduce them on the phone by going to settings..

General accessibility and then you go down to reduce motion. If you turn that on then your actions they seem quicker. I don t know if they actually are but when you press the home button. You don t get that animation.

So it seems more just snap you really so the se does have the 12 megapixel sensor camera the same one as on the 6s and i must say the results are very good so if we were going to take a picture now the life or it does have live photos as well. So that s turned on and if we go into the camera roll and it doesn t it does not have the 3d touch that the 6s has so i ve implemented in the way. That you just do a long press to look at the live photo. So that s how that one works um.

The difference on the camera. The first time front camera. It does only have one point two megapixels. Which was the same as on the 5s.

So that s a bit of a disappointment that they have kept the old facetime camera. But at least that back one is the newest 12 megapixel sensor and the camera is capable of recording in 4k and it s not actually when you go in the camera and then to video. It isn t automatically on 4k because it sit down in this corner here for okay. So what you have to do to turn on is settings.

Scroll down on to photos in camera. And then you go down to record video. And if you want it in 4k. You just press 4k at 30 frames per second and go home and then when you click the camera and it s on video you ll see the focus and more down there and recording in 4k and that should come out really nice with any display that does have the resolution of far care.

So the battery life. I haven t used this enough admittedly to tell you what it s like. But i can say that it s been stripped down and well not by me. But the 5s was 1560 milliamp hours of battery.

Which it wasn t the best..

It wasn t the worst. It was just alright it lasted a day if you didn t use it like over the top. But it still works alright and this se has been found to have 1624 million powers. So it does have a bigger battery.

So i m guessing with the a9 chip and the efficiency from that it should the battery should be a lot better on this then the 5s was the difference from the 5s to the se is that this one does have an nfc chip. So it does support apple pay on it so you can wherever you go i m not got this setup at the moment. But when your phone is locked you can just double tap the home screen. And you can just pay for things by just tapping it on the card reader.

And it will pay for anything. I think in the uk right now. It s up to 30 pounds. It was 20.

But it went up to 30 a couple of other noticeable differences from the 5s to this se is physically not a lot. But there is there are ways of telling i mean i don t think you can really see. But the edges on this phone. There used to be a lot more shiny.

It s because they were shumphlett. They were buffed up before the phone was sold but this time around they re just map. So the dog mark is shiny or is blingy really on the corners of the phone. If you can see my grubby hands.

But yeah you can probably see they re not as shiny this time around. It s because they are just matte and not shun furred. Another way of telling is on the back it says se obviously the 5s didn t say se. But that s a new addition to the phone by saying.

I see umm yeah..

It does come in this rose gold color. This time which the 5s didn t and that s basically the the differences between how the phone looks the screen resolution on this iphone is 326 pixels per inch. Which is exactly the same as the iphone 5s far s. All the way up to the six.

So yeah the 6s as well not the six plus which does have slightly bigger pixels per inch. But yeah you can see the screens really choppy and it s very nice to look at this isn t anything to do with the phone i just thought i d add it in here with the newest software. 93. General about yet 93.

And there is the new night. Shift. Feature. Which i have really been enjoying that is when you swipe up from the bottom.

And you turn it on and you can see the screen went a lot warmer which when it does it automatically if you turn it on. But at night you can really tell a difference you don t you can i don t know. But i think for me it s literally helped me sleep because i m always glued to my phone and the screen is very blue so when you turn that off you can definitely tell the difference between the warm and the blue and the warmness actually helps you eyes to relax. And it does well for me.

I think it helps me sleep another thing. I checked out was the speaker of the phone because when i went from the iphone 6 to the 6s plus. I did notice that the speaker was a little bit quiet and i do like to listen to music out loud. When i m getting ready to go somewhere or something.

So i just thought i d check out the speaker on this and i did compare it to my 6s plus. And it was pretty similar in resort. So i think the iphone 6 must be a bit louder than these new iphones for some reason. But i ll just play some to see how loud it gets and things like that if it turns down sanders enuf evospeed me again never kisses so do you have a send off for scott flowers on them.


The speaker is very nice and crisp. Just like every iphone who s got a very good quality about that i m going to talk a bit about the weight of the phone because i have out the 5 and the 5s before they are very very light. And i got this expecting maybe it to be a bit heavier with all of the new things. But it is literally exactly the same.

I think it does help series 6000 aluminium not the 7000 like the success. So yeah. It is very light it s just exactly the same it s the 5 and 5s and yeah. It s a good weight.

But sometimes you don t if it s in your pocket. You do not feel like you have it there. Which is a bit worrying. I do like something a bit heavier.

But it s not a massive problem really in terms of speed on the internet. It is obviously going to be really fast. But my home internet is shockingly slow so for me. It s not going to be any good unless.

I put my foggy sim card in there and that s another thing to note the fargy is it does have 4g lte. But it s not adopted what the 6s has which is like the advanced lte. So you will get quick speeds. But not as quick as the success so that s been my little more in depth review of it and these are my first ever proper video.

So they re probably not the best. But if i ve helped someone give a bit of insight then that s i m here for really. And yeah. This is the iphone se if you want any more coverage on anything in particular with the phone just drop a comment below and i ll see what i can do ” .


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