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“Guys the same with the blind spots. So on today s episode of quick tip tip tuesday. I m going to show you guys a quick tip keyboard combination to the colors on windows computers now inverting colors on your computer can make things so much easier to see especially if you re on a bright. White background.

Webpage or a word document or something like that you can invert the colors to make it a black background with the white text and it s much easier to see much gentler on your eyes. And it helps out a lot of people with low vision. Now the problem with inverting colors is you might not want it all the time it might be great for certain situations..


But other situations. It s not so just like with most things on your windows computer. There is a keyboard command that will quickly toggle it on and off you guys know i love the keyboard commands and i always encourage you to learn the keyboard shortcuts for inverting the colors it s ctrl vault. I ctrl alt.

I will invert your colors now of course in this background. It doesn t look right so say for example. I m in a word document here and especially if i m zoomed in like this that s a lot of white bright white background..


Especially if you re working for a long time in this document that could start to wear your eyes out so really quickly ctrl alt. I inverts the colors makes it much easier to see and you re still able to use your menus and all that kind of stuff everything is inverted now of course. This also works on webpages. I m just in a forum here but once again if i m zoomed in that s a lot of white.

So all i have to do ctrl off. I invert the colors and now it s much easier to see now however as i said there may be situations. Where you don t want the colors inverted say you re in here..


And you re gonna be watching something on youtube. Everything is it s all messed up all right. It s all negative everything s inverted so in a situation like this you might want to go back to normal ctrl. Alt.

I real quick keyboard combination. If you remember that one you ll be able to toggle that inverted colors on and off. Whenever you want them thank you very much for watching guys stay tuned next week on tuesday..


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