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“My name is jonathan welcome to the bristol store today. We re going to be be having a look at the eighth generation of keffe skew series of speakers. The range promises to be the best yet with tweaks and improvements to both the speaker cabinet and the drive units let s pop in the demo room have a closer look okay so here we have the caf q. 750.

Is the medium sized floor standard. There is a larger one and a smaller one as well and they also make a center speaker to stand man speakers and a matching subwoofer as well so one of keps. Most iconic design features is the unique u driver array this place is the tweeter and the sensor of this driver here to produce what sounds like and looks like a single speaker that can produce a very broad frequency range it means that it s reduces the gap between the treble and mid range sound frequencies to produce a sound. Which is very three dimensional and spacious improvements have been made to the higher frequency range of this speaker.

By adding. A damped tweeter loading tube. This gives a clearer. Detailed sound to the lower treble.


Range and is particularly good for vocal reproduction. With some of the speakers within the q range. Which feature a bass ports. Improvements have been made here too.

But it s not just a fancy hole at the back of the speaker. They call it the computational fluid design. This means that the bass port has been tuned to provide much tighter more accurate bass. Which keeps plenty of impacts and presence so the clean and minimalist design of these cabinets looks great it s available in black and white so fit into any kind of living room environments.

And it s not just the outside of them that is very smart inside. They have a series of internal bracing which reduces the effect of standing waves. Within the speaker this results in much clearer mid range and much tighter bass. As i mentioned earlier the q range has three floor standards all three of them feature the unique u driver right at the top.

The bass driver just here and two auxiliary base drivers lower down..

Which are passive radiators to improve the performance of the bass. All three units are basically exactly the same. But the key 550 is the smaller version that s ideal for if you ve got a smaller room and the q. 950.

They re the big ones they re the ones that you want to have if you ve got a large space to fill with sound or if you just like to have your music nice and loud kafirs also brought out to stand man. Speakers as part of the key range as well there s the q. 150. Which is the smaller one and the q iii fifties is the larger version they both feature the unique you driver array.

Which has now been positioned in the center of the cabinet to improve its resonance home. Cinema. Enthusiasts haven t been left out either. There.

Is the q..

650. See the unique u driver and the center of the speaker. And two additional drivers either side ensures that you get good balanced. Soundstage.

And then it will tie in nicely with the rest of your. Cache speakers in your 51. Setup we put together a 51. System using the caf q components together the yamaha ray v.

Receiver and an oppo 4k blu ray player it was really easy to see why the caps are so highly regarded the vocal performance for both music and films was absolutely fantastic. There was plenty of nuance. But with real weights and presence and no unnecessary harshness to the treble. A well controlled bass and mid range tied.

Beautifully together to produce a well balanced..

Overall sound kev s q range. Just keeps getting better and better with every generation. The 2017 models really are their best yes. But unfortunately we can t really hear that just by watching a youtube video.

So if you contact your local. Richer sound store not only will be able to arrange fees come in sometime and have a listen to them for yourself. But we can also advise you on which speakers are the best for you and to find your local. Richer sans store.

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